10 Stunning Waterfalls in Maine (& Where To Find Them)

Written by Volia Schubiger
Published: May 10, 2022
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The landscapes in Maine are as stunning as those along the state’s coast. After all, the state is filled with mighty mountains, lush forests, and lovely lakes. In Maine, you’ll also find plenty of waterfalls of all shapes and sizes that you can make your way over to. There’s no doubt that Maine is an incredible place for people who love the outdoors. But where do you start when there are so many waterfalls to choose from? Here are ten waterfalls in Maine you won’t want to miss when you’re out exploring.

1. Alder Stream Falls

Location:Alder Stream Township, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve
Animals to See:Birds, Reptiles

There are two parts to this waterfall. The higher falls are 20 feet high and resemble plunges and cascades, while the lower falls, 25 feet high, are shaped like horsetails and cascades. The falls are only a few hundred yards away from the parking lot. However, the path can get steep at times, but you can hold onto the ropes that are in place to keep you going.

2. Angel Falls

Angel Falls takes its name from one of the biggest waterfalls in Venezuela, and its status in Maine is no different.

©Max Moraga/Shutterstock.com

Location:Franklin County, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Rangeley Lake
Animals to See:White Mountain Tiger Beetle, Peregrine Falcon

There are few waterfalls as stunning and impressive as this one in Maine. Angel Falls is a breathtaking 90-foot waterfall in Franklin County, Maine. Because of the way the waterfalls delicately fall on the rocks, they are also called the Angel Wing Falls. Byron’s Route 17 leads to a short hiking trail marked by signs that will take you to the waterfalls. Because the terrain is slick, you should wear appropriate footwear.

3. Small Falls

Smalls Falls is a four-tiered waterfall in Maine with a 54-foot drop.

©Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock.com

Location:Township E, West Central Franklin, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Sandy River
Animals to See:Moose, White-tailed Deer

Getting to Small Falls is quick and convenient, and it’s a lovely spot to spend the day. Smalls Falls is known for its breathtaking cascade, scenic scenery, and great swimming spots. This waterfall features a 54-foot plunge with multiple cascades winding through a canyon of brown, green, and black granite walls. A popular pastime here is daredevil diving, but it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted.

4. Screw Auger Falls

Maine Screw Auger Falls

Screw Auger Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Maine.


Location:Oxford County, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Grafton Notch State Park
Animals to See:Black Bear, Moose

Screw Auger Falls is a waterfall located in Grafton Notch State Park with a 25-foot drop. 

From the walkway, a quick peek at Screw Auger Falls can be achieved with little effort. Having said that, if you go further down into the Bear River, you’ll find more gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful riverbed beaches, and huge rocks. When the weather is warm, many people enjoy spending their weekends here because they can swim in the shallow pools of water near the falls.

5. Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls Maine

Moxie Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine.


Location:Somerset County, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Kennebunk River
Animals to See:River Otter, American Bullfrog

Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s most captivating waterfalls. The waterfall has a drop of more than 90 feet, making it one of the highest in the state. It’s located in Somerset County’s Moxie Gore and is fed by Moxie Stream. In spite of its rural location, Moxie Falls is extremely popular and receives a high volume of visitors on the weekends, in particular.

6. Gulf Hagas Falls

Gulf Hagas Falls Maine

Gulf Hagas is also known as the Grand Canyon of Maine.


Location:Piscataquis County, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Gulf Hagas
Animals to See:Eastern Brook Trout, Salmon

There’s a pretty waterfall near Bowdoin, Piscataquis County, that’s fairly remote. Gulf Hagas Gorge, also known as the East Grand Canyon, is home to this natural wonder. A brook and river combine to feed into the waterfall. Gulf Hagas Falls is among the most well-known waterfalls in Maine because of its stunning natural scenery and appealing nature, such as the many waterfalls and scenic surroundings. It’s eight miles up a dirt road to get here, but it’s worth it.

7. Dunn Falls

Dunn Falls

There are actually two waterfalls at Dunn Falls. The lower waterfall has an 80-foot drop.

©Paula Stephens/Shutterstock.com

Location:Andover, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Grafton Notch State Park
Animals to See:Hawks, Coyotes

What if you could tell people you hiked the Appalachian Trail? Visiting Dunn Falls may allow you to complete your travels along the Appalachian Trail. You pass by both Upper and Lower Dunn Falls on this two-mile trail circle. Lower Dunn Falls’ 80-foot descent is truly magnificent and well worth a visit.

8. Grand Falls

Grand Falls Maine

Grand Falls is an ideal illustration of a horseshoe or block-style waterfall.

©iStock.com/Elizabeth MacKenney / berrygraphics

Location:East Central Penobscot, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Dead River
Animals to See:Songbirds, Masked Shrew

Despite its name, Grand Falls is not as tall as other waterfalls in Maine, standing at only 40 feet.

In spite of its lack of height, it more than makes up for its width, which stretches around 120 feet. The Dead River provides water to Grand Falls. It is extremely beautiful throughout the year and is the perfect spot to take some photos.

9. Step Falls 

Step Falls 

Step Falls in Bethel sits at a majestic height of 250 feet, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Maine.

©iStock.com/Wanda Jewell

Location:Newry, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Grafton Notch State Park
Animals to See:Bobcats, Coyotes

Step Falls is a series of cascades and horsetails that create a misty, peaceful flow. In addition, Step Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine, with an estimated height of 250 feet. You’ll find the falls about a mile outside of Grafton Notch State Park on a 24-acre property that’s been a favorite spot for waterfalls and swimming holes in the warmer months. An easy 20-minute walk lets you see the beauty of Mother Nature’s great work – but make sure to wear proper shoes because the path can get slippery! 

10. Hay Brook Falls

Hay Brook Falls

Hay Brook Falls is a lesser-known but beautiful waterfall nestled in Maine.

©Arend Trent/Shutterstock.com

Location:Piscataquis County, Maine
Nearby Attractions:Gulf Hagas trail
Animals to See:Kingfisher, Chickadee

There aren’t many people who know about this waterfall. You’ll find it at Bowdoin College Grant East in Piscataquis County. This 28-foot horsetail waterfall is on Hay Brook. The water first flows down a chute, then strikes a slope slide, turns 90 degrees, and crashes into a tiny pool. Getting there is easy from the Gulf Hagas trail or the 4WD trail. Due to its hidden and remote location, Hay Brook Falls is ideal for travelers looking for a peaceful and serene experience away from the crowds.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/njaganath

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