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Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu is a small breed of dog native to the mountains of Tibet near China. The dog has a long double-coat which provides the shih tzu with the warmth it needs to survive in such a cold climate.

The shih tzu generally gets to between 13 and 15 years old and are found to be quiet and inquisitive dogs. The shih tzu often makes a good dog to keep with bigger dogs as they can alert the larger dogs of any coming danger.

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victoria smith

"it looks like my dog mason "


"i have a shih tzu she is the best everyone would love her she is the best "


"so cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

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Shih Tzu Facts

The name of the domestic breed...
Shih Tzu
The area where the animal first came from...
How long (L) or tall (H) the animal is...
28cm (11in)
The measurement of how heavy the animal is...
8kg (18lbs)
Life Span:
How long the animal lives for...
15 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog...

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