The Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Harvested in Oregon

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Written by Patrick MacFarland

Published: May 11, 2024

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Hunting is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. You can hunt almost anything unless the species of animal is deemed threatened or endangered. There are of course regulations and rules that you must follow, including seasons of when you can or cannot hunt a certain animal. When it comes to whitetail deer, many states have different sets of rules, but overall, you are free to hunt them during its hunting season. Let’s take a look at the largest whitetail deer ever harvested in Oregon. 

About Whitetail Deer

Large white-tailed deer buck in woods

The whitetail deer is native to North America, as well as Central America and even South America.

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This amazing creature is one of many species of deer. The whitetail deer, native to the Americas, typically roams around in wooded or forested areas. Typically, anywhere there is a lot of forage (or food) for deer, is where you are most likely to find whitetail deer roaming around. Whitetail deer eat grasses, acorns, fruits, and other plants. These creatures are usually a gray color in winter, but their coat turns more tan or red in summer. They also have a large white tail, which is how to recognize them immediately.

Largest Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Buck Deer; midwest / midwestern White tail deer hunting; white-tail / white tailed / white-tailed / whitetailed

The whitetail deer is also called the Virginia deer.

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The largest whitetail deer ever harvested was a whopping 178 2/8 inches. The whitetail deer was harvested in Wallowa County by Sterling K. Shaver. Although this area is known to have larger whitetail deer, he holds a lead when it comes to the largest ever harvested. This happened on October 2, 1982. 

Hunting Tips

Coues whitetail deer doe

The whitetail deer’s gestation period lasts approximately 201 days.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers hunters tips to ensure they are successful on hunting days. They recommend that you go into forested areas where there are wooded plants. If you see a lot of forage in the area, that is a prime location for whitetail deer to be in the area. Furthermore, they give hunters technique tips to follow. They recommend you, “spot and stalk, or set up near food.” This will ensure whitetail deer visit the area, which would be a perfect targeting placement.


And there you have it, the largest whitetail deer ever harvested in Oregon was a whopping 178 2/8 inches. Hunting is a popular sport in Oregon and throughout the country. If you are looking to beat Sterling K. Shaver’s record, you’ll have to perfect the hunting game. It’s always best to follow the law of when to hunt these amazing creatures, though.

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