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American Water Spaniel

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American Water Spaniel
American Water Spaniel
American Water Spaniel
An American original, this competent retriever also doubles as a flushing spaniel. Like many of the spaniel breeds, it hunts both feather and fur (and even fish) with equal enthusiasm.

Friendly, intelligent, and often willing to please, this dog is also very protective of its owner. In old age the dog may become temperamental. This dog is very soft-mouthed but can be trained to play tug-of-war. It will be very attached to the alpha of the house and think of children as kennel mates until they grow up.

Unspayed females will have a mind of their own when in heat (even when very well trained). This little brown dog also has many of the common spaniel characteristics.

American Water Spaniel Comments (1)

jule tale

"this dog is so cute i totily want to get one :) "

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American Water Spaniel Facts

The name of the domestic breed...
American Water Spaniel
The area where the animal first came from...
North America
Average Size:
The average length (L) or height (H) of the animal...
42cm (18in)
Average Weight:
The average measurement of how heavy the animal is...
20kg (45lbs)
Average Life Span:
The average time the animal lives for...
12 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog...
Gun Dog
The colour of the animal's coat or markings...
Black, Dark Brown, Brown
Average Litter Size:
The average number of babies born at once...
The way the animal thinks, behaves or reacts...
Intelligent, quiet and calm
The level of house-training needed for the animal...
Should be trained from an early age using short, ongoing sessions as assertive training methods tend to be ineffective

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