The Top 12 States with the Lowest Gas Prices in 2024

Written by Shreya Agrawal
Updated: January 10, 2024
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The ebb and flow of gas prices across the United States depends on regional dynamics, economic factors, and global influences. As motorists embark on journeys that crisscross the nation’s diverse landscapes, the cost of fuel often becomes a significant consideration.

In this article, we delve into the economic factors, regional trends, and the ripple effects of affordability in fuel costs.

On a local level, factors such as state taxes, distribution costs, and market competition contribute to the regional variations in gas prices.

Gasoline prices are the product of a complex interplay between several local and global factors. Internationally, fluctuations in crude oil prices—the primary raw material for gasoline—largely drive the trends in gas prices.

Political stability, production quotas, and global demand all influence the price of crude oil. These subsequently affect gasoline costs at the pump. On a local level, factors such as state taxes, distribution costs, and market competition contribute to the regional variations in gas prices. This amalgamation of global and local elements makes sure that gas prices are subject to constant change.

As motorists traverse the nation’s highways, they encounter states where the cost of fuel is notably friendlier to their wallets. Here, we highlight the top states with consistently lower gas prices, examining the factors that contribute to their affordability.

1. Mississippi

riverboats on mississippi river

Riverboats on the Mississippi River received cargo and supplies at the Vicksburg landing. Mississippi has the lowest gas prices in the entire country.

©Everett Collection/

Mississippi, known for its Southern hospitality and scenic landscapes, stands out as a beacon of affordability when it comes to fuel prices. The state’s favorable gas prices are a welcome relief for both residents and visitors traversing its charming towns and countryside.

Mississippi is currently the state with the lowest gas prices in the country, as of 2024. One of the key factors contributing to Mississippi’s low gas prices is its strategic location along the Gulf Coast. This proximity to refining centers and distribution hubs ensures a steady supply of gasoline. In turn, this reduces transportation costs and subsequently lowers prices at the pump.

Furthermore, the state’s approach to gas taxes plays a role in maintaining its reputation for budget-friendly fuel. Mississippi imposes one of the lowest state gasoline taxes in the nation, which directly translates to savings for motorists. This combination of factors — strategic location, refining presence, and prudent tax policies — establishes Mississippi as a haven for drivers seeking economical travel. Luckily, motorists and residents can also experience the hospitality and beauty the state has to offer along with low gas prices.

Therefore, Mississippi’s commitment to providing affordable fuel aligns with its welcoming atmosphere and laid-back charm. This makes it an inviting destination for road trips, sightseeing, and exploring its rich history.

2. Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana, Gulf Coast States, USA, Car

Cars drive through the streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louisiana is known for one of the lowest gas prices in the country.


Louisiana is famous for its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and iconic jazz music. Beyond the lively streets of New Orleans and the mystical bayous of the Cajun heartland, the state also offers drivers the gift of cost-effective refueling. Louisiana’s standing as a major oil and gas producer in the United States contributes significantly to its low gas prices.

Located along the Gulf Coast, the state benefits from its proximity to oil refineries and distribution networks. Like in Mississippi, these ensure that the state has a steady supply of gasoline. This direct access to domestic oil resources helps keep prices at the pump relatively lower compared to many other states. Additionally, Louisiana’s competitive fuel market promotes price transparency and encourages reasonable pricing. This allows drivers to enjoy both the state’s cultural riches and the savings at the gas pump.

Thus, whether cruising along the Mississippi River or savoring a bowl of gumbo, motorists in Louisiana can experience both affordability and culture in this unique state.

3. South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, USA at the historic homes on The Battery.

Charleston, South Carolina is popular with tourists for its charm and coastal beauty. The state has lower gas taxes which makes it a cost-effective destination as well.

©Sean Pavone/

South Carolina’s charm extends beyond its stunning coastline and historic landmarks. It is also very much present in its budget-friendly gas prices. With the Atlantic Ocean lapping at its shores and a rich history, the state is renowned for its Southern hospitality and inviting atmosphere.

Many factors contribute to South Carolina’s affordable fuel costs, such as its competitive market. The state’s proximity to refining centers and major transportation routes ensures a consistent supply of gasoline. Coupled with a competitive market, this results in favorable pricing for drivers. Additionally, South Carolina imposes lower gas taxes compared to many other states, which further enhances its appeal as a cost-effective destination.

Therefore, drivers in South Carolina enjoy not only the state’s diverse attractions but also the financial benefits of budget-conscious travel.

4. Alabama

Aerial overhead view of marina and campground at Jackson County Park on Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro Alabama.

Alabama’s access to refining facilities makes its gas prices some of the lowest in the country.

©Carl Banks Photography/

Alabama is often celebrated for its rich history, gracious hospitality, and diverse landscapes. From the scenic beaches of the Gulf Coast to the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains, the state offers an array of attractions and experiences. These are only enhanced by the economic advantage of low fuel costs in the state.

Similar to Mississippi and Louisiana, a significant contributor to Alabama’s favorable gas prices is its access to refining facilities. The state’s Gulf Coast location ensures a consistent supply of gasoline, reducing transportation costs and enabling competitive pricing. Moreover, Alabama’s fuel taxation policies play a role in keeping costs manageable for motorists. The state imposes lower gas taxes compared to many others, which translates directly to savings at the pump.

As drivers journey through Alabama’s picturesque landscapes, they encounter historical landmarks and natural wonders. But also enjoy the distinct advantage of budget-friendly refueling—an aspect that enhances the allure of the state’s Southern charm.

5. Texas

An aerial view of Amistad Reservoir with the Governor's Landing Bridge in Texas at sunset

Gas in Texas is more affordable due to the state’s oil fields and gas industry.

©Wirestock Creators/

Texas is renowned for its vast landscapes, cowboy culture, and economic dynamism. But it also extends its appeal to drivers through its consistently low gas prices. As the second-largest state in both area and population, Texas has an intricate blend of urban centers, rolling plains, oil fields, and rugged deserts.

Central to Texas’ status as a hub of affordability is its role as a major player in the oil and gas industry. The state’s prolific oil production and numerous refineries contribute to a steady supply of gasoline. This homegrown access to resources allows Texas to maintain fuel costs that are often lower than the national average. Moreover, the state’s relatively modest gas taxes help alleviate the financial burden on drivers.

Whether traversing the bustling streets of Houston, through the iconic Hill Country, or across the deserts of West Texas, drivers in the Lone Star State encounter not only diverse landscapes but also an economic advantage that echoes the state’s famed motto: “Friendship.”

6. Tennessee

Silhouette of bass fishermen in a fishing boat on the lake, early morning sunrise on Tims Ford Lake in Tennessee, USA.

Home of Elvis, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Music City — Tennessee — also has budget-friendly gas prices.

©Carl Banks Photography/

Tennessee is renowned for its musical legacy, natural beauty, and vibrant cities, and being the home of Elvis Presley. However, although little known, it is also alluring to drivers due to its budget-friendly gas prices. As travelers explore the rolling hills, lush forests, and lively urban centers, they can also enjoy the financial advantage of lower fuel costs.

Strategically positioned refineries and access to domestic oil resources contribute to Tennessee’s gas affordability. The state’s gas prices often remain lower than the national average due to its proximity to refining facilities and the resultant competitive pricing. Additionally, Tennessee’s gas taxes are relatively moderate.

From the neon lights of Nashville’s honky-tonk scene to the breathtaking vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains, drivers can enjoy both the musical scene and savings.

7. Arkansas

View of Murray Lock and Dam and Big Dam Bridge over Arkansas River in Little Rock

Murray Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River is located in Little Rock.


Nestled between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas welcomes motorists with both natural beauty and wallet-friendly gas prices. The state’s serene landscapes, including pristine lakes and lush forests, create a scenic backdrop for travelers seeking economical refueling options.

Arkansas’ approach to gas taxation plays a role in maintaining its status as an affordable state for drivers. With some of the lowest state gas taxes in the country, the financial burden at the pump is notably lighter. Additionally, Arkansas’ proximity to refining centers in neighboring states ensures a reliable supply of gasoline. This enhances competition as well as encourages reasonable prices.

8. Ohio

Evening Columbus Ohio skyline along the Scioto River at dusk with car trails

The evening skyline in Columbus, Ohio along the Scioto River shows car trails during dusk.

©Randall Vermillion/

Nestled within the heartland of America, Ohio exudes a sense of frugality that extends to its gas prices. The state’s central location plays a key role in efficient fuel distribution, fostering competitive market dynamics that ultimately benefit consumers. Ohio’s approach to fuel taxation further contributes to its affordability. The state’s motor fuel taxes are relatively lower than the national average, which translates into savings for drivers.

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of major transportation routes, Ohio benefits from its accessibility to refineries, pipelines, and distribution networks. This positioning not only ensures a steady supply of gasoline but also minimizes distribution costs. As a result, drivers going around Ohio’s diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to serene countryside, often find themselves paying less at the pump than in many other parts of the country.

Moreover, Ohio’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability complements its economic approach to gas prices. The state’s initiatives to promote alternative fuels and reduce emissions contribute to a multifaceted strategy. It aims to create an environment where motorists can enjoy affordable travel without sacrificing environmental consciousness.

9. Kentucky

cars, vehicles crossing the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River heading south out of Cincinnati into Kentucky on interstate highway I-71

Tourists in Kentucky enjoy low gas prices, Mammoth Cave National Park, lakes, and




Kentucky is often celebrated for its horse racing heritage, lush landscapes, and Southern charm. But the Bluegrass State is also alluring to drivers, who traverse its rolling hills and explore its historical sites, due to cost-effective gas prices.

A key factor that contributes to Kentucky’s low gas prices is its location within the central part of the United States. This places it within reach of refining facilities and transportation routes. Therefore, this accessibility to domestic oil resources contributes to competitive pricing at the pump. Moreover, the state’s gas taxes are relatively moderate, striking a balance between infrastructure funding and driver affordability.

Therefore, drivers can marvel at the majesty of Mammoth Cave National Park or enjoy the sights along the Bourbon Trail without having to worry about money.

10. Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri, USA downtown cityscape on the river at dusk.

From the Gateway Arch and urban life in St. Louis to the bucolic beauty of the Ozarks, tourists enjoy Missouri’s sites and affordable fuel prices.

©Sean Pavone/

Missouri, the Show-Me State, has a reputation for its consistently low gas prices. When driving through the vibrant streets of St. Louis or the serene landscapes of the Ozarks, drivers in Missouri are greeted not only by captivating vistas but also by the advantage of affordable fuel.

A combination of factors contributes to Missouri’s status as a budget-friendly destination for motorists. The state’s central location in the nation, as well as its proximity to refining facilities, ensures a steady supply of gasoline. This accessibility is combined with a competitive fuel market, which results in reasonable prices at the pump. Moreover, Missouri’s gas taxes remain relatively moderate, further enhancing its appeal for drivers who seek an economical journey.

Drivers can admire the iconic Gateway Arch or cruise along the scenic roads that wind through the state’s natural wonders. They can find themselves experiencing the essence of the Show-Me State, which represents both beauty and affordability.

11. North Carolina

Front of Biltmore Estate, Asheville

The Biltmore Estate is an iconic historical attraction in Asheville, North Carolina.

©24dupontchevy / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

North Carolina‘s allure stretches from its stunning coastline to its majestic mountains. It encompasses diverse landscapes and a variety of attractions. As drivers traverse this state of beauty and history, they also benefit from its wallet-friendly gas prices.

North Carolina’s position along the East Coast provides access to refining centers and major transportation routes. Like other states along the East Coast, this access coupled with a competitive fuel market, contributes to the state’s affordable gas prices. Additionally, North Carolina’s gas taxes remain moderate.

Drivers in North Carolina enjoy the coastal charisma of the Outer Banks, the beauty along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and reasonable prices at the fuel pumps.

12. Oklahoma

Cargo Train at the Stillwater Central Railroad freight depot

Cargo trains of the Stillwater Central Railroad and the proximity of oil fields and refineries make gas affordable in Oklahoma.

©Andreas Stroh/

Oklahoma’s connection to the energy industry is deeply ingrained in its history and economic landscape. The state is a major oil and natural gas producer. Its proximity to oil fields and refineries, therefore, plays a pivotal role in shaping its gas price dynamics. The availability of locally produced crude oil contributes to a more stable supply chain.

Oklahoma’s commitment to maintaining lower fuel taxes further solidifies its position as a state with favorable gas prices. The revenue generated from the energy sector, combined with lower fuel taxes, creates an environment where motorists can travel through Oklahoma without encountering the burden of high fuel costs.

Summary of The Top 12 States with the Lowest Gas Prices

RankStateAverage Gas Price (per gallon)
3South Carolina$3.407
11North Carolina$3.525
A table showing fuel costs across different states in the United States, arranged by the lowest costs for regular fuel.

The comprehensive exploration of each state shows how the blend of geographic advantage, industry presence, and taxation policies contributes to budget-friendly fuel. As travelers journey through these states, they encounter not only captivating landscapes but also the practical advantage of economical travel.

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