How Small Are Monstera Houseplants?

Written by August Croft
Published: November 19, 2022
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You may be wondering how small monstera houseplants are, particularly if you plan on growing one in your compact living space. Whether you are searching for houseplants for your new home or simply want to try your hand at growing a monstera specifically, there’s a lot to know about the average size of this popular plant. 

So, how small are monstera houseplants? Depending on the type or variety, the average monstera can reach up to 4-8 feet when grown indoors. However, some types of monsteras grow slower than others, and there are even some varieties bred for their small size, though some are not technically considered members of the monstera species. 

In this article, we will go over just how small the average monstera houseplant is, as well as how big it can get as it ages. We will go over everything involved with keeping a monstera in a small space, as well as some compact varieties of both monstera houseplants and other popular houseplants. Let’s get started and talk all about monsteras now! 

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How Small Are Monstera Plants on Average?

How Small Are Monstera Houseplants?

The aptly-named mini monstera is another monstera variety to consider if you are looking for a small option.


Knowing just how small monstera plants are on average depends greatly on the type of monstera you are talking about. For example, there are some monstera plants that only reach up to 2 feet tall. Others can reach well over 10 feet tall, even when grown indoors. Some monsteras grow so slowly that it is unlikely you will ever see them reach such heights, but it all depends on the health of the plants and the level of care that it receives. 

The monstera Peru is one such monstera variety that remains compact and small, even as it ages. The average size of this plant is roughly one to 2 feet tall, despite its love of vining and growing quickly, like other monstera varieties. The aptly-named mini monstera is another monstera variety to consider if you are looking for a small option. It reaches up to 4 feet tall on average. 

However, even the mini monstera is technically not a type of monstera after all. While its leaves closely resemble the large and impressive monstera deliciosa, it is technically a completely different species, only distantly related. Another relatively small monstera to consider is the monstera albo, or any type of variegated monstera. Given the lack of chlorophyll in their leaves, these monsteras are slow-growing and may never reach their full, astounding height.

How Fast Do Monstera Houseplants Grow?

How Small Are Monstera Houseplants?

You can grow your monstera cuttings in water for months!


Speaking of slow-growing monsteras, the average monstera houseplant grows 1 to 2 feet every year. However, every plant is different and you may find that your monstera takes more time depending on where it is placed in your home as well as its overall health. Fertilizer, regular watering, and the appropriate amount of sunlight are all ways in which you can ensure that your monstera grows up to 2 feet annually. 

Should I Keep a Monstera in My Studio Apartment?

How Small Are Monstera Houseplants?

Monstera houseplants can be up to 10 feet high.


If you are at all concerned about how large monstera houseplants can get, you may not want to keep one in your compact studio apartment. The same can be said for any living situation. Many monstera species reach over six feet tall and nearly as wide. However, you should also keep in mind that your monstera can be pruned or trimmed regularly. This is a great benefit if you have friends that are interested in these trimmed and propagated plants! 

How Big Can Monstera Houseplants Get?

The average monstera deliciosa reaches anywhere from 6 to 8 feet indoors. Some specimens reportedly reach up to 10 feet tall. However, the equally popular monstera adansonii only reaches an average of 2 to 4 feet tall. Regardless of the monstera species you are interested in, these beauties will never be as large indoors as they are outdoors. You should definitely keep this in mind if you are able to plant a monstera outside. They can be considered invasive in some regions due to their impressive growth habits. 

Alternatives to Small Monstera Houseplants

How Small Are Monstera Houseplants?

Given the fact that these plants are notorious for their large size and foliage, you may want to consider something else so that you don’t end up with a huge houseplant down the line! 


If you are seeking a compact and small houseplant for your home, there are a number of alternatives besides any monstera species. Given the fact that these plants are notorious for their large size and foliage, you may want to consider something else so that you don’t end up with a huge houseplant down the line! 

Here’s a list of some popular houseplant alternatives that are all smaller or slower-growing than monsteras on average: 

  • Snake plants
  • Pothos
  • Peperomias
  • Succulents
  • Rubber trees
  • ZZ plants
  • Jade plants
  • Spider plants

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