Discover the 25 Tallest Buildings Across All of Europe

Written by Stephanie Harper
Published: September 29, 2023
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Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world can be found in Europe. From the ancient Romans to present-day modern marvels, Europe is known for boasting the best in the world. These modern buildings have shaped some of the most iconic skylines around the globe, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Here are the 25 largest buildings that you can find in Europe.

Torre Cespa

Madrid, Spain financial district skyline at twilight.

Madrid has some of the tallest buildings in Europe.

©Sean Pavone/

Back in 2008, the Torre Cespa was topped out in Madrid, Spain, reaching a height of 815 feet. That’s 248.3 meters! The modern building helps bring together the classic look of Madrid with a splash of something new. Downtown Madrid appears to be getting bigger and bigger.

Torre de Cristal

Also in Madrid, Torre de Cristal followed a similar path as Torre Cespa, opening up in 2008. However, this building takes home the cake as the largest in Spain, rising to a total of 817 feet (249 meters). This is the tallest building in Spain, and combined, these two buildings help Madrid start getting towards the modern downtown look.


Our first trip to Germany takes us to the Messeturm building. Built in Frankfurt all the way back in 1990, this building helped bring a new skyline look to Frankfurt. Topping out at 842 feet (256.5 meters), this building was once the tallest in Europe, up until 1997.

City of Capitals: Saint Petersburg Tower

Don’t be confused by the name as this building is in Moscow, Russia. The City of Capitals is a group of buildings in downtown Moscow that are named after the two capitals of the country, with this one being Saint Petersburg. Built back in 2010, this building tops out at 843 feet (256.9 meters).

Commerzbank Tower

The building that overtook the Messeturm back in 1997 is the Commerzbank Tower. Also built in Frankfurt, the Commerzbank Tower added 8 extra feet to take the title of Europe’s tallest building, topping out at 850 feet, which is 259 meters.

Istanbul Sapphire

Istanbul, Turkey. Aerial view of the city downtown and skyscrapers. Skyscrapers and modern office buildings at Levent District. With Bosphorus background.

Downtown Istanbul at night.

©Resul Muslu/

The first building from Turkey has arrived on the list, as back in 2010, the Istanbul Sapphire was officially opened up. The building stands at an enormous height of 856 feet (261 meters) and helps add to the beautiful skyline of Istanbul.

Triumph Palace

Opened back in 2005, Triumph Palace was the building that would hold the title of Europe’s tallest for a few years. The beautiful building was build in Moscow and stands at a dazzling height of 866 feet (264.1 meters).

Naberezhnaya Tower C

The building that would take the title back in 2007 as the tallest in Europe for three years is Naberezhnaya Tower C. This building is very close to the City of Capitals in Moscow, and stands at a height of 881 feet (268.4 meters).

22 Bishopsgate

Now we enter London and their amazing skyline with 22 Bishopsgate. The sleek looking building in downtown London was opened back in 2020, jumping to a height of 912 feet (278 meters). This building is also the second tallest in the United Kingdom and London, with the tallest still to come on this list.

Grand Tower

Sunrise over Moscow City district and Moscow river

Downtown Moscow at sunrise.

©Sergey Dzyuba/

A common theme amongst this article is buildings in Moscow, and Grand Tower is no different. Standing at an astounding height of 930 feet (283.4), this building was recently finished back in 2022, as Moscow seems to have an ever growing skyline.

Skyland Istanbul: Tower 2

We have our first tie in terms of building heights. This and our next building stand equally as tall. Granted, they’re meant to be twins, as they both were opened in Istanbul in 2017 and both stand at a height of 932 feet (284 meters). But for listing purposes, there’s one thing that sets them apart.

Skyland Istanbul: Tower 1

The twin to Skyland Istanbul: Tower 2 matches everything with its twin, other than the amount of floors. Skyland Istanbul: Tower 1, has 65 floors, while Tower 2 has 64. Aside from that, it opened in 2017 and stands at the same height of 932 feet (284 meters).

Capital Towers: River Tower

Instead of twins for these next three, we have triplets. One more business center in Moscow has decided to have a set of buildings that are similar to each other. River Tower stands at a height of 968 feet (295 meters) and was opened recently in 2022.

Capital Towers: City Tower

The next in the set of triplets is City Tower. City Tower has all of the exact same features as River Tower, even the same amount of floors, so you could have these in any order. Both have 67 floors, are 968 feet (295 meters) tall, and were opened in 2022.

Capital Towers: Park Tower

The last in the set of triplets is Park Tower. While Park Tower shares the same height of 968 feet (295 meters) and being opened in 2022 like the previous two buildings, it has 70 floors.

City of Capitals: Moscow Tower

We have reached the top 10. The other tower in the City of Capitals in Moscow is the Moscow Tower, reaching a height of 990 feet (301.8 meters). This tower opened back in 2010 and held the title of tallest building in Europe for the next two years.

Neva Tower 1

Another incredible tower located in downtown Moscow is Neva Tower 1. Opened back in 2020, this tower edges the Moscow Tower by one foot, making it a height of 991 feet (302 meters). In this tower, you’ll find loads of office space.


What a surprise! Another building from Moscow cracks this list. Eurasia was opened back in 2015 and is the first building on this list to be taller than 1,000 feet. Eurasia stands at a towering height of 1,013 feet (308.9 meters).

The Shard

Aerial view of the Tower Bridge in London. One of London's most famous bridges and must-see landmarks in London. Beautiful panorama of London Tower Bridge.

A skyline view of London.


The tallest building in the United Kingdom has arrived. This one was built from the ground up in London back in 2012. The Shard stands 1,016 feet (309.6 meters) off the ground and completes the downtown London skyline.

Varso Tower

Warsaw, Poland has entered the mix of tallest buildings. The skyscraper that makes the Warsaw skyline so recognizable stands at a height of 1,017 feet (310 meters). Opened back in 2022, this building has the claim of being the tallest building in the European Union.

Mercury City Tower

We have officially entered the top five tallest buildings in Europe. Coming in at number five is Mercury City Tower. Shockingly, this building also is in Moscow. Completed back in 2013, this building took the cake as the tallest in Europe with a height of 1,112 feet (338.8 meters). However, it would only hold the title for a few years.

Neva Tower 2

We’re going to stay in Moscow for a while longer as we hit the fourth tallest building in Europe, Neva Tower 2. Completed back in 2022, Neva Tower 2 holds the title of the tallest residential building in Europe. It stands at a height of 1,132 feet (345 meters) and adds to the amazing Moscow skyline.

OKO: South Tower

Keeping the trend of tall buildings in Moscow going brings us to OKO: South Tower. Completed back in 2016, this building held the title of the tallest in Europe for a short period of time. The building stands at a height of 1,162 feet (354.2 meters) and just about rounds out the Moscow skyline.

Federation: East Tower

We have now reached the mention of the two tallest buildings, both of which are in Russia. Federation: East Tower is in Moscow and quickly took the title of the tallest building in Europe from OKO: South Tower. Federation: East Tower stands at a height of 1,226 feet (373.7 meters) but isn’t the tallest in Europe… anymore.

Lakhta Center

skyscraper in St. Petersburg on a summer day.

Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

©Pavel Talashov/

The tallest building in Europe is in Russia, but not in Moscow. Lakhta Center opened up in 2019 in Saint Petersburg Russia, taking away the claim that Moscow had the tallest building in Europe, and even Russia. When it opened up, Lakhta Center was built to a height of 1,516 feet (462 meters). It stands over tall and proud over the rest of Europe.

RankNameOpenHeight ft (meters)Location
25Torre Cepsa2008815 (248.3)Madrid
24Torre de Cristal2008817 (249)Madrid
23Messeturm1990842 (256.5)Frankfurt
22City of Capitals: Saint Petersburg Tower2010843 (256.9)Moscow
21Commerzbank Tower2005866 (264.1)Frankfurt
20Istanbul Sapphire2010856 (261)Istanbul
19Triumph Palace2005866 (264.1)Moscow
18Naberezhnaya Tower C2007881 (268.4)Moscow
1722 Bishopsgate2020912 (278)London
16Grand Tower2022930 (283.4)Moscow
15Skyland Istanbul: Tower 22017932 (284)Istanbul
14Skyland Istanbul: Tower 12017932 (284)Istanbul
13Capital Towers: River Tower2022968 (295)Moscow
12Capital Towers: City Tower2022968 (295)Moscow
11Capital Towers: Park Tower2022968 (295)Moscow
10City of Capitals: Moscow Tower2010990 (301.8)Moscow
9Neva Tower 12020991 (302)Moscow
8Eurasia20151,013 (308.9)Moscow
7The Shard20121,016 (309.6)London
6Varso Tower20221,017 (310)Warsaw
5Mercury City Tower20131,112 (338.8)Moscow
4Neva Tower 220201,132 (345)Moscow
3OKO: South Tower20151,162 (354.2)Moscow
2Federation: East Tower20161,226 (373.7)Moscow
1Lakhta Center20191,516 (462)Saint Petersburg
The top 25 tallest buildings in Europe.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © scaliger/ via Getty Images

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