The 25 Most Popular Dogs in America in 2024

a group of dogs sitting on hind legs at the lawn
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Written by Asia Mayfield

Published: January 17, 2024

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It’s 2024, and America’s fallen in love with a new batch of dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) releases a list of in-demand breeds every year, but it doesn’t come out until the following summer. 

Luckily, there are other ways to determine the most popular dogs in America. An analysis of the country’s most Googled dogs in 2024, for instance, puts the mighty cane corso in the number one spot!

Here’s a rundown of the breeds we can’t get enough of right now.

25. Havanese

Happy orange havanese dog running towards camera in the grass

Havanese dogs usually weigh less than 15 pounds.

©Dorottya_Mathe/iStock via Getty Images

Bred initially in Cuba, the happy, docile Havanese was once on the brink of extinction. Their numbers plunged in the early and mid-20th century, only to rebound dramatically in the 70s when a few families brought Havanese pups to the U.S. 

If the long, silky fur isn’t enough to steal your heart, the Havanese also has a sweet demeanor. You’ll make their day just by letting them curl up next to you on the couch.

24. Siberian Husky

A portrait of a young grey and white Siberian husky female bitch with brown eyes.

From a distance, you might mistake a


husky for a wolf.

©Rabinger Photography/iStock via Getty Images

People love Siberian huskies for their wolfish good looks and keen intelligence. These dogs love to have a purpose and will happily run or pull a sled across the snow for hours. Huskies are often thought of as cold-weather dogs, but they do fine in desert and tropical areas, too.

23. Pomeranian

Dog show champion Pomeranian portrait dog

Pomeranians are a spitz breed, which comes from the word “pointed” in German.


A tiny Pomeranian is like a fluffy plush doll with a cutesy demeanor to match. You don’t have to look far for a companion if you have this cheerful canine at your side.

Pomeranian lineage traces back to a breed of Arctic sled dogs, and they’ve retained the intelligence and energy you’d expect from working dogs.

22. Chihuahua

Chiweenie, a chihuahua and dachshund mix dog outdoors amongst the grass and dandelions during spring

Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world.


Chihuahuas have a long history in the Americas. They’re culturally resonant and immediately recognizable. 

They also have a reputation for needing a firm hand. Chihuahuas are loud, feisty, and in control unless their owner establishes authority. Well-trained Chihuahuas make it easy to see why this breed belongs on a list of favorites.

21. Boston Terrier

Boston terrier dog is posing for the camera

Prepare for plenty of drool if you adopt a Boston terrier.


Massachusetts recognizes the Boston terrier as its state dog. It’s a well-deserved honor, given the breed’s lovable quirks. These terriers are prone to bouts of drooling, snorting, and flatulence, but they’re also sweetly loyal and affectionate.

20. Doberman Pinscher

side view of Doberman Pinscher standing

Doberman pinschers are commonly used as guard dogs.


Lap dogs aren’t the only breeds that Americans love. Doberman pinschers are also among the most popular dogs in America. They’re large and powerful, with short, dark fur and lean figures.

Dobermans are often trained as guard dogs, so they’ve earned an aggressive reputation. However, they’re actually quite friendly when properly socialized.

19. Great Dane

Great Dane Puppy lying on wooden bench, facing forward.

Often called gentle giants, great Danes are wonderful family pets.

©Jerry Shulman/

Another big dog breed popular in the States is the Great Dane. These goofy, clumsy creatures need a lot of space to feel comfortable, but they’ll reward you tenfold with enduring kindness. Great Danes get along with everyone, so they’re good dogs for families with young kids.

18. Miniature Schnauzer

A dog of breed Miniature Schnauzer runs.

Miniature schnauzers come in a few distinct color patterns, including black and silver.


If you’re bored, go play with a miniature schnauzer. They love a good romp and have energy to spare.

This breed has heaps of love to bestow, but they tend to bark often if not trained early.

17. Boxer

side view of dog looking at river

Muscular boxers love to exercise.

©Jaimie Tuchman/iStock via Getty Images

Boxers have muscles that can power them for hours. They’re playful athletes with well-developed protective instincts. If boxers ran the world, they would be with their family 24/7 — no outsiders allowed!

Consistent training can keep the dogs’ territorial instincts from verging into aggression.

16. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier puppy sitting on the park grass

Yorkies have hypoallergenic coats.

©Shllabadibum Bubidibam/

Yorkshire terriers may be tiny, but they demand attention. Often called “Yorkies,” these dogs have feisty, larger-than-life personalities. All of that energy is often expressed in barking, so owners who need a quiet dog should commit to dedicated training. 

Yorkies don’t need much exercise, so they’re ideal apartment dogs. They can run around the living room.

15. Shih Tzu

Lovely Female Shih Tzu dog on green background

The long-haired shih tzu can wear ponytails.

©Seba Tataru/

Shih tzus belong in movies they’re so personable. They’re also beauty queens with long hair that barely sheds. But don’t worry about these dogs having superstar demands. They’re happy with a simple walk and some cuddling. 

Like most small dogs, shih tzus would happily sit in your lap all day if they could. It’s unlikely a shih tzu will turn into a silent pup, but there’s a good chance you can curb the excessive vocalizations.

14. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are one of the quietest small dog breeds.

©David Shankbone from USA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons - Original / License

One of 2024’s most popular dogs in America is the cavalier King Charles spaniel, and five minutes of playtime will tell you why. These dogs exude sweet friendliness and can get along with practically any human or animal they meet.

13. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

happy welsh corgi pembroke dog running outdoors

Pembroke Welsh corgis are the smallest of the herding breeds.


A Pembroke Welsh corgi might seem like a dream if you want a small dog that’s happy to leave the apartment and go for long walks. They wouldn’t mind exercising for a full hour every day. 

These corgis are sweet enough to play with children, although you should watch out for their herding tendencies.

12. German Shorthaired Pointer 

German Shorthaired Pointer

These dogs are highly intelligent.

©f8grapher/iStock via Getty Images

The “pointer” name isn’t by accident. German shorthaired pointers will often “point” at something they want you to look at by angling their bodies and lifting one foot. It’s what they were bred for. 

Hunters used to bring German shorthaired pointers along to help scout small animals.

11. Dachshund

Dachshund dog. The brown girl is six months old. The dog stands against the background of blurred trees and alleys. She turned her head to the side. The photo is blurred

You may hear dachshunds referred to as “weiner dogs” because of their long bodies.

©Tymoshenko Olga/

A dachshund might rule the house with its bold personality. Don’t be confused by their small bodies — these little guys are fearless. They’re also a little loud, like some other breeds on this list. The good news is that you can likely curb excessive barking if you start young.

Dachshunds will appreciate a yard or plenty of outdoor time because they love to dig in the dirt.

10. Australian Shepherd

Differently colored eyes dog

Australian shepherds often have different colored eyes, for example one blue and one brown eye.

©Nicolas Jooris-Ancion/iStock via Getty Images

If a cuddly lapdog seems tame, how about a brainy breed that loves to get its paws dirty? Australian shepherds are working dogs that are happiest when they have a task to do. It can be a real job, like helping on the ranch or simply completing dog sports and training. 

Just make sure you’re ready to deal with plenty of shedding before you move an Australian Shepherd into your home.

9. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Senior Bernese mountain dog


Bernese mountain dog

can weigh as much as an adult human.

© Sorokaite

According to one study, Burmese mountain dogs are the number one breed in multiple states, including California and Texas. Why are the Bernese among the most popular dogs in America? They’re easy-going, patient with kids, and capable of working alongside humans. 

These dogs are quite heavy, too. A fully grown Bernese mountain dog might weigh 120 pounds.

8. Beagle

Beagle dog

Many movies and TV shows feature beagles.

©Kostyazar/iStock via Getty Images

You can depend on a beagle when you need good company. Friendly, curious, and with a legendary sense of smell, beagles fit in the reliable family dog niche. Historically, they were used to sniff out small animals.

7. Cane Corso


The Cane Corso has a regal demeanor.


As we mentioned above, the Cane Corso was the most Googled dog in America in 2023. Many owners love them because they’re dual-natured, both gentle family friends and protective guard dogs.

Cane Corsos are large and prone to bloating, so regular exercise is crucial.

6. Poodle

Black poodle looking out across fields

Poodles can be quite large.

©OneToRemember/iStock via Getty Images

You wouldn’t guess it from their high-maintenance appearance, but poodles were once hunting dogs. Now, they’re more likely to be viewed as champion show dogs.

Poodles come in every size and are usually bright, inquisitive, and loyal. You’ll need to return that loyalty by caring for their coats, which require brushing multiple times a week and regular trips to the groomer.

5. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog jumping over the hurdle

Most Rottweilers are extremely active.


Rottweilers aren’t exactly lapdogs. They can weigh more than 130 pounds! Their hefty size is useful when you want an exercise partner for a long walk. 

You may also appreciate their size when a Rottweiler is guarding your house. They have powerful, booming barks that can pull you from the deepest sleep. Fortunately, they tend to save their barks for important moments.

4. German Shepherd

Puppy german shepherd dog sitting in sofa

German shepherds have long been popular in America.

©BigDuckSix/iStock via Getty Images

Many dogs have the energy for police work, but few have the athleticism and focus. German shepherds can commit to tasks without being distracted by crowds or food, do they often work as K9s.

If your German shepherd isn’t on the job, they’re wonderful to have at home.

3. Golden Retriever

Portrait of beautiful Golden Retriever

Long-haired golden retrievers need brushing at least once a week.

©sanjagrujic/iStock via Getty Images

Golden retrievers are known for their unvarying sweetness. They’re a welcome addition to many families and are often seen at dog parks chasing after sticks and balls. Golden retrievers embody gentleness, yet they’re also high energy with a strong need for exercise.

2. Labrador Retriever  

Funny dog with donut

Retrievers enjoy playing fetch.

©Chalabala/iStock via Getty Images

Labrador retrievers are very similar to golden retrievers. Both breeds are calm, affectionate, and extremely trainable. Labs live to please their owners and will do anything for praise and head rubs.

Also, like golden retrievers, labrador retrievers need to be brushed often.

1. French Bulldog

4-Months-Old Lilac Merle Female Puppy French Bulldog. Off-leash dog park in Northern California.

Recently, French bulldogs have grown even more popular.


With their cartoonish ears and adorably snub noses, French bulldogs might be the cutest dogs at the dog park. They’re certainly the most popular. For the past few years, this sweet breed has zoomed to the top of popularity charts, and it’s holding steady as the most-liked dog in the U.S.  

Also called Frenchies, these dogs barely shed and hardly bark, making them the perfect dog if you live with roommates.

24Siberian Husky
21Boston Terrier
20Doberman Pinscher
19Great Dane
18Miniature Schnauzer
16Yorkshire Terrier
15Shih Tzu
14Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
13Pembroke Welsh Corgi
12German Shorthaired Pointer
10Australian Shepherd
9Bernese Mountain Dogs
7Cane Corso
4German Shepherd
3Golden Retriever
2Labrador Retriever
1French Bulldog

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