Pet Dog Populations: World, United States, and more

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Updated: May 12, 2023
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Pets are great human companions; however, pet dogs seem particularly outstanding.  It is estimated that there are over 470 million pet dogs worldwide. 

Different things affect the population of pet dogs in different world regions.

The population of pet dogs in certain countries is estimated. This is because a large number of pet dogs are unregistered. Nevertheless, these figures are near-accurate.


Germany has one of the highest pet dog populations in Europe, and recent statistics put it at about 10.7 million. The Germans see dogs as an essential part of their daily life; hence they treat their pet dogs with respect.

In the United Kingdom, a sizable quarter of the households have at least one dog. Therefore, it is understandable that there are about 13 million pet dogs in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has also established numerous legislation relating to pet ownership.

France has approximately 8.8 million pet dogs. This nation is among one of the most dog-friendly ones in Europe. France is also a common destination for tourists traveling with their dogs.

Italy has about 7.5 million pet dogs.  The Italians prefer dogs as their pets.  At least 55% of pet owners in Italy have at least one dog in their homes.

Likewise, the population of pet dogs in Poland is around 7.5 million. However, Poland has hard-and-fast rules on the types of dogs that are acceptable in the country.

Spain is known for its rising pet dog population. The current population of pet dogs in Spain is about 6.27 million. In the past five years, the population of pet dogs in Spain has risen by 40% because more Spaniards now live alone.

Romania, a country in the Balkans, has a pet dog population of 1.5 million. The country has attempted to cull the population of dogs, but the strategy has been futile.

In Portugal, there’s a high regard for pet dogs.  Furthermore, the Portuguese see their pets as living things with emotions and should be protected. Portugal currently has about 2.1 million pet dogs.

The people of the Czech Republic are known for their dog-loving habits. Supposedly, there are about 2 million pet dogs in the Czech Republic. A recent survey shows that two in every five households in the country have dogs. Interestingly, 40% of dog owners In the Czech Republic allow their pets into their beds.

The Netherlands currently has a population of about 1.52 million dogs. Additionally, issues related to animal welfare are prioritized by the Dutch government.

Russia has the highest pet dog population in eastern Europe, with a population of about 12 million pet dogs.

Pet dogs
A boy playing soccer with his Labrador Retriever in the backyard. Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs to have as pets in the USA.


The United States

In the United States of America, roughly half of the entire households own a pet dog. Dogs are the most common pets in the United States of America. Their population is about 97 million across the country.

In the US, taking a statistics on the pet industry, we have the following;

  • The number of households in the United States that own at least one pet is evaluated to be 67%.
  • Nearly 50% of all households in the US own a pet dog.
  • A large proportion of the pet owners in the US are millennials.

At the state level, Wyoming has the highest household pet ownership rate. 71.8% of those residing in this state own a pet dog. Hence,172,000 of  the households in Wyoming own a pet 

On the other hand, Rhode Island has the lowest percentage of household pet ownership at 45.4%. This implies that just about 204,000 out of 450,000 households in Rhode Island have pets.

Top US states with the highest number of dog owners


47.9% of the households in Arkansas own at least one pet dog. This informs us that about 561,000 out of 1.171 million homes in Arkansas own a pet dog.

New Mexico

46% of the entire households in New Mexico have a pet dog. This means approximately 365,000 out of 793,000 homes in the state.


In Kentucky, there is a 45.9% ownership rate. This represents approximately 803,000 out of about 1.75 million households.


In Missouri, there is a 45.9% ownership rate. This is roughly 1.12 million out of 2.44 million households in Missouri.

West Virginia

45.8% pet dog ownership. This represents about 336,000 out of 734,000 households in West Virginia.


45.2% pet dog ownership. This implies approximately 505,000 out of 1.117 million households presently in Mississippi.


44.1%  pet dog ownership. This denotes about 833,000 out of approximately 1.88 million households in Alabama.


44.1% pet dog ownership. This is approximately 1.2 million households out of about 2.7 million in Tennessee.


44% pet dog ownership. This approximates about 4.4 million households in Texas.


43.2% pet dog ownership. This figure approximates about 646,000 households in Oklahoma.

The US States with the lowest number of dog owners


32.4% ownership rate. This implies that around 1.6 million out of about 4.9 million households in Illinois own a pet dog.

New Jersey

Also, 32.4% ownership rate.  This shows that around 1.06 million households in New Jersey own a pet dog.


31.9% pet dog ownership. This approximates about 705,000 households in Minnesota.


30.8% pet dog ownership. This approximates about 712,000 households in Maryland.

New Hampshire

30.3% pet dog ownership. This approximates about 164,000 households in New Hampshire.


29.4% pet dog ownership. This approximates about 296,00 households in Utah.

Rhode Island

29.3% pet dog ownership. This tells us that about  122,000 households in Rhode Island own a pet dog.

New York

29% ownership rate. This implies that about 928,000 households in New York own a pet dog.


28.3% ownership rate. This implies that about 551,850 households in Connecticut own a pet dog.


23.6% ownership rate, which approximates about 634,840 households in Massachusetts.

Some of the common breeds of pet dogs in the USA are:


Canada has about 7.7 million pet dogs. The province with the highest population of pet dogs in Canada is Quebec, with 1.118 million pet dogs.

Pet dogs
Latin American couple with their pet dog at their wedding. Dogs are beloved members of the family in most households.

© Pablo Olaya Celis


The population of pet dogs in Mexico is estimated to be over 17.7 million. 70% of Mexican households have at least one pet, and this approximates about 21,000,000 ( Twenty-one million) Mexican households. Furthermore,  85% of the pets owned by Mexicans are dogs, which leaves us with over 17 million households.


The figures from BrAnimals in Brazilazil show that the country has about 141.6 million pets, of which over 55 million are dogs. Additionally, Brazil has laws that protect animal welfare. Going against these laws can attract a prison sentence.


The population of pets in Argentina is around 44.9 million, equivalent to 14.7 million households that are pet owners.  About 70%  of the households in Argentina own a pet dog, which corresponds to about 10.3 million households.


China stands as the country with the highest population of pet dogs in Asia. The population of pet dogs in Asia is about 110 million, out of which there are about 30 million in China.

In Beijing, the Chinese capital,  the number of families with a pet dog is over 1.5 million. Nevertheless, this increase in dog ownership has experienced more rigid dog ownership laws

For instance, several areas in China limit ownership to one dog per family or small dogs only. Other regions have decided to ban dog ownership altogether, and all dog owners in China have to pay an annual registration fee. 


The population of pet dogs in India will add up to about 21.5 million in 2021. However, experts have predicted that the population of pet dogs in India will reach over 31 million by the end of 2023.

 As a result of the increasing population of pet dogs in India, there’s a simultaneous increase in pet food sales. However, there are certain things pet owners in India must bear in mind when they own a pet, some of which are;


As of 2021, the population of pet dogs in Japan amounted to about 7.1 million. Even though dogs are one of the most popular pets in Japan, the ownership rate has been on the downside in recent years.


Dogs are human companions, and the number of pet dogs increases daily. However, several factors determine the population of pet dogs in different regions.

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