Published: April 28, 2023
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Malta is a small country that measures about 122 square miles. It’s an island nation situated in the Mediterranean Sea, and many animals live on the land and in the surrounding waters. Roughly 10,000 species of plants and animals live in this country. Almost 100 endemic species also live on the island including the Maltese ruby tiger moth, Maltese freshwater crabs, and the Maltese wall lizard. These are just a few of the many creatures that call this country home.

The National Animal of Malta

Pharoah Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is the national animal of Malta.

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The national animal of Malta is the Pharoah Hound, also called the Kelb tal-Fenek. This breed was once used to hunt rabbits, so it’s an active dog that can make a fair bit of noise. Malta also has a national bird, the blue rock thrush.

Where to Find Wild Animals in This Country

Some of the best places to find wild animals in this country are in the wild. That means going to places such as Għadira Nature Reserve for birdwatching, taking sea excursions to see some of the marine life, and going to Majjistral Nature and History Park to look at the country’s vast assortment of plants. Visitors should be aware of any dangerous animals that occupy the wild areas of Malta.

What Zoos Are in Malta?

Sea turtle seen at the Aquarium de la Guadeloupe - Le Gosier

Malta has a national aquarium and a marine park to help people learn about various animals.

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Malta has two places to see and learn about animals near the country, but they focus on marine life. The Malta National Aquarium helps people discover various fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and more.  Also, the Medtirraneo Marine Park lets people see and learn about dolphins, parrots, sea lions, and more!

The Most Dangerous Animals in Malta

Portuguese Man of War (Bluebottle) washed up on the beach.

Portuguese Man of War (Bluebottle) washed up on the beach.


While Malta is a small island nation, many potentially harmful animals live in the area. Among the most dangerous animals in Malta are:

These are just a few of the most dangerous animals in Malta. Several other venomous arachnids and insects also live in this country, and the waters have large, potentially dangerous fish like great barracudas.  

Endangered Animals in Malta

Mediterrainean monk seal

Mediterranean monk seals are endangered throughout their natural range.


Malta has several endangered species living in its borders and the waters nearby. Some examples of endangered animals are:

  1. Maltese freshwater crabs
  2. Maltese wall lizards
  3. Blue rock thrushes
  4. Maltese door snails
  5. Mediterranean Monk Seal

These endangered animals need support to continue living and growing their respective populations. Some of them are endemic to Malta and are endangered by that fact alone. Other animals have been extirpated in the area, like the Mediterranean monk seal.



Nematodes range in size from 1/10 of an inch to 28 feet long

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