10 Stunning Waterfalls in Minnesota

Written by Volia Schubiger
Published: April 27, 2022
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The state of Minnesota is known for its natural beauty. Its wealth of hiking trails, historical sites, and wilderness make it a hub for nature gatherers. What you may not know, however, is that Minnesota also has some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country. After reading this list, you’ll have ten more places to see on your next trip to Minnesota.

Let’s discover the ten most stunning waterfalls in Minnesota! 

1. Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls in St. Paul, Minnesota

Despite its small size, Hidden Falls has a lush cascade that more than makes up for it.

©Sam Wagner/Shutterstock.com

Hidden Falls
Location:Nerstrand, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Nerstrand Big Woods State Park
Animals to See:Red-Shouldered Hawks, Acadian Flycatchers

Our list starts with a small waterfall in Minnesota. In Nerstrand State Park, Hidden Falls is accessible by a two-mile trail through the woods. Despite having a drop of only 20 ft, this waterfall has a cascade of absolutely breathtaking beauty. Although one wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a waterfall here, that’s what makes it so “hidden” and feel like a special surprise when you stumble upon it. 

2. Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry Falls cascades into the Gooseberry River, flowing to the shores of Lake Superior.

©Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.com

Gooseberry Falls
Location:Lake County, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Gooseberry Falls State Park
Animals to See:Timber Wolf, Black Bear

Gooseberry Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Minnesota. You can see five waterfalls at the state park, which are easily accessible and visible from the trails. As you walk along the Gooseberry River, you can see the upper, middle, and lower falls. The waterfalls are most spectacular in spring when they are in full flood, so most people like to visit during this time.

3. Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek Falls has a 12-foot cascade that makes it a breathtaking waterfall in Minnesota.

©Linda McKusick/Shutterstock.com

Wolf Creek Falls
Location:Sandstone, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Banning State Park
Animals to See:Fox, Ruffed Grouse

The trip to this waterfall in Minnesota can be made in three different ways! The most popular method is hiking, which takes approximately four miles roundtrip, depending on the trail. The two other ways are to go canoeing or rafting at Robinson Park. There is no doubt that the destination is well worth the journey, no matter how you get there.

4. Ramsey Falls

Ramsey Falls

Ramsey Falls has a 100ft drop and is the tallest waterfall in Ramsey Park.


Ramsey Falls
Location:Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Ramsey Park
Animals to See:Buffalo, Elk

Ramsey Falls is situated in Ramsey Park, Minnesota’s largest municipal park. There are many things to do at this park, including camping, hiking, scenic views, and even a zoo! Due to how diligently they maintain and upkeep this beautiful piece of nature, it earned the nickname “Little Yellowstone Of Minnesota.”

5. Minnemishinona Falls

Minnemishinona Falls Minnesota

The Minnemishinona Falls once belonged to a private owner until the county acquired them


Minnemishinona Falls
Location:Mankato, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Minneopa State Park
Animals to See:Deer, Beavers

Despite its small size, Minnemishinona Falls is nonetheless a spectacular waterfall. With a 42-foot drop, the water flows into a small pool before flowing into the Minnesota River. The bridge that spans the deep gorge is the only way for you to reach the falls.

6. Minneopa Falls

Minneopa Falls

Minneopa Falls is formed by water flowing from Minneopa Creek and dropping directly into the Minnesota River.


Minneopa Falls
Location:Mankato, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Minneopa State Park
Animals to See:Bison, Coyotes

This waterfall in Minnesota happens to be one of the most beautiful. A stunning 40ft drop makes the Minneopa Falls one of the most impressive waterfalls in the country. A major attraction of this waterfall is that you can see wild bison on the reserve. It’s like seeing two incredible sights in one day.

7. High Falls

High Falls

Among the tallest waterfalls in Minnesota is High Falls.

©Craig Hinton/Shutterstock.com

High Falls
Location:Silver Bay, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Tettegouche State Park
Animals to See:Red Squirrel, Weasel

Located in Tettegouche State Park, The High Falls has a 120-foot drop. You can get to the water from the Baptism River via two trails. You can see the cascading water in all its impact from a wooden platform at the top of the High Falls.

8. Vermillion Falls

Vermillion Falls

Vermillion Falls once supplied power to a nearby factory.


Vermillion Falls
Location:Hastings, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Vermillion Falls Park
Animals to See:Timberwolf, Porcupine

This waterfall in Minnesota is located at Vermillion Falls Park, a 25-acre park in Hastings. It drains directly into the Mississippi River and has a 35-foot drop. There is a very popular running and biking trail along the Vermillion River. Vermillion Falls Park is also the perfect place to picnic in the summer.

9. Winnewissa Falls

Winnewissa Falls

The Winnewissa Falls is full of Native American culture.

©EWY Media/Shutterstock.com

Winnewissa Falls
Location:Pipestone, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:Pipestone National Monument
Animals to See:Snapping Turtles, Great Blue Herons

Just a short hike away is Winnewissa Falls in Pipestone National Monument. The falls are about 20 feet high, but they are filled with so much history. Native Americans have visited pipestone quarries for centuries to gather red pipestone for their sacred ceremonial pipes. Our recommendation for those seeking a history-rich area is to visit these falls.

10. St. Anthony Falls

St. Anthony Falls

One of the major reasons Minneapolis is the city it is today is because of St. Anthony Falls.


St. Anthony Falls
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nearby Attractions:St. Anthony Falls Historic District Area
Animals to See:Birds, Fish

St. Anthony Falls is located on the northeastern edge of downtown Minneapolis. This is the only natural major waterfall on the Mississippi River and is rich in history. In the past, industrialists harnessed the power of the 50ft drop to create gears, waterwheels, and rotation shafts. People began opening mills as soon as possible as they worked to develop Minneapolis into the city we know and love today.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.com

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What waterfalls are on the Mississippi River?

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