6 Orange Dog Breeds & Orange Dog Names

Written by AZ Animals Staff
Published: November 11, 2021

One of the great things about dogs is how much variety there is. Whether you’re looking for a dog that’s large or small, jubilant or serious, fluffy or short-haired, there’s likely to be a breed out there that’s catered to your needs. That’s the case with coloring too. Orange dog breeds aren’t necessarily as common as other colors or patterns, but they represent a diverse array of pups from all over the world. Here are six orange dog breeds to check out when looking for your next pet along with some orange dog names for inspiration.

#6: Goldador — Two Tastes That Taste Great Together

Goldadors are a cross of the world’s two most popular dog breeds.

What happens when you cross the world’s two most popular retrievers together? You get a dog that has some of the best features of both. In the case of the Goldador’s heritage — a mix of labrador and golden retriever — that means combining the gentle demeanor of the golden retriever with the more inquisitive athleticism of the labrador. It also means they adopt both breeds’ loving natures, willingness to please, and oversized enthusiasm. Goldadors aren’t recognized by the AKC and are one of the youngest breeds around, which means that there’s a lot of variance in fur type, body type, and the shades of orange that Goldadors can express through their coats.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Rusty

Rusty can reference the rust-colored fur of a goldador or a golden retriever, but it’s also a classic dog name that evokes the stalwart and loyal traits of dogs that have been raised for hunting. It may not be the most original of orange dog names, but it’s remained a classic this long for a reason.

#5: Golden Retriever — Hunting Dog Turned Family Dog

Golden Retrievers are well known for their beautiful coats.

The “golden” in Golden Retriever is a reference to the color of this popular family dog’s fur, but golden can cover a wide range of colors including various shades of orange. These large dogs are known for their handsome features and their distinctly beautiful coats, but those aren’t the only reasons why they consistently occupy the top rankings for lists of the most popular dog breeds. These dogs are playful around strangers but develop especially warm and loving bonds with their human families. Loving without being overly demanding and playful without demanding constant attention, these dogs are genial giants. Many of these strong personality traits are a result of attempts to raise a more efficient type of hunting dog for retrieving game — and many of them can be translated into types of play or training for your Golden Retriever.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Apollo

The leonine features and brilliant gold-orange coats of the golden retriever lend them a majestic air. Why not name them after the elevated Greek god of the sun and light.

#4: Cocker Spaniel — A Plush Toy Brought to Life

Cocker Spaniels are easy to train and capable of learning complex tricks.

The Cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog of another sort. While the Golden Retriever memorizes the location of downed birds and goes to retrieve them on command, these spaniels take advantage of their athletic builds and small size to chase small prey through burrows and into bushes. The result is a high-energy and affectionate dog with a quick sense of wit that sometimes translates into mischief. Despite this, these dogs tend to be easy to train and capable of learning complex tricks if their notoriously short attention spans are kept on task. They’re also one of the most distinctive-looking breeds around thanks to lush and curly fur that makes them look like a stuffed animals. Fortunately, most members of the breed will respond well if you decide to scoop them in a big hug.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Ginger

The bubbly and outgoing movie star from Gilligan’s Island is a great inspiration for a dog with the photogenic appeal of a cocker spaniel. Or you could nod to the light-footed nature of this breed with an appeal to the celebrated dancer Ginger Rogers.

#3: Welsh Corgi — The Tiny Boss of the Pasture

The Welsh Corgi was originally bred to herd sheep and cattle.

Two breeds of Welsh Corgi exist — the Pembroke and the Cardigan — but shades of orange and red are the most common coloring in both. Their small and stout bodies combined with their vulpine features make these stubby dogs some of the most uniquely adorable canines on the planet, but they were bred to herd sheep and cattle several times their size. As a result, corgis are quick on their feet and highly clever. But they also tend to be bossy and loud. For most Corgi owners, these traits are just another reflection of their bright and cheery personalities. And while they tend to get along with other house pets, they’ve sometimes been known to nip at the heels of other cats and dogs to direct them where the corgi thinks they should be.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Garfield

Pop culture’s favorite lasagna-eating cat has a shape that’s similarly fluffy and round like the average Corgi. But it can be a perfectly fitting name for any orange dog breeds with a little extra junk in the trunk.

#2: Brittany — The All-Star Athlete

The Brittany shares the same hyperactive personality that the Cocker Spaniel has.

Orange isn’t just a color option for the Brittany. It’s an expectation, with all members of the breed featuring a combination of a white or off-white base and markings that can extend from bright orange to a darker red-orange liver. As all-purpose gun dogs, they possess an attentiveness and exuberance that’s quite similar to the cocker spaniel. They also share the cocker spaniel’s hyperactive personality. This is a dog that’s best suited to active households, but they manage to shine when they have a job to keep their sharp minds occupied and give them a sense of purpose. Fortunately, their adaptability means that they can excel at everything from agility training to obedience. They also come into their own in environments with children, as they’re naturally playful dogs not overly sensitive to rough play.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Sunshine

Some dog names are common because they just make common sense, and few names fit the active and energetic Brittany spaniel quite like Sunshine. It’s the ideal name for any dog that lights up the whole room when it comes bounding in.

#1: Shiba Inu — Japan’s Orange, Agile Hunter

Shiba Inus with red or orange coats are the most well recognized.

Japan’s most internationally famous hunting dog, the Shiba Inu, is bred in four different colors, but those with red or orange coats are the most well recognized. They possess similar markings and fluffy tails to the Corgi, but their bodies are significantly more stocky and in line with the physiology of a more traditional working dog. They also share the tenacious stubbornness of the Corgi and aren’t always prone to doing exactly what they’re told. But those who are willing to look past their occasional frustrations will find an active and curious dog that can keep itself entertained and adapt to living even in modestly sized apartments. Once properly integrated, these dogs are fiercely loyal to their human companions.

Suggested Orange Dog Name: Aki

Aki is the Japanese word for autumn, a suitable choice given how the bright orange of a Shiba Inu’s fur reflects the beautiful shades of falling leaves. But adding double meaning to the name is the fact that Aki can also stand for brightness and hope.

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