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I'm a freelance ghostwriter that specializes in SEO content. I have always loved writing, and when COVID happened, I went at my passion full tilt. I'm currently in Spokane, WA by way of Phoenix, AZ, though I'm originally from Sacramento, CA. Freelancing allows me the freedom to move around as I please.

Are Black Rhinos Extinct? Picture

There are two species of African rhinoceroses: white rhinos and black rhinos. There are also 3 Asian rhino species: great one-horned rhinos, Javan rhinoceroses, and Sumatran rhinos. Black rhinos have… Read More

By Kristen Holder 2 days ago

9 Extinct Fish Picture

Sometimes, animals are considered extinct even though there are populations in captivity that may be returned to the wild. While these animals deserve time in the spotlight, they aren’t what… Read More

By Kristen Holder 7 days ago

10 Ticks in Delaware Picture

Ticks are a nuisance across most of the United States, and Delaware is no exception. Delawareans venturing out into the great outdoors, especially in the summer months, need to know… Read More

By Kristen Holder 2 weeks ago

River vs Canal Explained Picture

Rivers only account for .1% of the dry land on the planet, but they’re at the forefront of the human mind because human civilization gravitates toward them. Rivers host most… Read More

By Kristen Holder 4 weeks ago

Are Sharks Fish? Picture

Sharks are older than trees and they have existed for more than 400 million years, which also makes them older than the dinosaurs. They swim in the ocean, strike fear… Read More

By Kristen Holder 1 month ago

10 Ticks in Colorado Picture

Some of the ticks in Colorado aren’t a threat to humans, but ticks that carry diseases in any part of the ecosystem are still important. How they affect wildlife, domesticated… Read More

By Kristen Holder 1 month ago

Do House Flies Poop? Picture

When flies are buzzing around your home, it’s easy to wonder what they’re doing and how they do it. These pontifications can turn into the most basic and hilarious of… Read More

By Kristen Holder 1 month ago

6 Ticks in Florida Picture

Almost all ticks go through four stages during their lives, including six of the ticks in Florida. They start as eggs, hatch into larvae, turn into nymphs, and finally become… Read More

By Kristen Holder 1 month ago