See a Bear Yank Out a Car Window To Grab Snacks Inside for Her Little Cubs

Written by Rachael Monson
Published: September 28, 2023
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This video, captured by a Ring camera, shows a momma bear breaking into a car in search of food for her three cubs. It appears the window was left slightly open. The bear uses her paws to pull and pull until the window shatters under the pressure. The glass breaking startles her for a moment. Then, she proceeds to climb right on in and continue her quest for an easy meal. Have you ever seen a bear break into something? Let’s learn more about these crafty bear invasions before watching the video below!

Black bears break into homes

Black bears break into homes with windows or doors left open in summer. The smell of food draws them in!

©steverts/iStock via Getty Images

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Is It Common for Bears to Break Into Homes?

Depending on where you live, yes! In fact, black bears make themselves at home in at least 40 of the 50 United States. Canada’s population of black bears reaches into the hundreds of thousands. As many black bears as there are, it’s no surprise that conflicts with humans are common. Recently, a black bear dubbed “Hank the Tank” was caught intruding into as many as 21 homes in Lake Tahoe, CA. A black bear in Gatlinburg, TN, ripped the cover off a hot tub and took a relaxing swim. Another incident reports a black bear breaking into a home in Colorado and playing on the piano! Reports like this pop up frequently.

The most common time of year for bears to break into homes is in the summer. That’s because many people leave windows or doors open to cool down the house, which gives them easy access. Bears spend much of their time hunting and foraging for food. They need about 5,000 calories per day regularly. However, in the fall, right before hibernation, that number jumps to 20,000 calories. That’s four times the amount of food!

Young Grizzly bear crossing road in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Though grizzly bears are less common than black bears, they are still represented in human-bear conflicts.

©Don Mammoser/

What About Grizzly Bears?

If you thought only black bears posed a threat for break-ins, you’d be wrong! Grizzly bears also break into homes, cars, trash cans, and more. One female broke into a homeowner’s pool with her two cubs and went for a swim in Arcadia, CA. Another grizzly bear attempted to break into a moving vehicle with a family inside at Yellowstone National Park. Roughly 33,000 grizzlies still roam parts of the United States and Canada today. The largest population (about 30,000) calls Alaska home. Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and Idaho follow (in order from greatest to least) with anywhere from 80 to 2,000 grizzly bears each. In comparison, more than 600,000 black bears live in North America today. Thus, human-bear conflicts with black bears are much more common.

Watch this Momma Bear Break Into a Car Below!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © MihaiDancaescu/

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