Can Dogs Eat Figs? Do’s and Dont’s

Written by Austin S.
Updated: June 15, 2022
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Dogs, being good friends of humans, are always drawn to what we eat. Once they see you eating any food, they also want to try it out. But it is your duty as a dog owner to choose foods suitable for your dog. Some foods could put your dog’s health at risk. 

The question, “Can dogs eat figs?” is a common one among many dog owners. Simply put, Dogs can eat figs. Figs are very good for dogs and contain some essential nutrients dogs need to remain healthy. Aside from its health benefits, it offers your dogs an excellent taste as well. 

However, as much as figs are suitable for your dog’s consumption, certain factors need to be considered before feeding your dog with figs to prevent it from being affected by its harmful sides. Keep reading as we discuss them. 

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What to Consider Before Feeding Your Dog Figs

Figs aren’t toxic to dogs, but they should be fed to dogs in moderation. Figs have been proven to aid the digestive system of dogs to function correctly but could cause problems when they eat them in excess. 

So when introducing figs to your dog for the first time, you shouldn’t be quick to feed it with a large number of figs. It is advisable to start with a smaller quantity as it will help you know if your bingo is allergic to figs. Although allergy to figs isn’t common in most dogs, there have been few instances of allergic reactions after consuming figs. 

There are specific symptoms of allergy to look out for when introducing figs to your dog. They include vomiting, wheezing, skin or mouth rash, coughing, and itchy eyes. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s a sign of allergy, and your bingo needs urgent medical attention to prevent further complications and harm. 

However, if your dog shows none of these symptoms, you can keep feeding it with figs. It is best to feed your dog with fresh figs rather than dry figs. The sugar and calorie content in dry figs is much higher than in fresh figs. And this can lead to diabetes or obesity. So it is better to avoid feeding your dog with dry figs as much as you can. 

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Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Figs

Figs are one of the healthiest fruits suitable for your dog’s consumption. Figs are loaded with nutrients that are highly beneficial to your dog. Firstly, figs contain natural sugars that give your dog enormous energy, unlike artificial and refined sugars. Your dog can exercise easily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Figs also contain high dietary fiber that helps to regulate bowel movements. This fiber can help your dog if it is suffering from constipation. Figs can help regulate and manage your dog’s weight. The fiber and water content in figs helps keep your dog filled up for a long time without needing to eat much. 

However, it will be nice if you are careful not to feed your dog too many figs because having excessive fiber in your dog’s diet will cause the digestive tracts to work at an increased pace. This excess fiber will cause your dog to experience loose stools, also known as diarrhea. 

Figs also contain a high level of potassium. Humans who have high blood pressure consume figs to cure it. The same can be used if you observe that your dog is suffering from high blood pressure. Dogs also need foods rich in potassium to regulate their blood pressure. Do well to reach out to a veterinarian for treatment and recommend other foods rich in potassium. 

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Average Quantity of Figs Your Dog Can Have

The best way to avoid problems when feeding your dog with treats is to do it in moderation. The same also applies to figs. Adding new foods to your dog’s diet sometimes leads to stomach upsets, so you should feed your dog with just one fig at the beginning. This method will help its digestive system adapt to figs before making it a regular diet. 

Depending on the size of your dog, you should feed your dog with figs maybe twice a month. Smaller breeds can consume just half the size, while larger breeds can take one or two at once. Always watch out for signs of allergy to know if your dog is coping with figs in its diet. 

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Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons? 

This question seems to pop up anytime the question “Can dogs eat figs?” is asked. Figs Newtons aren’t toxic or poisonous for dogs. However, they don’t have enough nutritional value for you to feed them to your dog. Over time, your dog could suffer long-term health effects if you keep giving it Fig Newtons. 

Fig Newtons contain sodium benzoate, sulfur dioxide, and other chemicals. These chemicals aren’t good for your dog to consume. Fig Newtons also contain lots of sugar and calories, which could cause hyperactivity, diabetes, or even obesity in your dog. 

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Can Dogs Eat the Parts of a Fig Tree? 

The tree that produces figs, known as the Ficus tree, must not be located within reach of your dog. The Ficus tree is dangerous and harmful to dogs. There is no part of the Ficus tree that is safe for your dog. If your dog mistakenly ingests any part of the Ficus tree, it could lead to severe and life-threatening reactions. 

If your dog makes regular contact with the leaves of a Ficus tree, there could be skin inflammation because the fig plant contains a sap that irritates dogs. The common signs you will most likely notice if your dog consumes any part of the fig tree are constant diarrhea, watery eyes, abdominal pain, and vomiting. 

Consult a veterinarian immediately if you notice that your dog has consumed any part of the fig tree to prevent further complications. 

Other Dog Foods That Can Serve as Safe Alternatives

Below are some other foods that can serve as safe alternatives to figs for your dog. 


Figs are very suitable for your dog’s consumption. But make sure you take the right measures while feeding your dog figs to avoid problems. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many Figs should my Dog eat? 

The amount will largely depend on the size of your dog. Smaller dog breeds can take half the fig size at once, while more giant species can take one or two.


Are Fig Newtons Safe for Dogs? 

Fig Newtons aren’t toxic for dogs to consume. However, fig newtons are not recommended for your dog’s consumption.


Are Fig trees Dangerous to Dogs? 

Yes, Fig trees are dangerous for your dog. It shouldn’t be found close to your dog.