Ferret Toys: What To Get Your Pet Ferret To Play With

Written by Brandi Allred
Published: October 14, 2022
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Ferrets are among the most playful, mischievous pets you can own. They’re closely related to badgers, stoats, and polecats. These members of the Mustelidae family were initially domesticated largely for hunting purposes. When they’re not sleeping (which they do for up to 18 hours a day), they love playing with a wide variety of ferret toys. But, if you’ve never had a ferret before, how do you know what kind of toys they actually like? 

Here, we’ll discover a few of the best kinds of toys for ferrets, as well as the kinds of toys you should stay away from. All in all, whether you buy them or make them yourself, ferrets are happiest when they have stimulating toys to play with. And, a happy ferret is a loving ferret; you won’t find a better, or more entertaining, friend than a rambunctious ferret.

Let’s take a look at some types of ferret toys your furry friend might love!

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Ferret Toys for Your Pet Ferret

ferret cage

Ferrets are among the most playful and mischievous pets you can own.


1. Fleecy Toys

Whether it be a fleece blanket or a fleecy stuffed animal, fleece is one of the very best options for your ferret. They love cuddling with fleece toys and hiding under fleece blankets, especially if they’re hidden inside cardboard boxes. The best part about giving your ferret a fleece blanket to play in? They can sleep in it when they’re done playing!

2. Ferret Tunnels

ferret carrier

Ferrets love sliding through crinkly tubes designed specifically for them.


If you’ve got room for larger ferret toys, then a ferret tunnel is a great addition to your home. Ferrets love almost nothing more than sliding through crinkly tubes designed specifically for ferrets. You can also give them tubes designed for cats or even build your own ferret tubes using PVC pipe. 

3. Ball Pits

It might seem a little strange; after all, we don’t buy ball pits for our dogs and cats. But ball pits are among the funnest toys you can buy for your ferret. Combined with ferret tunnels, ball pits make an unbeatable combination for hours of entertainment for any ferret.

4. Playsacks

Also known as hammocks, playsacks can be made either of sturdy fabric or fleece. Ferrets can rest directly on the floor or be hung suspended in the air. Either way, your ferret will love both sleeping and playing in its very own playsack.

5. Crinkle Balls

Popular as cat toys, crinkle balls are small, colorful, and, most importantly: crinkly. Your ferret will love carrying these fun ferret toys around and hiding them in all manner of places. Just be sure that the crinkle toys are large enough that they can’t be swallowed. 

6. Bungee Toys

Designed to be attached to doorknobs or furniture, bungee toys can be incredibly entertaining for your ferret friend. They can tug endlessly on a bungee toy, and it will always tug back!

Ferret Toys To Avoid

feisty ferret home

Housing your ferret safely will include an appropriate enclosure, as well as a safe place for them to run around.


Ferrets are great pets, but they’re also known for getting into (and chewing on) just about everything. If you’re thinking about bringing home a new ferret, one of your biggest concerns will, of course, be safety. Housing your ferret safely will include an appropriate enclosure, as well as a safe place for them to run around. But what about ensuring that your furry friend’s toys are safe for them to play with?

When it comes to the safety of ferret toys, there are several things to consider. If you’re unsure whether or not a toy is safe for your ferret, you can always ask your veterinarian. Let’s take a look at the three biggest concerns.

1. Things With String/Thread

Ferrets love to roll around in, chew on, run around with, and otherwise “ferret-handle” their toys. Because of that, it’s extremely important that you avoid anything that may develop loose threads. Ferrets can easily become entangled in loose threads or even ingest them. Fleece does not wear the same as other fabrics, making it the perfect choice for your ferret.

2. Sharp Things

Ferrets don’t tend to worry too much when they’re playing. These free spirits can get up to all kinds of mischief—in the cutest way possible. That’s why, when choosing ferret toys, it’s so important to avoid anything with sharp or breakable edges. Ferrets can easily injure themselves on broken toys, cages, or even food dishes. So, to keep your slinky friend safe, stay away from anything sharp or broken.

3. Soft Rubber

Soft rubber might seem like the perfect, safe option for a ferret toy. But, ferrets have small mouths and throats, and they love to chew. Latex and soft rubber dog toys do not make good ferret toys as they’re easily chewed into smaller pieces. Ferrets are much safer with hard plastic toys. 

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