10 Brown Dog Breeds & Brown Dog Names

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Written by Dana Mayor

Updated: October 1, 2022

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Dogs come in a variety of breeds, colors, and sizes. Notably, brown dog breeds are among the most popular with owners. You can probably picture several brown dog breeds right now. You may have owned one or two in the past. Of course, their popularity isn’t all about their fur color. They have lots of favorable qualities that make them beloved members of a household.

Check out this list of ten brown dog breeds ranked according to their popularity on the American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular breeds in 2020. Also, learn some of the most popular brown dog names to think about if you decide to make one of these dogs a part of your family.

#10: The Chow Chow — Cinnamon

Chow Chows are smart, affectionate, and compatible with kids.

©iStock.com/Ivan Marjanovic

Cinnamon is a fitting name for this pooch considering its fluffy, brown coat. Cinnamon is an official fur color of this breed. Chow chows are big dogs weighing up to 70 pounds. However, they are no more than 20 inches tall measuring from paw to shoulder.

Though they rank at number 84 on AKC’s most popular breeds list, Chow Chows have a lot of favorable qualities for families who’d like to add a dog to the household. They are smart, affectionate, and compatible with kids. Anyone considering a Chow should keep its grooming requirements in mind. This is a brown dog breed with a double coat that needs daily brushing to maintain.

#9: Shiba Inu —Toffee

Shiba Inus are bright, loyal, and adaptable.

©iStock.com/Kurt Pas

Have you ever noticed the popularity of food-related names given to brown dog breeds? The Shiba Inu is no exception. Toffee is an apt name for this Japanese dog breed with its warm brown coat of hair. This breed is best described as small to medium-sized weighing up to 23 pounds. It ranks at number 43 on AKC’s list. This may be because it’s not as well-known as other breeds. However, the Shiba Inu has a lot to offer an owner.

These dogs are bright, loyal, and adaptable. They get along well with people and other dogs. The Shiba Inu is on the quieter side only barking to alert owners of an unfamiliar person on the property. Watch this dog trotting around a yard with its fluffy, foxlike tail in the air and you’re sure to fall in love with its playful personality.

#8: The Pomeranian — Copper

Pomeranians are strong-willed and confident.


Copper (imagine a copper penny) is the perfect name for this small dog with its fluffy, light brown coat. The Pomeranian, or Pom Pom, is a toy breed weighing between three and seven pounds. Pomeranians come in at number 23 on AKC’s list. They are great dogs for someone who lives in an apartment because they don’t need a lot of space. But, this is just one of their positive qualities.

Out of all of the brown dog breeds on this list, the Pomeranian may be the bossiest despite its small size. These dogs are known for their strong will and confidence. But they are also sweet, playful, and loyal to their owners. A Pomeranian can be a fun, companion that doesn’t need a great deal of exercise each day to stay in healthy condition.

#7: Great Dane — Fawn

Great Danes have a gentle, sweet temperament.

©iStock.com/Jesus Manuel Souto Blanco

This list of brown dog breeds has a few big dogs on it, but the Great Dane is the biggest. As adults, they can weigh from 100 to 120 pounds. Fawn is a popular name for this breed because many of them have light brown, short hair. It’s also an appropriate name because this dog’s long legs and speed are similar to those qualities in actual fawns!

These are popular dogs ranking at number 15 on AKC’s list. But anyone who is thinking about getting a Great Dane should ensure they have the space for this big dog. They need about 40 minutes of exercise each day and should have enough space to freely move around both indoors and outside. Though they are big and may seem a little intimidating at first, Great Danes have a gentle, sweet temperament.

#6: Boxer — Reese

Boxers are loyal, intelligent dogs.


Reese is one of the most popular brown dog names because it reminds people of the delicious chocolate candy. Furthermore, it’s a great name for a Boxer because of its light brown, short hair. Boxers are big dogs weighing from 50 to 80 pounds full grown. They are 22 to 24 inches tall at their withers. But, despite being so big, Boxers are fast and love to play!

It’s not surprising that Boxers are highly rated on AKC’s most popular breed list. They were number 14 in 2020. Loyalty, high energy, intelligence, and loving nature all combine to make them a favorite with owners who have the space needed for this big canine.

#5: Australian Shepherd — Dusty

Australian Shepherds are great herding dogs.

©iStock.com/Brad Covington

When it comes to brown dog names, Dusty is a fitting choice for an Australian Shepherd. One reason is this dog’s light brown coat paired with sections of white fur. Another reason is these dogs love to get dirty and dusty! They were originally bred to herd livestock but make great pets for families who don’t live on a farm. They rank at number 12 on AKC’s list.

When it comes to size, Australian Shepherds can be categorized as medium to big. They weigh between 40 to 65 pounds and can grow as tall as 22 inches at the shoulder. Though they are serious about their herding duties, Australian Shepherds are affectionate with a playful sometimes goofy, personality. These dogs love to have fun!

#4: Standard Dachshund — Hazel

Dachshunds have a great supply of curiosity.


Certainly, Hazel is one of the sweetest brown dog names. Hazelnut is a warm, dark brown very similar in color to the short hair coat of a Dachshund. This is another one of those brown dog breeds that made the top ten on AKC’s list. The dachshund’s ranking is number 10.

Dachshund owners love their wiener dogs for a lot of reasons. One is this dog’s sense of curiosity. It wants to be involved in every activity going on in a household! This great supply of curiosity has prompted comparisons with housecats. They are small canines weighing 16 to 32 pounds as adults. So, owners can easily take them along on road trips, camping, fishing, or on other family adventures. Dachshunds are affectionate, sweet, and loving with their owners.

#3: Standard Poodle — Cocoa

Poodles are very active and intelligent.

©iStock.com/Laura Fay

Take a quick look at another breed with a high ranking on AKC’s most popular dog breeds of 2020. The Poodle comes in at number six on the list. A Poodle with a fluffy brown coat brings to mind a cup of cocoa. A poodle with a fluffy brown and white coat may remind you of a cup of cocoa with mini marshmallows on top! Poodles have been a familiar sight on many most popular dog breed lists. So, what makes these canines so great?

Many poodle owners appreciate this breed’s intelligence. This makes the tasks of house-breaking this dog and obedience training easy for an owner to accomplish. Poodles are playful and active, so they are great for people who love to take walks around the neighborhood or on trails in the woods. As a bonus, this dog has a coat of short hair that sheds very little.

#2: The German Shepherd — Penny

German Shepherds are protective of their owners.


The German Shepherd is one of the most recognizable of the big, brown dog breeds. Penny is one of the most popular brown dog names which is fitting for a dog that ranked number three on AKC’s list.

So, why are German Shepherds so popular with families? For one thing, they are protective of their owners. So, many people choose them as a watchdog. Plus, they are known for their intelligence and adaptability. German Shepherds are big dogs weighing from 75 to 95 pounds as adults. These social dogs love spending time with their owners and get especially excited about any energy-filled, outdoor activities.

#1: Chocolate Labrador Retriever — Hershey

Chocolate Labs are one of the most popular dog breeds.

©iStock.com/Anna Pozzi

Would you be surprised to learn that Hershey is one of the most popular brown dog names? Probably not. A popular name for a popular dog. Labradors rank number one on AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds of 2020. So, if you decide to get this extremely popular dog, what can you expect?

These dogs are known for their friendly nature. It’s a great companion satisfied with playing or cuddling on the sofa as long as it can be with its owner. They are big dogs weighing from 55 to 70 pounds and need exercise every day to keep them in shape. Chocolate Labrador Retrievers have short hair mixed into a thick coat. If there was ever a quintessential family dog, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever is it!

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