Nikita Ross
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Nikita Ross is a writer at A-Z Animals primarily covering plants, gardening, and yard care. Nikita has been writing for over seven years and holds a Marketing diploma from NSCC, which she earned in 2010.

A resident of Canada, Nikita enjoys reading in her library, epic beach naps, and waiting for her Coffea arabica plant to produce coffee beans (no luck yet).

5 Amazing Types of Wild Tulips Picture

Of more than 3000 types of tulips, there are only 150 wild tulip species. Everything else is cultivated and hybridized by breeders. Wild tulips look vastly different from the iconic… Read More

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10 Stunning Types of Black Tulips Picture

When most envision their spring garden, they picture bright colors that epitomize the season. However, some avid gardeners prefer a darker, elegant vibe reminiscent of Halloween and nightfall. Tulips are… Read More

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How to Care for Tulips Picture

Tulips are a versatile, colorful bloom that captures the essence of spring. These lovely flowers are easy to plant and care for, making them a favorite for beginner gardeners. In… Read More

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How to Care for Succulents Outdoors Picture

Succulents are a popular indoor plant due to their low-maintenance nature and aesthetic qualities. Unfortunately, these sun-loving plants are mostly found in deserts and semi-tropical areas, making them unideal for… Read More

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