The 10 Cutest Ferrets in the World

Written by Brandi Allred
Published: October 12, 2022
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Mustela furo, more commonly known as the ferret, has taken the United States by storm in recent years. Despite their illegality as pets in places like Australia and New Zealand (due to the potential threat to native wildlife), ferrets have become an increasingly popular pet in the United States. Ferrets come in a wide variety of color combinations, including brown, black, white, and silver. But just what do the cutest ferrets in the world look like?

Here, we’ll learn a little more about these unique members of the Mustelidae family. We’ll find out exactly what ten of the cutest ferrets in the world look like and why people treasure their pet ferrets.

1. Albino Ferret

A rare albino angora ferret lies in a tree on a summer day.

Albino ferrets are pure white with no dark markings.

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©Sergei Avdeev/

Ferrets are closely related to badgers, minks, and stoats, and they’re so closely related to the European polecat that the two can interbreed. Albino ferrets are widely considered to be some of the cutest ferrets in the world, but what makes them so special? Well, albino ferrets are pure white with no dark markings. On top of this, they have striking red eyes. Altogether, they look like all-white, slinky socks.

2. Siamese Ferret

Ferret, Cut Out, White Background, Polecat, Young Animal

Siamese ferrets have dark legs that contrast against their lighter bodies.


Ferrets are obligate carnivores; they need only meat to survive. So, taking care of your beloved pet ferret often involves a specialized diet for optimal health. Siamese ferrets are widely considered some of the cutest ferrets in the world. They come in chocolate, cinnamon, and sable colors. What makes them different is that their legs are darker than the rest of their bodies. Siamese ferrets also come in a “mitt” variety, which means they have white paws.

3. Blaze Ferret

Blaze sable ferret

Blaze ferrets have white stripes on their faces.

©Julie Gaia/

Ferrets aren’t very big; the biggest grow up to 20 inches long and weigh up to four and a half pounds. Further, males are bigger than females. Regarding the cutest ferrets in the world, ferrets with blaze markings rank high on the list. Blaze ferrets come in various colors, but they all have white stripes in the middle of their faces. They also have white paws, white on their throats, and indistinct darker rings around their eyes.

4. Heavy Silver Ferret

silver ferret

While most ferrets sport brown, black, and white fur, heavy silver ferrets have lovely silver or grey coats.


Ferrets are heavy sleepers; they sleep up to 18 hours a day. They’re also crepuscular, which means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. Most ferrets are a combination of brown, white, or black, but a few are actually silver. Heavy silver ferrets have gray coats that end in black tips with pink noses. Their bellies are typically lighter, and they usually have white mitts.

5. Panda Ferret

Male ferret (panda color) in a forest


ferrets have colors and patterns that make them look like little pandas.


Some of the cutest ferrets in the world are those with “panda” coloring. Panda-colored ferrets have white heads, mitts, and white-tipped tails. Their front legs are darker and they have a white bib and white over the body. But their backs have darker fur in a saddle-like marking, giving them their unique pattern.

6. Champagne Ferret

Champagne ferret

Champagne ferrets are popular for their light-colored fur.

©Julie Gaia/

Once popular as hunting companions, ferrets are mostly used as pets or laboratory testing animals today. One of the most common color configurations is known as champagne. Champagne ferrets have white coats that darken out to light brown tipped fur. Their heads are typically light in color, with dark brown or black tails.

7. Cinnamon Ferret

Young Cinnamon ferret of cinnamon in the park.

Cinnamon ferrets have dark red eyes and dark brown legs and tails.

©Julie Gaia/

Some of the cutest ferrets in the world have cinnamon-patterned fur. Cinnamon ferrets are very common; they have dark red eyes and dark brown legs and tails. Their faces are marked by off-white and light brown markings, and their bodies have a distinct cinnamon shade. These ferrets also come in a “mitt” variety, which is simply a cinnamon-colored ferret with white paws.

8. Dalmatian Ferret

white domestic ferret

Like the dalmatian dog breed, dalmatian ferrets have black spots all over their bodies.

©Eric Isselee/

The dalmatian colored ferret is one of the less common ferrets in the world. These ferrets are typically almost entirely white, with either red or black eyes. They have distinct, dalmatian-like black spots irregularly spaced on their bodies. Often, their tails are almost entirely black.

9. Sable Ferret

Sable ferret posing on moss deep in summer forest

Sable-colored ferrets are among the cutest ferrets in the world.


Now popular as pets, ferrets used to be used primarily in ferreting. Ferreting involves placing a trained ferret into a rodent hole or nest and waiting for it to flush out or kill any rodents. Today, sable-colored ferrets are among the cutest ferrets in the world. They come with a dark mask across their face, surrounded by white fur that extends down their neck. They have light coats with dark-tipped fur. Typically, their chests and legs are darker. Sables also come in a mitt, which features white paws.

10. Striped White Ferret

striped white ferret

Striped white ferrets are white like albino ferrets, but they have an additional dark stripe running down their backs.


Unsurprisingly, striped white ferrets are white. They typically have pink or red eyes and greatly resemble albino ferrets. However, striped white-type ferrets feature a dark stripe down their backs, ending in a dark-tipped tail. Striped white ferrets are considered some of the cutest ferrets in the world.

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