TrustedPals Pet Insurance Review: Pros, Cons, and Coverage

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: June 9, 2022


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If you’re looking for a way to save money while keeping your furry, feathered, or scaly friend happy and healthy, pet insurance is a great option! While there are many options available when it comes to pet insurance, today we’re going to go over everything you need to know about TrustedPals. 

TrustedPals is one of the newer insurance companies available, coming on the scene in 2019. While they’re new, TrustedPals has quickly built a positive connotation around their name. With affordable plans and a variety of coverage options, this pet insurance company could be a great choice for you.

Below we’ll go over everything from their pricing, coverage features, waiting period, and more. Let’s take a look at the history of the company and go over some of the main benefits TrustedPals has to offer. 

About TrustedPals Pet Insurance

TrustedPals Pet Insurance was established in 2019 and is a product of Marsh USA, Inc., a worldwide insurance broker. Zurich American Insurance Company underwrites the company’s policies. 

TrustedPals stands out among the other pet insurance companies because it has a $0 deductible and a 100 percent reimbursement plan, both of which are uncommon. Other providers, such as Trupanion, have a deductible for each disease or occurrence, whereas the company’s policies have an annual deductible.

TrustedPals also provides extra rewards in the event that your pet passes away due to illness or accident. If this terrible occurrence occurs within the policy term, the insurer will pay the costs of euthanizing your pet (if necessary) as well as burial or cremation costs up to a maximum of $250. If you can show confirmation of how much you spent for your pet, the business will pay you up to $1000 as a form of life insurance for your pet.

Veterinarian listening to a cat's heart with a stethoscope.
TrustedPals stands out among the other pet insurance companies because it has a $0 deductible and a 100 percent reimbursement plan.

TrustedPals Pros and Cons

Here are the main benefits and disadvantages of TrustedPets Pet Insurance. 

Reinstatement of pre-existing conditions deemed as “cured” by a licensed vet$1.00 monthly transaction fee
5% discount for multiple petsNo 30-day money-back guarantee
Wellness care plan availableNo accident-only plan is available
Coverage for euthanasia, cremation, and burial costs$21.00 entry fee
5% for military, vet staff, first responders, and service dogs
Unlimited annual and lifetime payout limit
Excellent rating by financial and credit rating services
An option for $0 deductible and 100% reimbursement
Coverage for veterinary exam fees

TrustedPals Key Attributes

There are many positive things about TrustedPals Pet Insurance. Here are some of the key attributes pet parents like yourself love about the company and what they have to offer.

Increase in monthly premium

It’s never known with TrustedPals if your policy cost will stay the same or alter in the future. The cost of the premium is significantly influenced by the age, breed, and location of your pet. Veterinary costs of treatment vary by region in the United States, and elderly purebred dogs are more likely to require medical attention. You should anticipate your coverage premium to rise over time as a result of those variables.

An elderly dog
Your coverage premium may rise over time as your pet ages.

Exam period

Any prospective pet parent is under no obligation to provide their pet with a comprehensive physical inspection in order to enroll with TrustedPals. Any cat or dog, regardless of breed, is welcome to join TrustedPals’ coverage. However, TrustedPals maintains the right to request your pet’s health history at any moment throughout your coverage with them.

Claim processing times

It all hinges on how efficient you are at submitting your claim. If you provide all required documents in a timely manner, TrustedPals will be able to begin reviewing your claim right away and complete it within 10 business days. If you’re missing vital papers, though, you may have to wait longer because they’ll need everything from you.

Claim submission time limit

The TrustedPals claim deadline is a little shorter than what we’ve observed with other pet insurers. You have two months with TrustedPals from the time your pet gets medical treatment or operation. If you do not follow this guideline, your claim may be rejected.

Waiting periods

This isn’t an area where TrustedPals stands out from the competition. Their waiting periods are either standard for the pet insurance sector or, in certain situations, excessively long. The waiting time for sickness, for instance, is two weeks, which is reasonable. Insurance for accidents also begins after two weeks of membership. When compared to rivals that have this duration set at 1, 3, or 5 days, this is rather high.

Orthopedic disorders such as hip dysplasia, are also on a year-long waiting list to be covered. Other insurance providers limit this sort of coverage to six months at most. This is why we feel 12 months is excessively long. 

TrustedPals offers pet insurance coverage that is applicable across the United States. You may buy TrustedPals’ pet insurance plan online and use it at any licensed veterinarian in the United States. However, if you take your pet outside of the United States, they will not be insured.

TrustedPals Insurance Plans

Now we’ll go over the insurance plans TrustedPals has available. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about their plan, including what it covers and what it doesn’t. They’re known for their all-encompassing coverage for dogs and cats. 

Whether your furry friend has an injury, illness, or was involved in an accident, TrustedPals can help. With so many options, including annual deductibles, reimbursement limitations, and yearly claim limits, TrustedPals’ plan can accommodate any pet owner’s budget. Pet owners may pick their favorite combination of features. You can adjust the cost of their monthly charge to their financial situation if they are flexible enough.

Accident and Illness Plan

TrustedPals will help your pet get back on its feet after bruises, breaks, or dog days. You may choose your own veterinarian to make you feel at ease. They also don’t have you go to the vet for a checkup before (or after) you enroll in the plan, unlike some other dog and cat insurance companies. 

Pets won’t be covered if they have a medical issue when you join up (a pre-existing condition). But if their ailment is totally treated, you’ll be covered if the same problem arises again. Most pet insurance policies don’t operate that way, and providers aren’t usually up forward about it!

Wellness Plans

TrustedPals creates a Pet Wellness Plan that focuses on giving your pet the most important preventative care so they may be at their best every day. The wellness pack from TrustedPals provides an astonishing $750 in annual perks that you can use to improve your pet’s health. It’s also great to ensure they have a healthy, lifetime of happiness. 

The nicest part about TrustedPals’ wellness plan is, as you can view, the claim limitations for each benefit. You can use each of the eight perks as often as you like and in any way. The entire plan picks up the tab up to $750 each year. You may use it entirely on one benefit if you choose.

The plan’s weakest feature is its reliance on the deductible you choose for the accident and illness coverage. You must still fulfill your selected deductible if you haven’t made a claim for your normal pet insurance.

The pricing of the TrustedPals pet wellness care plan is determined by your pet’s information. This includes age, breed, and region, as well as the benefit limitations you set for your pet insurance plan.

What Does a TrustedPals Policy Cover?

It’s certainly convenient to have someone handle all of your medical expenditures. This prevents the dreaded decision of deciding whether to bring Fido to the vet or suffer through the pain because you can’t afford to pay for hospital fees. 

In this aspect, TrustedPals is a blessing. With a few small exclusions that we’ll go through later, they’ll cover all of your veterinarian bills. We’ll go through everything covered by TrustedPals’ insurance in this section:

  • Accidents – automobile accidents produce trauma and fractures, foreign item ingestions, poisoning and intoxication, head, jaw, and tooth injuries, burns, cuts, scars, wounds, and more
  • Veterinarian appointments – TrustedPals will cover your veterinary visits if your pet is accidentally hurt or becomes ill. This comprises a physical examination, consultations, and therapeutic instructions.
  • Dietary pet meals and food supplements on prescription 
  • Treatments and training sessions for aggressiveness, compulsive licking, biting, anxiety, depression, and other behavioral disorders 
  • Band-aids, dressings, casts, splints, and other medical materials related to the treatment and therapy of a covered sickness or injury
  • A licensed veterinarian administers euthanasia
  • Birth defects and congenital illnesses such as myopia, polycystic kidney disease, spinal muscular atrophy, obstructive airway syndrome, diabetes, hip dysplasia, neurological problems, patellar luxation, hyperthyroidism, and others are hereditary ailments. 
  • Osteoarthritis, asthma, allergies, and other chronic illnesses
  • Reflexology, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, laser treatment, herbal treatment, and other complementary and alternative therapies 
French Bulldog being prepped for an x-ray
X-rays are one of the diagnostics covered by TrustedPet Insurance.

Additional Ailments and Procedures TrustedPets Covers

  • Issues that occur during pregnancy 
  • Illnesses – various forms of infections, including lung, bladder, skin, eye, ear, and throat infections, as well as digestive difficulties, parasitic infections, nausea, puking, cardiovascular and valve disease, and more
  • Cremation and burial costs, up to a maximum of $250 
  • If you submit receipts of purchase, you may be reimbursed up to $1,000 for the cost of your deceased dog if they’re younger than eight years old or the deceased cat is under 10 years of age. The compensation amount is $150 if you don’t have any receipts.
  • CT and MRI scans, ultrasound scans, urinalysis, X-rays, blood testing, hematology, and other lab tests and diagnostics
  • Hospitalization and procedure 
  • Antibiotics, vaccinations, over-the-counter drugs, pain relievers, and any other medication recommended by a certified veterinarian and approved by the FDA

What Does TrustedPals Coverage Exclude

It’s now time to go over all of the minor limitations that pertain to your policy with TrustedPals. As we compared TrustedPals to other pet insurance companies, we discovered that they had fewer restrictions in their plans, which you can see for yourself in the list below:

  • Experimental or investigational therapies and/or diagnostics; 
  • Pregnancy and reproduction 
  • Bilateral hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament issues must be discovered during the first year of your TrustedPals registration 
  • Veterinary fees for dogs and cats under the age of eight weeks; 
  • Veterinary charges for injuries or diseases directly caused by you or somebody in your home, including irresponsibility 
  • Therapies and training not authorized by your veterinarian; 
  • Foods and supplements prescribed for reasons other than treating an underlying illness or damage
  • Commercially owned pets are automatically disqualified from any TrustedPals policy. Organized combat, track, and sled races, breeding, personal guarding, police animals, coursing, and other economic activities are examples of such motivations.
  • Bathing and nail clipping are examples of grooming services. 
  • Transport to and from medical institutions, as well as storage and boarding expenses
  • Taxidermy 
  • Regular and preventative procedures, immunizations, pest control, spaying/neutering, and other wellness procedures are all available to pets 

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance company. Some organizations, including TrustedPals, reinstall treatable health issues that no longer exist. As soon as your veterinarian confirms a pre-existing condition that your companion has previous to joining TrustedPals has been treated, that condition is added to your pet coverage policy as covered. 

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