These Animals Let Out the Most Farts in the World

Written by Erin Cafferty
Published: November 22, 2023
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Animal farts are hilariously entertaining, but they can also be dangerous. Some species pass gas to survive while others use it to stun predators or prey. Plus, farts produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas emission that causes global warming. Which animals are the culprits that let out the most farts in the world? Let’s sniff out 18 of the stinkiest creatures on Earth, starting with the number one contributor.

1. Cows

Mature cow, black and white curious gentle surprised look

Cows eat grass, but they also munch on grain. This can cause them to fart a lot, producing methane gas.

©Clara Bastian/iStock via Getty Images

Almost 30% of Earth’s methane emissions come from ruminant livestock like cows. They produce a lot of gas! Grain-based feed is the reason for their tooting, so moving away from this will help our noses and our planet.

2. Termites

termites burrowing

Termites are responsible for 1% of the methane production each year, but their mounds filter out most of the gas before it affects our atmosphere.


Like cows, termites are a ruminant species that produces methane when plant matter is digested. What plant matter, you might wonder? Wood, of course! Termites are responsible for 1% of the methane gas produced, which is why they rank at number two on our list of animals that fart the most.

3. Horses

Palomino horse with long mane free run in green meadow.

Horses are goofy creatures that often fart as they get up from a good roll or as they run around their pasture playfully.


We know that cows fart the most, but what animal comes in a close second? That would be horses! Horses produce nearly 45.5 pounds of methane gas per year… that’s a lot of farting. Plus, they are shameless about their flatulence, often ripping one as they cough, get up, buck, or jump.

4. Manatees

Manatee 9

Some farts have a purpose, like with manatees.

©tobiasfrei/ via Getty Images

Manatees don’t fart just to fart. They use the stored-up gas to float to the surface and release it to dive below. It also helps them stay balanced and navigate as they swim!

5. Zebras

common zebra or Burchell's zebra

The Zebra is an animal that farts the most when they are being chased by a predator.

©Roger de la Harpe/

Another animal who farts on purpose? Zebras! They release gas with every stride if they’re being chased by a predator. It’s said that their farts can kill a lion if they breathe in enough of the deadly smell!

6. Rhinos

Rhino looking at camera

Yes, Rhinos fart. Yes, their farts are loud.


Rhinos are another animal that farts a lot because their diet is plant-based. Their food is digested through fermentation in the back half of their digestive tract, and the only way to release the build-up is to fart!

7. Elephants

Elephant, Herd, Kenya, African Elephant, Africa

Massive animals produce massive farts, just ask the



©TeamDAF/ via Getty Images

The mighty elephant is large, so it makes sense that they fart the most out of all the animals on our list. In fact, the amount of gas they produce in a single day is said to be able to power a car for up to 20 miles! Plus, they’re as pungent as you can imagine for such a massive creature.

8. Orangutans

Orangutan deep in thought

This cheeky ape is a shameless farter!

©Everything I Do/

The orangutan digests the plant matter they eat the same way cows and horses do. What does that mean? They fart… a lot! And, of course, these cheeky apes are shameless about it.

9. Bolson Pupfish

A particular species called the bolson pupfish has to let out farts to survive.

©Presumably Olin Feuerbacher / Public domain - License

Another animal that farts on purpose is the bolson pupfish. They feed on algae, which produces gas in the fish’s intestines. The gas causes the fish to float to the water’s surface, where they are more vulnerable to predators. Releasing the gas helps them sink back to safety. Farting really can save the day!

10. Ferrets

silver mitted blaze ferret

These spunky creatures don’t need fruits and veggies, so if they eat them, you’ll surely smell it!


We know and love ferrets for their silly personalities, but it’s no secret that they smell. While most of that smell is from living in small cages, sometimes it’s because they get gassy. This will happen if you give them fruits, vegetables, or carbs — an unnecessary part of their diet — because their digestive systems can’t break it down.

11. Beaded Lacewings

Beaded Lacewing

The beaded lacewing is an insect that eats termites, one of the animals that farts the most!

©xpda / CC BY-SA 4.0 - License

There’s an interesting connection between two of the animals on our list: the termite and the beaded lacewing. In the larval stage, the beaded lacewing’s farts contain a chemical to stun termites so they can eat them. This insect’s farts have a purpose. Let’s just hope they taste good…

12. Whales

A Bryde's whale catching dinner at sunset, surrounded by birds

Whales fart just like we do, they just let them rip underwater.

©aDam Wildlife/

Underwater farts are far too understudied. Farting whales have only been captured on video a few times, but we know they blow bubbles out of their back end like the rest of us.

13. Camels

Curious camel in desert

Camels are fart machines that produce some of the most methane gas out of all of the animals on our list.

©Chalabala/iStock via Getty Images

A surprising animal that breaks some of the most wind is the camel. They have multi-chambered forestomachs and produce almost as much methane gas through their farts as cows.

14. Sheep


Sheep process grain by passing gas.

©brackish_nz/iStock via Getty Images

The average sheep produces almost 18 pounds of methane each year. This animal does a lot of farting because it is a ruminant species that processes grain by passing gas.

15. Kangaroos

Muscular male kangaroo

It was once thought that kangaroo farts were eco-friendly.

©Katarina Christenson/

As herbivores, part of how a kangaroo digests plant matter is by releasing some serious-smelling farts. They are active methane contributors. This surprised researchers from the Univesity of Zurich, who thought their farts were eco-friendly and that kangaroos were “mysteriously low methane-producing creatures” for their size and diet.

16. Hippos

Hippo grazing on the edge of Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

As herbivores, hippos are prone to passing gas.

©TheBionicDan/ via Getty Images

For such massive animals, hippos do not have the loudest farts in the world. But they do hold the record for the longest fart — 10 breathtaking seconds!

17. Honey Badgers


Not all farts have a purpose, but the honey badger uses the toxic smell to steal honey to eat!

©Braam Collins/

The honey badger is another animal that farts with a purpose! To steal honey from bees, they have to stun them with pungent puffs of poo (in gas form, of course).

18. Dogs

Beautiful large dog breed Tibetan Mastiff, standing in the snow

Dogs sometimes get scared by their own farts, and they’re not the only ones!

©Oleksandr Hryvul/iStock via Getty Images

As any dog owner knows, these pups pass gas like nobody’s business! Whether they ate something bad or you get a particularly flatulent breed, dogs had to be on our list of the animals that fart the most.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Stanislaw Mikulski/

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