7 Best Dog Parks in Cincinnati

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 10, 2022
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Cincinnati, Ohio, is a bustling city with various things for you to visit, such as museums, stadiums, zoos, and parks. If you have a dog then you are in luck, as there are a few dog parks that are worth checking out in the city.

A well-trained dog that is comfortable around others will enjoy time at a dog park. Any furry visitor should also be fully vaccinated and current on all its shots. Rules are important in giving an enjoyable time to those that visit the dog park. A dog park’s rules are usually posted outside the off-leash area. A few common rules you can find in dog parks include:

  • No sick or in-heat dogs
  • All visiting dogs must be fully vaccinated 
  • No aggressive behavior
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs 
  • No smoking 
  • Owners are responsible for their dogs 
  • Food is not allowed in the park 
  • Choke and spike collars are not allowed 

Each dog park may have different rules, so be sure to check the one you plan on visiting. Cincinnati’s dog parks are fun for any pup and provide space so they can safely put out their energy in the restless city. Let’s look at 7 of the best dog parks in Cincinnati and what each one offers.

1. Kellogg Park Dog Field

french bulldog
Kellogg Dog Park is around 4 acres large, with areas for both large and small breeds.


Kellogg Park Dog Field
Location 6701 Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Yearly Pass 1 Dog – $45/non-resident $75 

The Kellogg Park Dog Field is a 4-acre, off-leash area, fenced in to give dogs a secure place. A permit is needed to visit this dog park, and the prices vary depending on the number of dogs you plan on bringing and if you are a resident of the area. Permits are used to ensure all dogs that visit are vaccinated and help keep everyone informed of the rules expected in the park. 

At this dog park, there is a section for small breeds to play with others their size and another off-leash section for all dogs. Kellogg Park Dog Field has free poop bags and water for its pups. A very open space, the dog park has natural grass, with trees around for shade. There are also benches and shaded picnic tables for seating. This dog park is a good option but may not be for some due to the fees they charge. The dog park is well-maintained and regularly visited by pleasurable dog owners in Cincinnati. 

2. Mt. Airy Dog Park

Mt. Airy Dog Park
Location 3006 Westwood Northern Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45211
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

The Mt. Airy Dog Park is two acres large and fenced to keep dogs in. There are also double-gated entrances to further secure the dog park. Small dogs have their section to play, but there is also another area for large breeds. While the large dog section at this dog park is much larger than the small dog section, there is plenty of room for breeds of any size to play. Agility equipment like ramps and tunnels can be found in both park areas. 

Poop bags are abundantly stocked, and there is also a water fountain for your use. You should also bring your water in a bottle since the water fountain does not work sometimes. On hot days, dogs who love to get wet can splash around in a kiddie pool in the dog park. If looking to take your dog on a walk, there are forest trails near, but your dog must be on a leash. 

3. Red Dog Park

Search and rescue dogs - Belgian Malinois
A members-only off-leash park, Red Dog Park is 3 acres in size.

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Red Dog Park
Location 5081 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH, US, 45227
Hours 6 AM-9:30 PM

The Red Dog Park is an off-leash area for members only. Dogs visiting must be spayed or neutered, as well as up to date on all their shots. A very spacious dog park, it is fully fenced in and 3-acre large. The surfacing is natural grass, with trees scattered around the park for shade. This dog park has a separate section for smaller dogs to play with. The entrance of the dog park has an access code keypad and is double gated to secure the park further. 

Water fountains for dogs, poop bags, and agility equipment are provided for use in this off-leash area. Any dog will love the space to run, but there are also tunnels, ramps, and other play structures in the park. The Red Dog Park is clean and lets you take in the fresh air of nature around. Next to the dog park is a doggy daycare and spa for those looking to pamper their pups. 

4. Simmonds Family Dog Park

Simmonds Family Dog Park
Location 8715 Hamilton Cleves Pike Road, Cincinnati, OH, US, 45002
Hours 6 AM-9:30 PM

One of the largest off-leash areas in Cincinnati, Ohio, Simmonds Family Dog Park has 4 separate off-leash areas. One of the sections is for smaller dogs, and there are also two more areas for larger dogs to play. There is also one section with agility equipment. The dog park in its entirety is around 11 acres. It has grass surfacing and is also very spacious and hilly, perfect for any dog who loves to run.

This dog park has water fountains for when dogs get thirsty. Even with its large size, there is ample seating to sit and watch your dog play. There are also trees for shade. The size of this dog park is bigger than most other off-leash areas in Cincinnati, and it is great for breeds of all sizes. Simmonds Family Dog Park is a very clean park. A permit is required to visit, and there are always other dogs ready to socialize. 

5. Washington Park Dog Park 

Dog, Summer, Happiness, Springtime, Grass
In downtown Cincinnati, Washington Park Dog Park is an area for breeds of all sizes to play.


Washington Park Dog Park 
Location 1230 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

The Washington Park Dog Park is a 12,000 square feet of space for dogs to get off their leash. This dog park is located in the downtown area of Cincinnati in Washington Park. Along with the dog park, Washington Park also has playgrounds, a splash park, a gazebo, and other attractions. The park is a fun stop for your dog to visit in Ohio and has something for everyone to do. 

Washington Park Dog Park is fully fenced off, giving dogs a safe place to frolic in the downtown Cincinnati area. There are water fountains for when your dog gets thirsty. Large boulders are spread in these dog parks for dogs to jump on. There is no separate area for smaller pups, as this off-leash area is just one fenced-in section. Washington Park Dog Park has turf and gravel surfacing. It provides everything you need for your visits, like doggy bags and space needed for an off-leash park. 

6. Fido Field

Fido Field
Location 630 Eggleston Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

At Fido Field, there are two areas for dogs to play off-leash. One section is for smaller dogs under 22 lbs, and another area is at this dog park for larger breeds. Fido Field has turf surfacing, along with being fully fenced off, and it has a double-gated entrance. This dog park is maintained and funded by volunteers. When visiting this dog park, you should bring your water for you and your pup. 

The turf surfacing of this dog park makes the area easy to clean and prevents mud from appearing in the rainy season. Poop bags and trash cans are also located at this park to clean up easily after your pooch. At this dog park, there are benches for sitting and small trees nearby for shade. 

7. Otto Armleder Dog Park

royal canin weight control
A large 10-acre park, Otto Armleder Dog Park has three separate leashed areas for dogs to play.

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Otto Armleder Dog Park
Location 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45226
Hours 6 AM-9:30 PM
Price Free 

At 10 acres, Otto Armleder Dog Park is one of the largest off-leash areas in Cincinnati. There are three sections for dogs, with two of them being for large breeds, and a smaller area for small breeds to be comfortable. Grass and dirt are the surfaces of the parks, with open space that any pup will love to zoom through. Water, bathrooms, poop bags, trash cans, and benches are all located at Otto Armleder Dog Park for your use.
In the rainy season, mud may appear, but the park is well-maintained to keep the area clean. Being right next to a river, flooding may also occur. The park has paths great for biking and exploring the area. Otto Armleder Dog Park is for dogs who need space and want to explore large areas.

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