Lake Eufaula Fishing, Size, Depth, And More

Written by Kaleigh Moore
Updated: July 19, 2023
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Lake Eufaula, stretching across Alabama and Georgia, is no ordinary lake. It reigns as one of Alabama’s largest, attracting many passionate anglers from the Southeast with its irresistible charm. Lake Eufaula is home to several fish species, such as bass, crappie, and catfish. Explore the lake’s depths, find its secret fishing holes, and embark on an exciting fishing expedition in this alluring aquatic playground.

Join us as we delve deeper into understanding this enchanting lake’s unique features and fascinating facts. We’ll also share valuable fishing tips and techniques, ensuring that anglers of all levels, from beginners to pros, gain valuable insights.

Lake Eufaula infographic
If love fishing, visit Lake Eufaula!

Lake Eufaula Profile

Size and DepthThis lake, spanning 45,000 acres, boasts a maximum depth of 100 feet when the water level rests at a standard elevation of 190 feet above the average sea level. 
Water SourceIt’s created by damming the Chattahoochee River and receiving additional water inflows from White Oak, Cowikee, Grass, Barbour, Chewalla, and Pataula creeks. 
ShorelineStretching for an extensive 640 miles, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers oversees the management of the shoreline. Much of it has been developed into private residences and municipalities. 
BottomThe lake bed mainly consists of clay, interspersed with patches of sand and rock. Before the area was flooded, trees were cleared between 170 and 190 feet above the average sea level. Most trees were cut down to 180 feet above sea level, but some areas were left with standing trees. 
WaterThe lake boasts rich fertility, exhibiting a range of watercolors from reddish hues to deep greens. The visibility of the water varies depending on runoff and the amount of water flowing through the lake, generally falling between 18 inches and 4 feet. 
CoverWhile aquatic vegetation is limited across the lake, there are pockets of hydrilla present. The sheltered areas of coves and creeks are adorned with maidencane (Panicum hemitomon), bulrush, lily pads, and cattails. 

Lake Eufaula’s vast size and considerable depth create diverse habitats and structures where fish can seek shelter and nourishment. Within its waters, submerged vegetation, flooded timber, brush piles, rock piles, ledges, humps, islands, creek channels, and other features contribute to its diverse ecosystem. 

By adapting your fishing strategy to the season and water level, you can explore various areas and depths, targeting different fish species.

Fishing at Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula, hailed as the undisputed “Bass Capital of the World,” has garnered this prestigious title owing to its thriving and diverse bass community. Here are various fish species you can reel in at Lake Eufaula, along with helpful fishing tips for each.

1. Bass Fishing at Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula overflows with various bass species, including largemouth, spotted, smallmouth, striped, and hybrid striped bass. The largemouth bass is the most sought-after and plentiful catch in these waters. While smaller in size, spotted bass compensates with its aggressive nature and spirited fights.

Although not commonly found in Lake Eufaula, smallmouth bass can be spotted near the dam in rocky areas. Striped bass, often called line-sides or rockfish, flaunt unique stripes. Hybrid striped basses have horizontal stripes like striped bass. However, the lines on hybrid striped bass are always broken, unlike the solid lines on striped bass.

A man holding a bass he just caught.

Anglers lover bass fishing at Lake Eufaula, where the vast array of fish species make for an exciting day on the water.

©Pierre Rebollar/

Bass Fishing Tips: How to Catch Bass

To catch bass at Lake Eufaula, you must understand where they hide and what bait to use. Bass prefers spots with shelter, like weeds, docks, stumps, brush piles, and ledges. Their location changes with the season, water temperature, and weather. 

Typically, bass frolic in the shallows during spring and fall while they seek deeper waters in summer and winter. Effective baits for bass fishing at Lake Eufaula include plastic worms, jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater lures, and live bait like shiners or shad.

2. Crappie Fishing at Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula is home to the crappie. Referred to as specks or papermouths, these fish earn nicknames from their mesmerizing speckled patterns and fragile mouths. Crappies are delicious and can weigh up to 3 pounds. While both black and white crappies inhabit Lake Eufaula, black crappies steal the spotlight as the more prevalent variety.

Crappie Fishing Tips: How to Catch Crappie 

Opt for lightweight fishing gear and small bait to increase your chances of catching crappies at Lake Eufaula. Crappies gather in groups close to underwater objects like bridges, pilings, brush piles, or stake beds. As the water temperature drops, they tend to swim deeper. 

When fishing for crappie at Lake Eufaula, use practical and straightforward baits such as minnows, jigs, tube baits, curly tail grubs, and small spoons. No need for fancy or complicated equipment — keep it simple and focus on the basics.

A crappie swimming

. Crappies gather in groups close to underwater objects like bridges, pilings, brush piles, or stake beds.

©Wirestock Creators/

3. Catfish Fishing at Lake Eufaula

For an exhilarating fishing experience with a challenging catch, give catfish angling a shot. Catfish dwell near the lake’s bottom and can weigh up to 100 pounds. Lake Eufaula boasts a variety of catfish species, including channel, blue, flathead, and bullhead catfish. Channel catfish are the most abundant and easy to catch. 

Suppose you’re seeking size and power, blue catfish reign supreme. Flathead catfish are also formidable, although their food is more selective. Despite their smaller size, bullheads pack a punch with their prickly spines.

Catfish Fishing Tips: How to Catch Catfish 

Opt for sturdy fishing gear and strong bait to increase your chances of catching catfish at Lake Eufaula. Catfish are primarily drawn to scents and flavors rather than visual or auditory stimuli. 

Their preferred meals contain dead or decaying matter like worms, shrimp, chicken liver, cheese, or cut bait. Live bait such as minnows or bluegill can also be employed if you aim to target more giant catfish. 

Look for catfish in deep cavities or channels close to the mouth of rivers or creeks. Additionally, they seek shelter beneath logs or rocks on the lake bed.

Flathead catfish

Catfish are primarily drawn to scents and flavors rather than visual or auditory stimuli. 


The Best Time to Fish Lake Eufaula

During the onset of late winter and early spring, as the water temperature increases and fish become livelier, the fishing season at Lake Eufaula kicks off. This period presents an excellent opportunity to pursue largemouth bass, which migrate to shallower areas for spawning. 

Look for them near grass beds, docks, brush piles, and other hiding spots. In addition, crappies also spawn in the spring, and you can reel in a substantial number of them around bridges, stumps, and submerged trees.

During summer, fish seek cooler depths, so try fishing from offshore structures like ledges, humps, and points to target bass and crappie. As fall arrives and the water temperature drops, fish become more hungry; this creates an opportunity to fish in shallow waters again, as bass and crappie follow the baitfish into creeks and coves. 

The fishing pace slows in winter, but there’s still a chance to catch good-sized fish if you’re patient. Look for bass and crappie near deep cover or warm water discharges.

Weather Conditions

The weather can influence the fishing experience at Lake Eufaula. Clouds play a role in reducing light penetration, making fish less easily frightened. Meanwhile, wind contributes by creating waves and currents that agitate the water, providing fish with increased oxygen and food.

Nevertheless, excessive wind or rain can pose challenges or hazards for fishing. Strong winds make it difficult to control the boat and hinder accurate casting. Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding and muddy water conditions. In such situations, it might be advisable to await more stable weather or explore sheltered areas before attempting to fish.

An angler holding a fish.

Ideal fishing times are when the lake is calm, with sunny skies and mild temperatures. Be sure to check the local forecast before heading out.


Moon Phases

An additional factor impacting fishing at Lake Eufaula is the lunar cycle. Certain studies reveal that the moon’s influence alters fish feeding patterns. As per this hypothesis, optimal fishing periods correspond to the full moon and new moon phases, characterized by the moon’s strongest gravitational pull. These phases also coincide with heightened tides and increased water movement.

On the other hand, some anglers favor the quarter moon phases, characterized by reduced moon brightness and visibility. They claim that such conditions render fish less cautious and more prone to biting.

Ultimately, determining the ideal moon phase for fishing lacks a definitive answer. The most effective approach entails experimentation and personal exploration to discover what works best for individual anglers.

6 Thrilling Things to Do at Lake Eufaula

1. Camping

Camping enthusiasts flock to Lake Eufaula, seeking an exhilarating adventure. With many campgrounds and parks to select from, like the renowned Walter F. George Lake boasting 13-day-use parks and four campgrounds, or the enticing White Oak Creek Campground featuring a staggering 129 sites complete with electric and water hookups. 

For an unparalleled experience, venture to Lakepoint State Park, boasting 192 RV sites with full hookups or scenic lakefront options. These extraordinary destinations provide boundless opportunities for boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and beautiful encounters with wildlife. Additionally, you can explore the nearby historic towns of Eufaula and Cuthbert, adding a touch of nostalgia to your extraordinary escapade.

2. Hiking

Lake Eufaula is a haven of stunning nature and fascinating creatures waiting to be discovered through hikes. The trails cater to all adventurers, whether you seek a stroll or a thrilling challenge. As you traverse paths that showcase breathtaking lake panoramas, dense forests, lush wetlands, and remarkable historical landmarks, prepare to be captivated. Embark on the Yoholo Micco Trail, the Old Creek Town Park Trail, the Chattahoochee Riverwalk Trail, or the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge Trail for an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s wonders.

A hikers boots as seen on a trail.

There are several trails around Lake Eufaula ideal for hiking and exploring the dense forests, lush wetlands, and remarkable historical landmarks.


3. Boating

Boating on Lake Eufaula offers a thrilling adventure amidst its stunning beauty. With various watercraft available, like pontoon boats, jet skis, kayaks, and canoes, you can explore the 640 miles of picturesque shoreline. Discover hidden gems like islands, coves, marinas, and beaches as you embark on your boating escapade. And let’s remember the breathtaking spectacle of witnessing the sunset painting the lake in vibrant colors. This experience will leave you in awe.

4. Biking

Experience the exhilaration of biking at Lake Eufaula, immersing yourself in the breathtaking outdoors! Bring your bike or rent one from a nearby store and get ready to explore thrilling hiking trails or cruise along the excellent bike lanes surrounding the lake. Stay alert for cars and follow traffic regulations if you opt for the road. Cycling not only enhances your fitness level but also unveils the captivating wonders of the great lake and its enchanting environs.

5. Golfing

Lake Eufaula offers a bunch of golf courses nearby. Check out great options like Eufaula Country Club Golf Course, Lakepoint Resort State Park Golf Course, George T Bagby State Park Golf Course, and Meadow Links Golf Course. It’s time to tee off and experience golfing bliss at Lake Eufaula!

6. Sightseeing

Lake Eufaula isn’t just nature; it’s also packed with culture and history. Explore museums like the Eufaula Heritage Museum, Fendall Hall Museum, Shorter Mansion Museum, and Old Creek Town Museum to uncover the area’s past. 

Don’t miss downtown Eufaula’s beautiful architecture and charm, boasting numerous historic buildings and homes in the Seth Lore-Irwinton Historic District, North Eufaula Avenue Historic District, and Eufaula Carnegie Library. If you visit in spring, join the annual Eufaula Pilgrimage for a chance to tour historic homes.

Regulations for Fishing and Hunting at the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge(NWR)

State regulations govern general fishing, including season guidelines, limits on the number of fish caught (creel limits), and restrictions on the size of fish caught (size limits). Specific size and creel limits exclusive to the refuge waters must be observed when fishing in Lake Eufaula.

To fish in Lake Eufaula, you must possess a valid fishing license issued by either Alabama or Georgia. If you plan to fish in waters impounded by the refuge, you need a permit from the state where the fishing occurs. Alabama residents, however, can engage in license-free fishing using a regular hook and line from the shoreline within their county of residence.

Commercial fishing is strictly prohibited in refuge-impounded waters. It is crucial to highlight that the collection of frogs and turtles is forbidden in all refuge waters, including those interconnected with Lake Eufaula.

An angler holding up a fishing rod with a fish hooked onto it.

Fishing and hunting at the Eufaula NWR is subject to regulations, so check before you go. Ensure you get your license and learn about any restrictions first.


Important Details

  • Safety: Eufaula NWR is home to dangerous wildlife and treacherous conditions. Refrain from getting too close, agitating, or feeding the creatures.
  • Hours: Eufaula NWR is accessible during daylight hours: from one and a half hours before sunrise to one and a half hours after sunset.
  • Restricted areas: Certain parts of the refuge are closed to entry, sometimes temporarily, for everyone. These closed areas are shown on the attached map and indicated with signs.
  • Firearms: Anyone carrying firearms on NWR lands must follow all state and local laws. Firearms can only be used per refuge regulations outlined in 50 CFR.
  • Vehicles: Valid licenses, registration, and insurance are mandatory for all drivers and their vehicles to be permitted on highways. The use of OHVs, ATVs, and UTVs is strictly prohibited. Only gravel/dirt roads are open for public traffic, including bicycles. Signs indicate closed roads for vehicles or bicycles.
  • Boats: All air thrust boats, like airboats, aircraft, hovercraft, and watercraft with fans, are strictly forbidden in all refuge waters, including Lake Eufaula. Only marked navigation channels permit personal watercraft (PWCs, WaveRunners, Jet Skis, etc.) and air-cooled propulsion engines (Go-Devils, surface drives, mud boats, Mud Buddys, etc.).

Critical Insights into Lake Eufaula Fishing

Lake Eufaula is a magnificent and captivating destination for anglers, offering many fishing opportunities and experiences. This large reservoir extends from Alabama to Georgia, enchanting visitors with its rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty. Anglers of all skill levels are drawn to Lake Eufaula, enticed by its diverse fish population.

Bass fishing reigns supreme here, with largemouth bass taking center stage as the most sought-after catch. Other bass species, such as spotted, smallmouth, striped, and hybrid striped bass, also thrive in these waters. Crappies, known for their delicate mouths and captivating patterns, can be found in impressive sizes. Catfish angling offers an exciting challenge, with various species inhabiting the lake, like channel, blue, flathead, and bullhead.

In conclusion, Lake Eufaula is a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures. With its vast size and impressive depths, this Alabama reservoir offers ample opportunities to reel in a prized catch. Whether you’re after trophy bass or the excitement of crappie and catfish, Lake Eufaula promises a memorable fishing experience that will leave you longing to return to its bountiful waters time and time again.

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