10 Amazing Waterfalls in Arkansas

Falling Water Falls
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Updated: July 29, 2023

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The state of Arkansas is known for some of its absolutely breathtaking landscapes. Those that come here are avid boaters, fishermen, and hikers. Some of the most stunning waterfalls in Arkansas can be found hidden among the trails and across nature. Throughout our list, we’ll go over ten of the must-see waterfalls in Arkansas that you should definitely add to your sightseeing list when you come to visit!

1. Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls cascades directly into Cedar Creek.

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Cedar Falls
Location:Conway County, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Petit Jean State Park
Animals to See:Bears, White-Tailed Deer

This breathtaking waterfall is located in Petit Jean State Park, one of Arkansas’ most beautiful state parks. At 95 feet tall, this waterfall in Arkansas cascades directly into Cedar Creek. Among the many reasons why this waterfall is popular with tourists is that the rushing water creates a rainbow effect. There are days when the waterfall isn’t flowing very heavily, so you can step behind the falls for a picture-perfect shot!

2. Mirror Lake Falls

Mirror Lake Falls

The waterfall at Mirror Lake Falls has multiple terraces that are visible from its trail.

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Mirror Lake Falls
Location:Mountain View, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Blanchard Springs Recreation Area
Animals to See:Rainbow Trout, Deer

The trail that leads to the Mirror Lake Falls is located in Blanchard Springs Recreational Area and is less than two miles long. The name of this spectacular waterfall comes from its still waters that are so clear you can see your reflection in them! Though the lake only extends three acres, there is still plenty to do at Blanchard Springs Rec Area, including fishing, camping, and swimming holes!

3. Richland Falls

Richland Falls in Arkansas

The clear, crisp waters of Richland Falls make a perfect swimming pool regardless of the falls’ size.

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Richland Falls
Location:Witts Spring, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Richland Creek Wilderness Area
Animals to See:Elk, Black Bear

Richland Falls is one of three waterfalls that inhabit the Richland Creek Wilderness Area. Despite being small, averaging about eight feet in height, this waterfall compensates greatly in width. On warm summer days, Richland Falls is the perfect swimming hole for family and friends because it extends over 100 feet along the creek. It is a six-mile hike to get to this waterfall in Arkansas, but there is plenty to see along the way that will make the trip worthwhile.

4. Eden Falls

Eden Falls in Arkansas

Along the way to Eden Falls, you’ll see various birds and wildflowers.


Eden Falls
Location:Ponca, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Buffalo National River Park
Animals to See:Bald Eagles, River Otters

Buffalo National River Park is home to Eden Falls, a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall. At about 40 feet in height, Eden Falls features a waterfall that cascades into a canyon. The main attraction is Eden Falls, but when you reach the end of the Lost Valley Trail, it isn’t the end of your adventure. Right next to the waterfall is the entrance to Eden Cave. You can also discover an amazing underground waterfall if you continue exploring the cave.

5. Pam’s Grotto Falls

Pam’s Grotto Falls

Pam’s Grotto Falls is hidden away by large boulders, and most will hear this waterfall in Arkansas before even seeing it!


Pam’s Grotto Falls
Location:Hagarville, Arkansas 
Nearby Attraction:Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area
Animals to See:Spotted Bass, Channel Catfish

The almost 40-foot-high Pam’s Grotto Falls can be found in Haw Creek Recreational Area. Hiking to the waterfall is a half-mile trail across from the Haw Creek Campground. It’s a perfect place to spend an isolated day outdoors. The best time to visit Pam’s Grotto Falls is right after heavy rain. The boulders in front of the cascade and the rock cave behind it make for great viewing areas.

6. Falling Water Falls

Falling Water Falls

A top Arkansas tourist destination, Falling Water Falls is beautiful year-round.

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Falling Water Falls
Location:Hector, Arkansas
Nearby Attraction:Ozark National Forest
Animals to See:Garter Snake, Bobcat

There is no hiking required at Falling Water Falls, making it one of Arkansas’ most special waterfalls. A scenic view of this waterfall can be seen from inside a car. During the summer, a large clean, and crisp pool of water forms from the falls, making swimming quite popular. 

7. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls

The Hemmed-In Hollow Falls is the tallest waterfall east of the Appalachians.

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Hemmed-In Hollow Falls
Location:Compton, Arkansas
Nearby Attraction:Ponca Wilderness Area 
Animals to See:Beavers, Turkey Vultures

On the Buffalo National River in the Ponca Wilderness Area sits Hemmed-In Hollow Falls, which has a drop of 209 feet. The heavy rains and snowmelt result in larger volumes of water cascading off the mountains during late winter or early spring. This is why many people like to visit during these times. In addition to being accessible by hiking, this waterfall is also accessible by kayak and canoe!

8. Little Missouri Falls

Little Missouri Falls

This waterfall in Arkansas features a stair-step free fall that measures under 15 feet high.

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Little Missouri Falls
Location:Langley, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Ouachita National Forest
Animals to See:Foxes, Coyotes

Even though Little Missouri Falls is a small waterfall, the view is breathtaking. These falls are located in the Ouachita National Forest, where there is a campground with picnic tables and other activities. The falls are open all year round, so be sure to experience them whenever you have the chance!

9. Falls Creek Falls

Falls Creek Falls
Location:Hot Spring County, Arkansas
Nearby Attractions:Lake Catherine State Park
Animals to See:Squirrels, Moles

The Falls Creek Falls waterfall in Lake Catherine State Park is ten feet high. Compared with other waterfalls, this one’s water is among the bluest and, depending on the weather, can even appear clear! Getting to the falls requires a two-mile hike, but the journey is well worth it once you get there.

10. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is one of the hidden gems of waterfalls in the area.

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Bridal Veil Falls
Location:Heber Springs, Arkansas
Nearby Attraction:Collins Creek
Animals to See:Red-Tailed Hawks, Great Horned Owls

Bridal Veil Falls is considered a hidden gem by many Arkansans. The wooden deck overlooking the falls can be reached after a short hike. For a different vantage point, you can also hike further down to the bottom of the falls. You won’t want to miss out on this beautiful waterfall in Arkansas!

Summary of 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Arkansas

1Cedar FallsConway
2Mirror Lake FallsMountain View
3Richland FallsWitts Spring
4Eden FallsPonca
5Pam’s Grotto FallsHagarville
6Falling Water FallsHector
7Hemmed-In Hollow FallsCompton
8Little Missouri FallsLangley
9Falls Creek FallsHot Spring County
10Bridal Veil FallsHeber Springs
Summary Table of 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Arkansas

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