Discover the River Twice as Deep as the Mississippi River

Written by Sandy Porter
Published: October 5, 2023
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Known by many names, the Yangtze River of China is more than twice the depth of the Mississippi River at its deepest point. The Yangtze is also significantly longer than the Mississippi River, which runs almost border to border in the United States on a north to south route.

Let’s learn a bit more about this amazing river sourced in the Plateau of Tibet, traveling to the China Sea.

How Deep is the Mississippi River?

Mississippi River, Iowa, River, Wisconsin, Landscape - Scenery

The Mississippi River, on average, runs between 9 and 12 feet deep. At its deepest, though, the river reaches over 200 feet!

©dangarneau/ via Getty Images

Located near Algiers Point in New Orleans, the deepest point of the Mississippi River is a whopping 200 feet. Depths vary throughout the course of the river, reaching as shallow as 18 inches. Average depth, overall, though, is 9 to 12 feet deep.

How Deep is the Yangtze River?

Flowing throughout much of China, the Yangtze River runs as wide as 2,600 feet in some locations! The average depth is over 100 feet deep, with the deepest part at 650 feet, making it the second deepest river in the world.

Where Does the Mississippi Flow?

The Mississippi River flows through much of the United States, primarily as a north—south river. Beginning at its headwaters in Minnesota, the river flows southward through Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In Louisiana, the river pours out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Where Does the Yangtze River Flow?

River cruise in China - ships on the Yangtze River

The massively wide Yangtze river frequently sees cruises because, as the image implies, it’s wide enough for dozens of boats at once in some spots. The river also happens to hit a depth of 650 feet!

©Daniel Doerfler/

The longest river in Eurasia, and the longest to flow within one country, the Yangtze River flows entirely in China. Starting at the Jaru Hill in Tanggula Mountains of the Tibetan Plateau, it flows 3,915 miles toward the East China Sea. The drainage basin for the Yangtze comprises one-fifth of the land area of China.

Wildlife at the Yangtze River

snow leopard 2



s, giant pandas, and many other intriguing animals roam the shores and waters of the Yangtze River.

©Dennis W Donohue/

More than a thousand different species are known to live in and around the Yangtze River. More than 750 species of fish make the river their home and the estuaries there of. 178 species, with 97 of them strict endemic, are endemic to the Yangtze River Basin alone. Some of the species include the bronze gudgeon, the dark sleeper, Chinese paddlefish, and silver carp. Some aquatic mammals include the Narrow-ridged finless porpoise and the baiji (Yangtze River dolphin).

Along the shores of the river, several mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds make their home. Some of the most fascinating animals include:

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