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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The breed is highly affectionate, and some have called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel the ultimate lap dog or the love sponge of dogs.

Most dogs of the breed are playful, extremely patient and eager to please. As such, dogs of the breed are usually good with children and other dogs. A well-socialized Cavalier will not be shy about socializing with much larger dogs. (However, on occasion, this tendency can be dangerous, as many cavaliers will presume all other dogs to be equally friendly, and may attempt to greet and play with aggressive dogs.)

Cavaliers will adapt quickly to almost any environment, family, and location. Their ability to bond with larger and smaller dogs make them ideal in houses with more than one breed of dog.

Cavaliers are great with people of all ages, from children to seniors, making them a very versatile dog.

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"I'm getting a dog like this "


"I love them "


"i have a dog named orlando and he is so funny he is always sleeping, eating, or being silly and playing! i love him soooooo much and i don't know what i would do without him!! "

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Facts

The name of the domestic breed...
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The area where the animal first came from...
Great Britain
How long (L) or tall (H) the animal is...
33cm (13in)
The measurement of how heavy the animal is...
8kg (18lbs)
Life Span:
How long the animal lives for...
15 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog...
Gun Dog

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