We Tested 3 Kingsyard Bird Feeders… Here’s What We Think

Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder
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Written by Mike Edmisten

Updated: November 17, 2023

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Watching and listening to birds can improve your mental health. These feathered friends represent a connection to nature, even in the most urban environments. Multiple published studies note that frequent encounters with the natural world can reduce stress and negative emotions in human beings. Birds are among the most common natural connections that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. That connection increases even more when we invite these avians to visit us by placing bird feeders around our homes. 

While birdwatching is good for your mental well-being, purchasing a bird feeder can be a stress-inducing rather than a stress-reducing experience. If you type “bird feeder” in the Amazon search bar, you’ll be met with over 5,000 results. You want to select a product that will effectively attract birds to your property, but are you really supposed to sift through thousands of bird feeder options? Unless you’re planning to devote the next month of your life to your search for the right bird feeder, the answer is no. So, how do you know which one will meet your needs? We reviewed three bird feeders to help you narrow your search.

red-breasted nuthatch

Multiple studies suggest that observing birds, such as the nuthatch, can boost your mood and reduce stressful thoughts and negative emotions.


Kingsyard Bird Feeders

Kingsyard is a leader in the crowded bird feeder industry. The company’s feeders are available from the world’s two largest retailers: Walmart and Amazon. The feeders can also be purchased directly from the company’s website. Kingsyard offers discounts to customers who purchase multiple feeders through its site. Student and military discounts are also available. The company offers free shipping on all products purchased through its website.

A-Z Animals recently reviewed three of Kingsyard’s most popular feeders. We were so impressed with the results that we decided to review three more of the company’s products. Our tests cover everything from unboxing and assembling the feeders to their effectiveness after placement.

Please note that the prices listed in the reviews below are current as of this article’s publication but are subject to change. Also, some color options may not be available from every retailer.

Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder

This first product is a square metal tube feeder that is shaped like a two-story house. The windows on the house allow for easy monitoring of the feeder’s seed level.

The Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder requires almost no assembly. Once this top-loading feeder is filled with seed, the roof slides onto the main body of the feeder. The metal hanger which holds the roof in place is then attached securely to the feeder. 

This seed tray features four U-shaped metal perches, allowing multiple birds to feed at the same time. The tray is quite shallow, however, so some of the seed may fall to the ground during feeding or on a particularly windy day. The tray’s smaller size does have a positive side, though: it keeps most of the seed inside the tube, where it stays dry during rainy or snowy conditions. The feeder also has drainage holes that allow moisture to escape.

This bird feeder’s narrow design allows it to fit into smaller spaces, such as a small patio or apartment balcony. However, that narrow design also means it is easy to spill some seeds when refilling the feeder. Users may find that a funnel is helpful when adding seed.

Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder

The Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder allows four birds to feed at the same time.

©Mcedm / CC BY 4.0 – Original / License

Purchasing Options

The Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder is available exclusively from the Kingsyard website for $13.99, making it the most affordable feeder that we reviewed. It is an effective bird feeder even with the slight drawbacks mentioned above, especially considering its low price point.

Multiple color schemes are available, including black roofs with white windows, black roofs with black windows, gold roofs with white windows, and green roofs with green windows (pictured above). At the time of publication, the red roof/red windows and red roof/black windows combinations were unavailable.

Kingsyard 2 in 1 Hopper Bird Feeder

This model features two compartments, allowing users to offer two different types of food. One compartment features a metal mesh screen that holds larger foods such as nuts, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds. The second compartment is enclosed with a window, allowing smaller seeds to be offered. Both the screen and the window make it easy to monitor the seed level in each compartment.

The metal construction is substantial and should last for years. This top-loading feeder is easy to fill. The wide design minimizes spillage when pouring food into the two compartments. After the feeder has been filled, slide the lid onto the rod that runs through the middle of the feeder. The ring-shaped hanger screws on the top of the feeder, securing the top to the main body of the feeder.

This feeder is also equipped with drainage holes to help protect the seed from spoilage. The seed tray features two U-shaped perches, one for each seed compartment. These wire perches are folded up during shipping but are designed to extend to a horizontal position from the seed tray when the feeder is in use. The perches on the model we received would not fold out to the fully extended position. At least one customer mentioned the same issue in a review on the company’s website. It does not render the feeder unusable by any means, but it is a potential design flaw. Kingsyard does offer refunds for products that are deemed to be defective.

Kingsyard 2 in 1 Hopper Bird Feeder

The Kingsyard 2 in 1 Hopper Bird Feeder has compartments for larger foods and finer seeds.

©Mcedm / CC BY 4.0 – Original / License

Purchasing Options

The Kingsyard Hanging Bird House Feeder is available exclusively from the Kingsyard website for $16.99. Color options include brushed bronze (pictured above), brushed nickel, and brushed copper. 

This bird feeder scores big points for its solid construction and its ample storage of two different types of seed. The perches are the only potential negative that we observed during our testing.

Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder

Suet is a superfood for birds. It is usually made with rendered beef fat, although other fats are sometimes used. Typical bird foods such as seeds, cracked corn, mealworms, dried fruit, and/or nuts are mixed with the fat and formed into cakes. Some birders even choose to make their own suet.

The rendered fat makes suet a high-calorie, energy-rich food. That is especially important during the winter months, which can be difficult for non-migratory birds. These birds expend a lot of extra energy to stay warm during the winter, the same time of year when natural food sources often become scarce. Suet gives these birds a huge boost during this tough season.

Suet also lasts much longer in cold weather. While this bird food can be offered anytime, the suet’s rendered fat can spoil more quickly during the summer months. If you notice a foul odor or if birds stop visiting the feeder, it’s time to replace the suet.

Many suet feeders are nothing more than a flimsy square cage that holds a suet cake. While these feeders are typically inexpensive, the Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder offers a superior design that is more effective and will last far longer.

The Kingsyard suet feeder arrives fully assembled. It holds the suet cake in place with rust-resistant cages on both sides. The top of the feeder slides away, and the cages are removable, making it very easy to clean away any remnants of an old cake and then load a new cake into the feeder.

Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Bird Feeder

The Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Bird Feeder is designed for larger birds such as woodpeckers.

©Mcedm / CC BY 4.0 – Original / License

Perfect for Larger Birds

Many birds are attracted to suet, but woodpeckers are especially drawn to this high-calorie food. Woodpeckers are larger than most common backyard birds. Red-bellied woodpeckers can measure up to ten inches long. Northern flickers can be over a foot in length. The rarer pileated woodpecker can grow to the size of a crow, measuring more than 16 inches long.

These large birds cannot easily perch on a cage-only suet feeder. However, the Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder features an elongated design to accommodate these bigger birds. When a large bird such as a woodpecker lands on this feeder, the bird can balance its body weight by placing its tail against the 5 ½ inch tail prop.

This feeder is made with recycled plastic, making it a win-win product. Not only do the birds benefit, but the planet does, too. However, “recycled plastic” does not mean this feeder is flimsy — just the opposite. We were struck by its sturdiness. The plastic is quite thick and heavy. It hangs from a coated metal cable that easily supports the feeder’s weight and the weight of the birds it attracts.

While it is primarily a suet feeder, this product is not limited to suet cakes. You can also fill it with fruit. If you want to give birds a helping hand in the spring, you can stuff the feeder with nesting material.

Purchasing Options

The Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder is available with a green (pictured above) or blue lid. It can be purchased from Walmart for $22.99. The feeder is available from the Kingsyard website or Amazon for $23.99.

Kingsyard also offers a larger version of this feeder that can hold two suet cakes instead of just one. The double-capacity feeder is available from Walmart for $23.99 and Amazon and the Kingsyard website for $27.99. Similarly designed suet feeders from other companies sell on Amazon for $40+, so these prices are quite reasonable for such a sturdy, well-made product.

Final Notes

Given the significant differences in their designs and purposes, it is difficult to compare these three feeders. However, even though it is not an apples-to-apples comparison, the Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Suet Feeder is our top pick. We pinpointed small drawbacks with the other two feeders, but we could not find a single negative thing to say about the suet feeder. It is solidly constructed, easy to load and clean, and super effective in its design. 

The other two feeders unquestionably get the job done. Suet can be a little messy, and many people opt for seed feeders instead. The other two Kingsyard feeders are certainly solid choices, especially at their lower price points. 

All of these Kingsyard bird feeders require little to no assembly. They are made with high-quality materials. Kingsyard stands behind its products with a one-year warranty on all its feeders. A lifetime warranty is available for customers who sign up for the company’s membership program.

A-Z Animals is proud to recommend Kingsyard feeders to all bird lovers who want to welcome soothing sparrows, calming cardinals, stress-reducing robins, and a host of other birds into their daily lives.

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