Gargantuan Tiger Shark Caught Right Off Popular Florida Beach

Tiger Shark
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Written by Nina Phillips

Published: May 20, 2024

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Sharks are a potential threat any time you consider entering the ocean. However, there are times when the sharks you come across are bigger than you might expect. Such was the case of a shark caught off of a popular beach in Florida. Keep reading to learn more about this spectacular catch, such as the size of the tiger shark, and the beach where it was found.

Around May 10, 2024, a tiger shark was caught off the coast of Jacksonville Beach. Owen Prior and a few of his friends went out to fish near Jacksonville Beach Pier. They were about 400 yards out from the pier when Owen got a heavy catch. They’d been hunting for stingrays, but the tiger shark attacked the bait first.

To ensure the line didn’t snap, Owen had to go carefully. It took him about 20 minutes to reel it in. Once it got closer, he realized it was a tiger shark. Once they caught it, Owen and his friends determined that it was 12 feet long.

Technically, tiger sharks are prohibited species. They can be caught and released, but not targeted and landed. Theoretically, taking a picture with the sharks is illegal as well, but Owen risked getting in trouble to have an image that he’ll treasure forever.

Owen mentioned during an interview with FOX 35 Orlando that this wasn’t the largest shark he’d ever caught, but the biggest tiger shark. “I’ve caught hundreds of sharks up to a 14-foot hammerhead, but that was my personal best tiger shark,” he said.

Where Is Jacksonville Beach Pier?

Jacksonville Beach Pier, as you might expect, is in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It’s a popular fishing destination and a great place to play in the water and swim.

What Is the Average Size for a Tiger Shark?

Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) Coming in Close, viewed from Below. Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Tiger sharks get up to 20 feet long.

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A 12-foot tiger shark isn’t all that big. Most tiger sharks reach up to 14 feet. However, there have been reports of some as long as 20 feet. As far as weight, a tiger shark can weigh between 800 and 1400 pounds on average.

However, the ones near Florida are around 10 to 14 feet, so a 12-foot one is a pretty good size.

Are Tiger Sharks Dangerous?

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Tiger sharks like shallow water quite a bit.


Tiger sharks are considered very dangerous. While great white sharks are big and scary and have the highest number of attacks on humans, tiger sharks are responsible for nearly as many fatal shark bites. Part of the problem is that they’re readily found in places where humans frequent, such as shallow reefs, canals, and harbors. This increases the chances for a human-wildlife conflict to occur.

However, they’re not particularly aggressive. The main reason why there are so many tiger shark attacks is that they’ll eat everything. They’re sort of the trash cans of the sea, so they’re quick to try and bite something on the off-chance it might be food. This leads to them biting and attacking people that are swimming nearby.

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