Discover the Top 9 Cities with the Most Bridges in the World

Written by Jennifer Geer
Published: November 30, 2023
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Many people have a fascination with bridges. Bridges often have stunning views of the land below, breathtaking architecture, and historical significance. Bridges link to a place that may have been difficult to reach. But which cities have the most bridges in the world?

Some cities are known for their famous bridges. However, getting an accurate count of exactly how many bridges a town can have can be challenging. Different sources tend to disagree on what should count as a bridge. Do pedestrian bridges over ponds count? Or walkways between buildings? How about a single bridge with multiple spans or decks? Does that count as one or multiple? Although it can be hard to find agreement among sources, there is no dispute that the following nine cities have a lot of bridges. Read on for some of the top cities with the most bridges worldwide.

Chongqing, China — 10,000 Bridges

Chongqing, China downtown city skyline over the Yangtze River.

Chongqing, China, is home to over 31 million people and over 10,000 bridges.


Topping the list with over 10,000 bridges is Chongqing, China. This bustling metropolis is located in southwestern China within the Sichuan Province and is called the “Bridge Capital of China.” Two major rivers run through the city, the Jialing River and the Yangtze River. 

One of the most famous and well-photographed bridges in the city is the Twin River Bridge, which is two bridges made up of the Dongshuimen Bridge and the Qianaimen Bridge. The Twin River Bridge crosses the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers and connects the Nan’an district with the Yuzhong district. This busy bridge even has a subway running along the bottom, letting travelers conveniently cross the rivers.

Hamburg, Germany — 2,496 Bridges

Steel cable suspension bridge in the harbor of Hamburg.

The elegant Köhlbrandbrücke Bridge in Hamburg, Germany, connects the A7 motorway with Wilhelmsburg Elbe Island.


Coming in second on our list, Hamburg, Germany, has more bridges than any other European city. Indeed, there are 2,496 bridges in the city of Hamburg. Hamburg’s many crossings are due to its location, surrounded by water on nearly all sides. The mighty Elbe River runs through Hamburg, connecting the city to the North Sea and helping it become Europe’s second-largest port.

Hamburg is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty, historical significance, museums, theaters, music scene, and nightlife. One of its most picturesque bridges is the Köhlbrandbrücke Bridge, which was constructed tall enough that ships can pass underneath.

Berlin, Germany — 1,700 Bridges

Bridge Over River During Sunset

The Glienicke Bridge in Berlin, Germany, was known as the “Bridge of Spies” because Americans and Soviets used the location to exchange captured spies during the Cold War.

©Reinhard Krull/iStock via Getty Images

Berlin has a wide assortment of ancient and very new bridges. This German city’s high number of bridges is thanks to the many lakes, water channels, and rivers running throughout. Berlin has over 111 miles of waterways within its city limits. 

One of Berlin’s most famous bridges is the Glienicke Bridge. This bridge crosses the Havel River and was formerly the border between West Berlin and East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This bridge was famously used to exchange captured American and Soviet spies during the Cold War and was named the “Bridge of Spies.”

Vienna, Austria — 1,700 Bridges

Bronze lion of the Schemerlbrücke ("Schemerl bridge") in Vienna (Austria)

The Schemerl Bridge was built in the late 1800s and is known for its bronze



©Stefan Rotter/

Vienna has over 1,700 bridges within its borders, some of which are of great architectural and historical importance. This capital city is located in eastern Austria and lies along the Danube River. This beautiful city was famously the home of the first psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, and also home to famous classical musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven.

One of Vienna’s most striking bridges is the Schemerl Bridge, which crosses the Danube River. The Schemerl Bridge, built from 1894 to 1898, is also known as the Lion’s Bridge for the two imposing bronze lions standing atop high stone columns overlooking those passing by.

Hong Kong — 1,400 Bridges

Aerial View Of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The recently constructed Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is one of the city’s 1,400 bridges.

©Nick Poon/iStock via Getty Images

Hong Kong’s busy roads are very well traveled. The bustling city has a dense transportation system and is home to over 1,400 bridges. Many of Hong Kong’s bridges cross over roads, while others cross over streams, rivers, and other waterways.

Hong Kong has some fabulously beautiful bridges. The long-spanning Tsing Ma Bridge connects to Lantau Island and is a favorite of photographers. Also, the famous Stonecutters Bridge, with its high steel towers and long expanse, provides a foreground to the skyline.

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 1,200 Bridges

Amsterdam Netherlands, Skinny Bridge (Dutch: Magere Brug) over the Amstel river in Amstel

Amsterdam’s Skinny Bridge crosses the Amstel River. Legend has it that it was built for two wealthy sisters who lived on each side of the river and wanted an easy way to visit each other.

©fokke baarssen/

Known as the City of Bridges, Amsterdam, Netherlands, has more than 1,200 bridges. Some are ancient structures, the oldest dating back to 1648, and some are new architectural feats. In a city with over 165 canals spanning 60 miles, it’s no wonder there are so many bridges. Many residents of Amsterdam live in houseboats.

Amsterdam is full of unique bridges, including the red Python Bridge, with its snake-like shape. The oldest bridge in the city is the Torensluis Bridge, built in 1648. It was once part of a moat that went around the city. You can still see the barred windows under the Torensluis Bridge, which used to house prisoners underneath. Finally, the iconic Skinny Bridge is a wooden drawbridge often used in films.

New York City — 800 Bridges

New York City skyline

The Brooklyn Bridge is a familiar fixture of the New York skyline.

©karandaev/iStock via Getty Images

It’s hard to say how many bridges there are exactly in New York City. However, according to the New York City Department of Transportation, the city owns, operates, and maintains 789 bridges. With over 8 million people, New York City’s bridges get a lot of traffic.

One of the world’s most iconic and well-known bridges is the Brooklyn Bridge, which crosses the East River and connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. Built in 1883, its familiar granite towers and steel cables have become synonymous with New York. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge carries 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians over the river daily.

Tokyo, Japan — 500 Bridges

Beautiful night view of Tokyo Bay , Rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower landmark Twilight scene, Odaiba, Japan

The beautiful Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo has 444 lights that change colors in a rainbow pattern.

©Travel mania/

With over 100 rivers and canals, it’s little surprise that Tokyo, Japan, is home to over 500 bridges. An iconic bridge in Tokyo is the famous Rainbow Bridge, which lights up with pink, white, and green lights at night. This stunning suspension bridge provides a beautiful nighttime skyline with the backdrop of the illuminated city of Tokyo behind it. 

A historic bridge that crosses the Sumida River is the Eitai Bridge. The bridge was initially made of wood and built in 1698. Since then the Eitai Bridge was rebuilt in 1926 with steel and recently has been safeguarded against earthquakes.

Los Angeles, California — 450 Bridges

Vincent Thomas Bridge

The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a 1,500-foot-long suspension bridge over Los Angeles Harbor.

©MattGush/iStock via Getty Images

Although Los Angeles, CA, is famous for many things, not always for its bridges. However, Los Angeles has many architecturally spectacular and historically significant bridges. According to the Department of Public Works, there are 450 bridges in Los Angeles. 

Some highlights of Los Angeles bridges include the Colorado Street Bridge (built in 1912), the 1,500-foot-long Vincent Thomas Bridge, and the 1st Street Bridge (often filmed in TV shows and movies.)

Summary of the Top 9 Cities with the Most Bridges in the World

NumberCityApproximate Number of Bridges
1Chongqing, China10,000 Bridges
2Hamburg, Germany2,496 Bridges
3Berlin, Germany1,700 Bridges
4Vienna, Austria1,700 Bridges
5Hong Kong1,400 Bridges
6Amsterdam, Netherlands1,200 Bridges
7New York City789 Bridges
8Tokyo, Japan500 Bridges
9Los Angeles, California450 Bridges

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