The 5 Best Lakes for Ice Fishing in Vermont

Lake Carmi Vermont

Written by Kristin Hitchcock

Published: December 12, 2022

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There are many lakes in Vermont where you can go ice fishing. Most are open for ice fishing. However, there are some restrictions in some places. Therefore, it’s important to check the lakes’ restrictions before fishing.

With all that said, some are better than others. Only certain fish can be found on certain lakes. Therefore, if you want to catch a particular fish, you have to go to the right area.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain, Vermont

At lake Champlain, you can fish for salmon, lake trout,


, perch, and crappie.

©Mark Castiglia/

Lake Champlain is easily the most popular fishing spot in Vermont. This lake is 120 miles long and includes many different species of fish. You can fish for salmon, lake trout, pike, perch, and crappie. There are different seasons for each fish, so be sure to check regulations before you hit the lake.

As you’d guess, this lake is often crowded. It is the place for fish in many cases. Therefore, you may want to head to a smaller lake if you’re looking for some solitude. With such a large size, though, you can usually find a place to fish without an issue.

Still, this is one of the most popular lakes to ice fish in for a reason – and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This lake does freeze a little at a time due to its larger size. Access to the inner parts of the lake doesn’t open up until later in the season. Therefore, you can get different fish at different times. There are different fish species along the shallow coast than there are towards the deeper, middle portion of the lake.

For the most part, if you’re looking to ice fish in Vermont, you’ll probably want to hit this lake at least once.

Lake Carmi

Lake Carmi Vermont

While Lake Carmi is still popular, it isn’t


most popular. Therefore, it tends to be a little less crowded than other areas.


Lake Carmi is about seven miles long, providing plenty of space to spread out and find the perfect fishing spot. While it is still popular, it isn’t the most popular. Therefore, it tends to be a little less crowded than other areas.

You’ll find plenty of fish here and a range of different species. For instance, you can find bluegill, catfish, and bass. You can find just about every fish here that is at Lake Champlain, so it is a great alternative.

Furthermore, this lake is completely public. There are many amenities to make your ice fishing trip a little more comfortable. Plus, the lake is shallower than others, making it freeze over before some of the other lakes in the state.

Lake Bomoseen

Lake Bomoseen Vermont

Lake Bomoseen is also home to many habitat projects. Therefore, the fish population tends to do better than in other areas.


For the most part, Lake Bomoseen is found within a state park that shares the same name – Bomoseen State Park. Therefore, there are plenty of access points and nearby amenities that make fishing easier.

In total, this lake is about 2400 acres. Therefore, you shouldn’t have an issue finding a spot to fish by yourself. There are also many different fish species, so there is just about something for everyone here.

This lake is also home to many habitat projects. Therefore, the fish population tends to do better than in other areas. For this reason, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll find the species you’re looking for. (Plus, as a less popular lake, there tends to be fewer fishermen to compete with.)

Lake Dunmore

Fall Foliage by Lake Dunmore in Vermont

Lake Dunmore sits next to Branbury State Park.

©gary yim/

This lake is a good option in most circumstances. However, it is one of the smaller lakes in the state at only 980 acres and about 3 miles long. With that said, there aren’t many fishermen that take to this lake, so finding a spot to fish still isn’t a problem.

However, much of the lake’s coastline is privately owned. Therefore, access can be somewhat of a problem. With that said, the lake does sit next to Branbury State Park. Therefore, you can access it from that side with ease. Plus, because the lake is small, you can easily walk to the other side once you’ve gained access.

There aren’t as many amenities as other parks. However, the extra effort is well worth it. You’ll often find tons of bass, trout, and perch. Therefore, if you’re willing to put in the walk to find a fishing hole, this lake doesn’t disappoint.

Seymour Lake

Lake Seymour - Morgan Vermont

Many fishermen report that the fish in Seymour lake are larger than others.

©Rpaquette77 / Creative Commons – Original / License

You may also like Seymour lake, especially if you’re interested in catching bass. Usually, this lake attracts fishermen during the warmer months. However, it is also a great place to go ice fishing.

The lake is over 1700 acres, making it easy to find a secluded place to fish. You’ll find bass, salmon, and several types of trout. Most fishermen visit for the vibrant bass population, though. There are very few fishermen on the lake in the winter, so hunting pressure is low.

Many fishermen report that the fish in this lake are larger than others. This may have something to do with the many streams that feed the lake, leading to a higher nutrient content. Plus, the winter hunting pressure is much lower than in other places.

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