Baby Mountain Goat Fearlessly Braves Raging Rapids in Attempt to with Its Mother

Baby Goat

Written by Chris Madden

Updated: October 20, 2023

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Witness courage overcome fear as a baby goat has to cross raging rapids in order to be reunited with its’ mother on the other side!

Watch This Full Video of The Brave Baby Goat!

Brave baby goat tackles rapids.

All It Takes is a Moment of Courage!

In the breathtaking wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in North America, the heartwarming and suspenseful video below captures the remarkable journey of a family of mountain goats crossing treacherous rapids. The video begins as the fully grown goats, led by wise and experienced parents, cautiously navigate the roaring river, demonstrating their remarkable agility and grace.

Mountain goats on cliff edge

Mountain goats escape predators and access food on cliff faces

©Ververidis Vasilis/

Among the family, a curious and spirited baby goat, filled with the desire to follow in the footsteps of its older cousins, hesitates at the water’s edge. Observing the teenage goat gracefully leaping across the tumultuous rapids, the young goat gathers its courage, attempting to replicate the feat. However, overwhelmed by the daunting jump, the little goat retreats, momentarily set aback by its missed landing. Undeterred by initial failure, the determined baby goat resolves to overcome its fear. It takes a deep breath and launches itself into the river, but as it reaches the midpoint, the ferocious current threatens to sweep it away. Tension mounts as the vulnerable goat struggles to find a foothold, its survival hanging in the balance.

Rocky Mountain Goats

These agile young goats must remain vigilant to evade their predators and ensure their survival.

©Images by Dr. Alan Lipkin/

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, a miraculous moment of triumph unfolds. Against all odds, the baby goat manages to secure a precarious foothold on the opposite shore, defying the relentless force of the rapids. With joyous relief, the resilient goat reunites with its mother, who eagerly awaits on the other side. 

This heartwarming video seen below is a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit and determination that reside within even the smallest creatures. It portrays the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world and the invaluable lessons of resilience, courage, and familial bonds that can be learned from observing the animal kingdom in its purest form.

Why Do Mountain Goats Leave the Safety of Their Mountains?

Rocky Mountain Goat

Using their hooves with expert precision,

mountain goats

are able to reach areas inaccessible to predators and competition for food from other species!


Mountain goats in the Rocky Mountains of North America may venture to lower elevations for several reasons. One significant factor is the seasonal availability of food. During harsh winter months, when snow blankets the higher altitudes and restricts access to vegetation, these resourceful animals may descend to lower elevations in search of more abundant forage. When these snow blankets melt, the runoff of the melting snow creates the rushing rapids witnessed in the video below!

Lower elevations also offer milder climates and sheltered valleys, providing the goats with protection from extreme weather conditions. Movement to lower elevations may also be prompted by the need to access mineral-rich salt licks, which play a crucial role in their nutritional requirements. While the mountains are their preferred habitat, the mountain goats’ ability to adapt and utilize different areas demonstrates their remarkable resilience and survival strategies in response to changing environmental conditions.

How Long Does a Mountain Goat Take to Grow to Adulthood?

Mountain Goat (Oreamnos-americanus) - goat with baby on a rock

Baby mountain goats face a multitude of challenges on their path to adulthood, but the tenacity and inspiration of their parents set an example to follow!

©Joshua Schutz/

The childhood of a North American mountain goat, growing up in the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains, is filled with both challenges and adventures. From a young age, they learn to navigate steep slopes and treacherous cliffs, honing their remarkable climbing skills. As seen in the video below, rushing rivers also pose a threat to these young goats! Dangers lurk around every corner, as they face potential threats from predators such as wolves, cougars, and bears.

These agile young goats must remain vigilant to evade their predators and ensure their survival. A young mountain goats’ diet consists of various alpine vegetation, including grasses, sedges, herbs, shrubs, and lichens. They have adapted to graze on precarious ledges and steep slopes, where they alone can find nutritious plant life out of reach of other herbivores such as deer. Their ability to efficiently extract nutrients from these rugged environments is essential for their growth and development during their formative years in the Rocky Mountains.

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