Victor Professional Dog Food: Reviewed

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Published: July 1, 2022
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Victor Professional Dog Food is a premium dog food that utilizes a range of meat. It includes 81% meat protein. While nearly any dog can eat this dog food, we recommend it for high-energy and athletic canines.

Victor Professional Dog Food uses ingredients ranging from beef meal to whole grain millet to carrot powder to create a nutritionally complete meal for your dog. Thanks to its high protein content, this dog food primarily works for highly active canines. However, its high-quality formulation also makes it an easy choice for practically any canine.

Best for Puppies
VICTOR Classic Professional Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Ideal for dogs of any age, including puppies
  • Suitable for high-energy dogs
  • Contains a high level of protein
  • Promote healthy immune and digestive systems.
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Victor Professional Dog Food Benefits and Features

  • It contains 81% animal protein
  • Designed for sporting dogs
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • A unique blend promotes healthy digestion and immune function

Victor Professional Dog Food: Pros & Cons


  • High-protein
  • It contains tons of meat
  • Suitable for high-energy dogs
  • Fortified with omega fatty acids and other nutrients
  • May improve digestion and the immune system


  • Expensive
  • High-calorie content may cause weight gain

Where is Victor Professional Dog Food Made?

Victor makes all of their dog foods in their facility in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. While a larger umbrella company owns this food, Victor takes care of the manufacturing.

Victor Professional Dog Food Ingredients

Victor Professional includes a lot of meat. In fact, out of all the foods we’ve reviewed, this formula has one of the highest meat contents.

The nutritional label lists beef meal as the first ingredient. To make a beef meal, whole beef is dehydrated to remove much of the moisture content. Therefore, meat meals contain higher protein and nutrients than whole meat. We consider beef meal to be a quality ingredient for this reason.

On top of beef meal, this formula also uses chicken meal, pork meal, chicken fat, and other animal products. In the end, 81% of this food’s protein comes from an animal product, far higher than the average dog food.

Whole grains find themselves on the list, as well. While refined grains typically aren’t recommended for dogs, whole grains include fiber and extra nutrients. Therefore, we consider them a suitable ingredient when used appropriately (which this formula does).

On top of these ingredients, the company lists several exciting additions. For instance, seaweed meal appears further down the ingredient list. Likely, the company included this food for its nutritional content. The formula includes probiotics too, which may improve digestive health and immune functioning.

What Types of Dog is Victor Professional Dog Food Best Suited For?

We particularly recommend this food for highly active dogs. It contains high levels of protein, which are vital for muscle function. Therefore, dogs that use their muscles a lot may benefit most from this food.

However, you can feed this food to both adults and puppies. Therefore, you may want to start your puppy on this formula so that you don’t have to switch their food later. Foods listed for all life stages are often easier to use.

Because of the high-quality formulation, practically any dog may benefit from this food. The only potential downside remains this food’s high-calorie content. While this high-calorie count is great for active dogs, it may cause some dogs to gain weight.

Victor Professional Dog Food Recalls

Victor dog foods currently have never been recalled. Therefore, their foods are considered to be relatively safe.

Victor Professional Dog Food: Where to Buy

You can find this dog food at most places where dog food is sold.

Best for Puppies
VICTOR Classic Professional Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Ideal for dogs of any age, including puppies
  • Suitable for high-energy dogs
  • Contains a high level of protein
  • Promote healthy immune and digestive systems.
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Victor Professional Dog Food Specs


Because of the quality ingredients, this food costs more than most. For this reason, it may be out of reach for those on a strict budget. It costs more than most other premium brands.


Victor Professional Dog Food includes many types of meat, including high amounts of proteins and amino acids. Therefore, we recommend this food for athletic dogs, as they may need the extra protein.

However, this food does include high-quality ingredients overall. Therefore, just about any dog may benefit from it.


Victor has had no recalls to date, despite being in business for quite a while. Plus, they use their facilities to make their food, making them entirely in charge of the manufacturing.

Victor Professional Dog Food vs. Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula

Victor Professional costs more than Diamond Naturals. However, it also contains more meat and more protein. Therefore, you’re getting different quality for the extra cost.

Diamond uses more veggies and fruits in their formulas, though they have more controversial ingredients.

Bottom Line

Victor Professional Dog Food remains a high-protein option for athletic dogs. It includes quality meat ingredients in plenty, as well as whole grains. However, this formula costs more than most, likely due to the high meat content.

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