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Emily is an editor and content marketing specialist of five years. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania where you can regularly encounter anything from elk to black bears to river otters. Over the years, she raised livestock animals, small animals, dogs, cats, and birds, which is where she learned most of what she knows about various animals and what allowed her to work as a dog groomer and manager of a specialty pet store. She now has three rescue cats and two high-needs Pomeranian mixes to take up her love and attention.

Key Points Gila monsters are one of the only venomous lizards in the world, though their venom rarely causes any serious effects in humans.They are large, lazy carnivores who live… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 1 year ago

Are Insects Animals? Picture

Key Points: Insects are considered animals because they reproduce sexually, breathe oxygen, consume organic material, and are able to move.There are about one million described species of insects, which make… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 2 years ago

11 Best Big Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points Originally bred in Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dogs make great family pets because of their gentle and affectionate personalities. Samoyeds have an interesting past, being bred by the Samoyed… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 2 years ago

Types of Toy Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points Toy dog breeds are characterized by their small sizes and big personalities.Because they're small, they cost less to feed and fit better in apartments and small spaces.While toy… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 2 years ago

What Do Peacocks Eat? Picture

Peacocks eat snakes, frogs, mice, and insects. Key Points Peacocks are omnivorous birds in the pheasant family. They are opportunistic and will eat whatever is easily available, but their diet… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 2 years ago

What Do Doves Eat? Picture

Key Points Doves are plump birds in the Columbidae family that have a plant-heavy omnivorous diet. They eat various seeds and nuts, grains, grasses, flowers, and other plant matter, as… Read More

By Emily Wolfel 2 years ago