8 Adorable Puppies in Milwaukee to Adopt for Christmas

Small puppy sleeping on Christmas
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Written by Carrie Woodward

Published: December 1, 2022

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Meet the Cutest Dogs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As we head into the cold, long winter, dogs are waiting in animal shelters across Wisconsin for their forever family. Thousands of adorable puppies need warm, welcoming homes. What better time of year to adopt than the holiday season? We rounded up eight dogs who could be a great fit for your family. All of them are available to adopt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Read a brief description about each one as well as some important facts about their breed. We will give you all of the essential information for you to consider whether one of these sweet puppies might be your new best friend. They are all available through local animal shelters and pet rescues. These organizations can help you prepare to bring your new friend home. Let’s dive in to meet eight adorable puppies in the Milwaukee area who are currently waiting to be adopted. Could you be their Christmas miracle?

1. Loni, an 18-Month-Old Female Terrier Mix

Can you believe that sweet Loni has been at the Lakeland Animal Shelter for more than a year? Loni is a tiny terrier mix who is 18 months old and only weighs 25 pounds! Sadly, she has spent the last year of her life waiting to be adopted. Even though she is a playful, good girl, Loni is shy around strangers. She doesn’t always make a good first impression but spend a bit of time with her and you will learn that she has a fun-loving personality! Loni is scared of young children but thrives in an environment with other dogs, so she would love to join a home where she will have dog siblings. If you have a backyard, she may love to run around in a safe, fenced environment! Could you be the one to finally bring Loni home and give her the patience and time she deserves? 

About Terriers

Loni is a beautiful terrier mix. The terrier is not a dog breed, but a group of dog breeds that share similar features. Though Loni has light brown fur, other terriers are known to have fur that is black, brown, gray, red, and other shades too! Their personalities are protective, loyal, lively, intelligent, and playful. However, they can get into trouble sometimes – they have a tendency to chew, bark, and sometimes have separation anxiety. Their weights vary dramatically – at 25 pounds, Loni is neither the smallest nor the largest, as terrier weights range from six pounds to 80! As an 18-month-old, Loni may still be growing – many terriers don’t reach maturity until they are three years old!

Terriers tend to be social, lively, and intelligent. They also thrive when they have tasks and roles within a household. However, they should not be left alone with small children and can tend towards destructive behaviors like chewing or barking when left alone. With love and attention, they can be great family dogs who are playful and energetic. Give Loni lots of exercise and time outdoors and she will likely be loyal to you for her entire 13-to-15-year lifespan. 

Oh Loni our girl. Your 1 year anniversary with the shelter just happened on Sunday. Yes, you heard that right. 1 year….

Posted by Lakeland Animal Shelter on Wednesday, November 16, 2022

2. and 3. Elsa and Olaf, 3-Month-Old American Eskimos

Meet the two cutest siblings with Frozen-themed names! Elsa and Olaf are just adorable. The two are both three months old and are an American Eskimo mix. They are the cutest brother/sister duo. Both are up to date on age-appropriate vaccines and are ready to meet you! As little puppies, they are still learning their manners. Could you be the one to teach them how to walk well on a leash and learn new commands? These two get along well with dogs and cats but are still getting used to spending time with strangers. With some love, they will doubtlessly adjust in no time!

About American Eskimos

American Eskimos are playful and intelligent dogs that are recognized for their bright, white coats, lively eyes, and pointed ears. They tend to weigh between six and 35 pounds – this depends on which of three sizes they are, as they can be either “standard,” “mini,” or “toy.” These dogs typically live between 13 and 15 years. American Eskimos have inquisitive minds and are adventurous dogs who love to be around other people and pets too! They tend to have few health issues and make good companion dogs – they love attention and spending time with people! Their exuberant personalities manifest in a love of learning tricks and a need for active playtime. This energy can occasionally result in mischief if they are not given exercise and mental stimulation – so keep them busy and engaged and you will find them to be happy both indoors while you work or outdoors running around! 

Breed: American Eskimo (female and male)
Age: 3 months old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Elsa and Olaf

4. Phoenix, a 3-Month-Old Female Terrier Mix

Can you believe how adorable this tiny puppy is? Phoenix has a big name for a small pup. At only three months old, Phoenix is already up to date on all of her relevant vaccines – she’s spayed and microchipped. She arrived at the Lakeland Animal Shelter along with her brothers and sisters – and now she’s ready to be your new best friend! She has lots of energy and is still little so she might get into some puppy mischief. But how could you resist that cute face? Phoenix is still young and learning, so she’s ready to learn all kinds of new tricks. She gets along with both dogs and cats. One shelter worker says she “thinks everyone is her friend!” 

About Terriers

Phoenix is a terrier mix, potentially with some Jack Russell (sometimes also called a “Jack Russell Terrier”) in her, but only a DNA test will tell. Jack Russells are famous for being smart, quick learners, and friendly dogs. Being only three months old, Phoenix is ready to learn how to “sit,” “fetch,” and “wait,” as well as any other commands you want to teach her! Jack Russells have plenty of energy and lots of confidence despite their smaller size – most only grow to be about 15 pounds! They live to be 12 to 13 years old, so Phoenix could be with you for a long time.

Puppy cuteness on a Saturday morning? Why not! Meet this adorable baby named Phoenix! Phoenix is looking all cute…

Posted by Lakeland Animal Shelter on Saturday, November 26, 2022

Breed: Terrier mix/ Jack Russell (female)
Age: 3 months old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Phoenix

5. Groot, a 5-Year-Old Male Bully Mix

If you come to visit Groot, he will wag his tail in excitement! As a medium-sized bully mix, Groot used to roam the streets. Now he has been cared for and is thriving – but he still needs someone to bring him to a cozy home for the holidays! Groot is friendly and gets along well with other dogs. While we don’t know his exact age, the vet estimates him to be about five years old. He is still young and has plenty of love and energy to give! 

About American Bully Dogs

As an American bully, Groot was bred to look fierce – but he is actually a friendly family dog! American bully dogs are social and known to be very trainable, intelligent, and family-friendly. The average male weighs between 40 and 110 lbs., which is quite a range. Groot is medium-sized and has the typical stocky, muscular body. However, his breed is actually very affectionate, warm, and playful! Groot has white, brown, and black splotches, and his short hair will make grooming easy! Dogs of his breed are very easy to train because they are eager to please and have loving personalities that make them fit in well with families. Ensure that Groot gets a good amount of outdoor exercise each day, and he’ll be a healthy and happy boy who is ready to learn new tricks and accompany you on your errands and daily activities. 

Meet this hunka hunka burning love, GROOT! Groot came to the shelter as a local stray. Timid at first, he is quick to…

Posted by Lakeland Animal Shelter on Monday, November 21, 2022

Breed: American Bully (male)
Age: Five years old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Groot

6. Teela, a 1-Year-Old Female Labrador Retriever Mix

One-year-old Teela is a black labrador mix who has a beautiful dark coat and needs an active, energetic family! According to Lakeland Animal Shelter, Teela is great with kids and would likely get along great with a dog sibling. At one year old, Teela is still young – and she needs people who can match her energy! She is playful and loves to stay busy – so if you’re an adventurer who gets outside and has plenty of space for her to run and play, you might be a great fit for Teela.

About Labrador Retrievers

As a Labrador retriever mix, Teela is considered to be a medium-sized dog. Female Labrador retrievers typically grow to be 21.5 to 23.5 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds, so you can expect Teela to be medium-to-large in size and to live to be between 10 and 14 years old. Labs like Teela do not require much grooming, but they do shed quite a lot, so keep your broom and vacuum handy! Labs are known for being sweet and friendly family dogs who are loyal and playful. You can expect Teela to be a faithful friend who is adaptable and gets along well with everyone, including kids, other dogs, and new family members! Just look at that sweet expression on Teela’s face!

Meet Teela! Teela is a very happy girl. So happy that she can’t stop moving! Teela will need a very active home. A…

Posted by Lakeland Animal Shelter on Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Breed: Labrador Retriever mix (female)
Age: One year old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Teela

7. Homer, A 2-Year-Old Male Husky Mix

Homer may look fierce, but he’s a sweetie at heart! This two-year-old male husky mix is already neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped. He’s great with other dogs and with kids and is ready to go home with you today! He’s a medium-sized dog on the smaller side of most huskies, and he loves to run and play! His favorite things are spending time with his people and with other dogs. He has the intense expression, beautiful soft fur, and beautiful blue eyes of other huskies, but despite his bold look, he’s just a good boy looking for a forever family.

About Huskies

Siberian huskies like Homer tend to be extremely smart, loyal, and outgoing dogs. Huskies are renowned for their intelligence, so Homer will need to stay engaged and active. Huskies have fluffy fur, so you can expect Homer to shed an “astronomical” amount. Keep that in mind and be sure to give him the grooming he needs! Huskies typically grow to up to 60 pounds and live to be 14 or 15 years old. 

You should keep in mind that huskies are loyal, faithful friends when well-trained, but they can have separation anxiety when left alone and not given adequate mental stimulation. Their fierce intelligence can make huskies difficult to train. However, keeping Homer happy will require building a strong relationship of trust and giving him consistent training with regular practice. Ensure that he gets plenty of physical exercise and brain stimulation too!

Meet Homer! Homer is a local guy that is looking for a forever home. Being a smaller husky mix he can run like…

Posted by Lakeland Animal Shelter on Sunday, November 27, 2022

Breed: Siberian husky mix (male)
Age: Two years old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Homer

8. Evelyn, a 3-Month-Old Female Aussie/Pointer Mix

Evelyn is spunky, sassy, and three months old! This precious puppy is an Aussie/pointer mix who loves going on walks and playing with toys. She might be a little bossy at times – she takes charge over other animals – but that’s because Aussies are born herder dogs. Evelyn is extroverted and has lots of love to give, as well as plenty of years to learn and grow with you. Evelyn has a beautiful, shiny coat of white, brown, and black.

About Australian Shepherds and Pointers

Evelyn is a mix of Australian shepherd and English pointer. Australian shepherds, also known as “Aussies,” are medium-sized herd dogs who were born to be with other animals. Females tend to grow to be 18 to 21 inches tall and typically weigh 35 to 55 pounds. English pointers tend to be slightly larger, with females growing to between 21 and 26 inches tall with weight between 35 and 66 pounds. Aussies live between 12 and 15 years, while pointers can live to be as old as 17. 

Evelyn is a unique combination of breeds, and she brings together many valuable and seemingly contradictory traits all into one! For example, Aussies are known as eager-to-please and easy to train. In contrast, pointers are independent and stubborn. While Aussies have warm, companionable personalities, pointers are competitive and energetic. Both breeds are loyal and devoted and can be wonderful family dogs, but you will have to get to know Evelyn one-on-one in order to learn how these two breeds present in her personality!

Breed: Aussie/pointer mix (female)
Age: Three months old
Contact: Lakeland Animal Shelter
Profile: Evelyn

How to Adopt Dogs in Milwaukee

As you consider whether to adopt one of these sweet pups, please remember that dogs are a long-term commitment. The cost and time you’ll have to invest is substantial, so make sure you have the necessary space in your life before adopting. Once you’re ready to take the leap, Milwaukee’s animal shelters and dog rescues are ready and waiting to help you find your new best friend. If you don’t see the right dog on our list, look for other available dogs are in your city! Here are a few of the animal rescue organizations in Milwaukee and the surrounding area:

Will you change the life of Loni, Elsa, Olaf, Groot, Phoenix, Teela, Homer, or Evelyn this winter? No matter which dog you choose, your holiday season will be cozier! You will be their Christmas miracle!

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