How Wide Is Alabama? Total Distance from East to West

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Updated: August 18, 2023
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Alabama is a state on the Gulf Coast in the Southeastern United States. Just by looking at this state on a map, it is clear that it is not one of the biggest in the country. In fact, Alabama ranks 30th in terms of overall size. How wide is Alabama, though? Discover the total east and west distance in this state along with its total size and how it compares to others.

How Wide Is Alabama?

Geographic map of Alabama close

The state measures between 46 and 206 miles at various points.


Alabama is roughly 206 miles wide from east to west when measuring straight across the state at its widest point. The widest point in the state is located between the border with Georgia at the Chattahoochee River to the border with Mississippi near where Alabama State Route 10 crosses into Mississippi.

The narrowest area in the state is found north of Mobile Alabama near the Gulf Coast. Since the Florida Panhandle encroaches to the south of much of Alabama, only the area around the Gulf Shores region actually touches the Gulf of Mexico. The distance between Alabama’s border with Florida and Mississippi shrinks to 46 miles. That measure is taken east from Bay Minette and along U.S. Route 98 as it passes into Mississippi.

The narrowest east and west measurement outside of the Mobile area in Alabama is about 142 miles. This measure is taken at the border with Georgia east of Alabama State Route 73 and the border with Mississippi at the Tennessee River, off the coast of Eastport. These three measures show the differences in Alabama’s width.

How Does Alabama Compare to the Widest States?

Maritime boundary between Russia and United States, political map

Alaska is very wide because the Aleutian Islands count towards its total width.

©PeterHermesFurian/ via Getty Images

Alabama is not close to the widest state in the entire country. Several other large states are far wider. Take a look at some of the widest states when measured east to west and see just how big they are compared to this one.

Alaska2,400 miles
Texas773 miles
Montana630 miles
Oklahoma465 miles
Tennessee433 miles

As you can see, Alabama is much narrower than the widest states in the country. It is less than half the width of Tennessee and almost 20 times smaller than Alaska. To be fair, though, Alaska’s measure includes a long string of islands, but it is still almost as wide as Texas from the border of Canada to Wales, Alaska.

Comparing Alabama to Similarly Sized Ones

Although it can’t measure up to the widest states, Alabama is similar in size to many of the states in the Gulf Coast region. Consider the following chart and see what states have a total width in the same ballpark as Alabama.

Tennessee420 miles
Louisiana305 miles
Georgia230 miles
Alabama206 miles
Mississippi        190 Miles

Many of the other states in the U.S. South have widths that are somewhat similar to one another. The widths of Mississippi and Georgia are similar to Alabama.

New England has the smallest states in the U.S. in terms of total area as well as width. Rhode Island is just 37 miles wide, and it is by far the smallest state in the entire country.

Overall, Alabama is far from the narrowest state, but it’s not among the widest, either.

Alabama’s Total Size

Mobile, Alabama

Aerial view of downtown Mobile, Alabama showing one of the largest cities in the state.

©George Dodd III/

Alabama is 52,420 square miles, 135,767 square kilometers, and has 33,548,800 acres of land in total. These measures make the state 30th in terms of overall size in the country. Alaska is the largest state of all because it is 665,384 square miles and 1,723,337 square kilometers in size.

To get a better idea of the state’s total size compared to the biggest states in the U.S., consult the following chart:

StateSquare MilesSquare Kilometers
Alaska665,384 sq. mi1,723,337 km2
Texas268,596 sq. mi695,662 km2
California163,695 sq. mi423,967 km2
Montana147,040 sq. mi380,831 km2
New Mexico121,590 sq. mi314,917 km2
Alabama52,420 sq. mi135,767 km2

The largest states by area are much bigger than this one. Yet, the state is still home to many people, some large cities, and a wide assortment of wildlife.

About Alabama and its Wildlife

Northern flicker

The northern flicker is Alabama’s state bird.

©Fiona M. Donnelly/

Alabama is a state in the South with 5.04 million people living in it as of 2021. Alabama has a few nicknames such as the Yellowhammer State, a name derived from a woodpecker species that lives in the region. The state became a part of the United States in 1819.

This area is known for its ongoing agricultural production as well as its universities and their associated sports. The state was also the site of many notable events during the Civil Rights Movement.

Montgomery is the state’s capital city, and it has a population of nearly 200,000 people. However, it is not the largest city in the state by population. That honor belongs to Huntsville, a place with over 215,000 people in it. Mobile is a significant port city with 184,000 people, and it is known for its major contributions to the state’s economy and culture.

Alabama has many species of plants and animals. Some of the most famous creatures that people can run into when they visit this area include:

  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes
  • Swamp rabbits
  • American black bears
  • Gray bats
  • Wild turkeys
  • Northern map turtles
  • Southern leopard frogs
  • Northern flickers
  • Virginia opossums
  • Alabama beach mice

These animals are found in wide swaths of the state. While people can approach some of them safely, others are dangerous.

Overall, Alabama is a medium-sized state in the United States. The state has a great culture and a rich history. People can pass through the state to study the area’s history or to see the abundant wildlife-laden natural areas the state contains.

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