10 of the Most Impressive Waterfalls in Montana

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: June 13, 2023
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Montana’s terrain is nothing short of spectacular and breathtaking. Snow-capped mountains and beautiful pine trees abound in this state. As well as the mountains, Montana is also home to hundreds of waterfalls. As a result, if you’re a fan of the outdoors, Big Sky Country is the perfect place for you.

Check out these 10 incredible waterfalls in Montana if you’re seeking adventure.


Now, read on for more details about these beautiful waterfalls!

1. St. Mary’s Falls and Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls

There are two waterfalls named St. Mary’s Falls and Virginia Falls in Glacier National Park.

©iStock.com/Tim Speer

St. Mary’s Falls and Virginia Falls
Location:Siyeh Bend, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Glacier National Park
Animals to See:Badgers, Beavers

Located in Glacier Park, these two 50-foot waterfalls provide a breathtaking sight that you should not miss while visiting the park. Aside from the two majestic falls, there are a few other unidentified waterfalls on the way, so you can see four in a day. It takes about 2.5 miles to complete the hike.

2. Florence Falls

Florence Falls

Florence Falls is a towering staircase cascade that is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Montana.


Florence Falls
Location:Siyeh Bend, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Glacier National Park
Animals to See:Wolverines, Porcupines

Florence Falls is a wonderful place to begin exploring the waterfalls in Glacier National Park if you wish to do so. Because it’s off the main road and may get overgrown at times, it’s not a typical stop on most people’s itineraries, but it’s worth exploring. Besides the spectacular Florence Falls stairway waterfall, you will also have access to the Mirror Pond and fantastic vistas of the surrounding mountains.

3. Running Eagle Falls

Running Eagle Falls Montana

Running Eagle Falls, commonly known as Trick Falls, is one of Glacier National Park’s most intriguing and distinctive waterfalls.

©iStock.com/Melissa Kopka

Running Eagle Falls
Location:East Glacier Park Village, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Running Eagle Falls Trailhead
Animals to See:American Dippers, Clark’s Nutcracker

Running Eagle Falls is not the highest or most impressive waterfall in the area, but it is one that will enchant you for hours. The falls, named for a female Blackfeet warrior, is a deceptive waterfall found in East Glacier that is noted for appearing to flow in the opposite direction. The falls are known as Trick Falls because, in the spring when there is the most water, there is a 40-foot plunge that conceals a smaller cascade below.

4. Redrock Falls 

Redrock Falls Montana

Redrock Falls in Glacier National Park offers the best chance to view grizzly bears, as it has the highest number of sightings.


Redrock Falls
Location:Siyeh Bend, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead
Animals to See:Golden Eagles, Grizzly Bears

The waterfalls in Montana are not just famous for the breathtaking scenery they provide but also for the fauna they attract. Redrock Falls is the perfect place to see the park’s grizzly bears. Bears are especially active when they come out of hibernation in spring. Since the falls are powered by melting snow, they’re also at their peak in the spring.

5. Crow Creek Falls

Crow Creek Falls

The Crow Creek Falls Trail is located in Broadwater County near the little community of Radersburg.

©Justin Wigen/Shutterstock.com

Crow Creek Falls
Location:Radersburg, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Helena National Forest
Animals to See:Pygmy Rabbit, Bald Eagle

Crow Creek Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Montana for camping. There are various campgrounds available along the way to the falls in Helena National Forest in Radersburg, Montana, which is popular both with residents and tourists. Getting to Crow Creek Falls is a three-mile hike, and it offers great views of the Crow Creek Valley and the Elkhorn Mountains. The waterfall itself is pretty cool, with a big pool for swimming and fishing. You can even climb up and look at the pools above the waterfall.

6. Baring Falls

Baring Falls Montana

Baring Falls is a 25-30ft waterfall that may be reached by an approximately one-mile round-trip climb from Sunrift Gorge.


Baring Falls
Location:East Glacier Park Village, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Glacier National Park
Animals to See:Garter Snakes, Pikas

Baring Falls is another glacial waterfall in Montana worth seeing. There is a drop of approximately 40 feet at these falls, and you may see water otters diving into the water for food. A designated trail leads from the bottom of the falls to the top, as well as behind them. There are, however, a number of rocks that are slick, so be cautious.

7. Apikuni Falls

Apikuni Falls Montana

The journey to Glacier National Park’s Apikuni Falls (sometimes written “Appekunny Falls”) begins at the Poia Lake Trailhead.


Apikuni Falls
Location:Browning, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Poia Lake Trailhead
Animals to See:Lynx, Black Bear

Apikuni Falls cascade and free-fall over a variety of ledges and rocks. It is a narrow but large waterfall in Montana. To reach it, walk the Appekunny Creek Trail, a short but steep trail that runs about half a mile each way. During the spring melt in Glacier National Park, this waterfall is quite popular with visitors. The waterfall can also be viewed from the parking lot if you do not want to hike down the trail. It is, however, necessary to arrive early to avoid the crowds at the trailhead, as parking is limited.

8. Ptarmigan Falls

Ptarmigan Falls

Ptarmigan Falls plunges down Ptarmigan Creek in a series of cascades, including one exceeding 30 feet deep.


Ptarmigan Falls
Location:Babb, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Glacier National Park
Animals to See:Bats, Bighorn Sheep

Another must-see in Glacier National Park is Ptarmigan Falls, located behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. While the steep terrain around the waterfall prevents you from getting too close to it, you can still catch a glimpse of it from various viewing locations. A few miles down the path, you can see most of the drop from a vantage point that’s approximately two and a half miles down. However, it is well known that bears visit the region, as well as many of the park’s glacier waterfalls, especially in the spring – so be careful! 

9. Ousel Falls 

Ousel Falls 

Ousel Falls is a 50-foot waterfall on the Gallatin River’s South Fork of the West Fork.


Ousel Falls
Location:Big Sky, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Ousel Falls Park Trail
Animals to See:Coyotes, North American Bison

Gallatin Gateway, Montana, offers visitors a stunning waterfall, picnic area, and swimming pool at Ousel Falls. Hikers have access to four different routes to reach the waterfalls from the waterfall path, which is about one mile long. From the road on the far right, you may get an excellent view of the cascade and the surrounding scenery from the South Fork Overlook.

10. Holland Falls 

Holland Falls Montana

Holland Lake and Falls are a favorite local destination because of their stunning beauty.


Holland Falls
Location:Missoula County, Montana
Nearby Attractions:Holland Lake
Animals to See:Moose, Northern Hawk Owls

A visit to Holland Falls and Holland Lake will give you a chance to stroll amid majestic larch, pine, and fir trees dotted throughout the region. This waterfall is a sight to see any time of the year, but the lake into which it pours, Holland Lake, further enhances its splendor. The waterfall itself is about 50 feet high and impressive to behold.

Summary of 10 of the Most Impressive Waterfalls in Montana

WaterfallLocationNearby AttractionsAnimals to See
St. Mary’s and Virginia FallsSiyeh BendGlacier National ParkBadgers, beavers
Florence FallsSiyeh BendGlacier National ParkWolverines, porcupines
Running Eagle FallsEast Glacier Park VillageRunning Eagle Falls TrailheadAmerican Dippers, Clark’s Nutcrackers
Redrock Falls Siyeh BendSwiftcurrent Pass TrailheadGolden eagles, grizzly bears
Crow Creek FallsRadersburgHelena National ForestPygmy rabbits, bald eagles
Baring FallsEast Glacier Park VillageGlacier National ParkGarter snakes, pikas
Apikuni FallsBrowningPoia Lake TrailheadLynxes, black bears
Ptarmigan FallsBabbGlacier National ParkBats, bighorn sheep
Ousel Falls Big SkyOusel Falls Park TrailNorth American bison, coyotes
Holland Falls Missoula CountyHolland LakeMoose, Northern hawk owls

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/MNStudio

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