Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: April 2, 2022
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The snakes in Australia are among some of the deadliest in the world. The incredibly venomous inland taipan and the long, powerful black-headed python are just two of the snakes that humans and other animals fear. What would happen if these two reptiles decided to fight? Well, as luck would have it, they share a range in Australia. We will examine the inland taipan vs black-headed python from several perspectives and determine which animal has the best shot at winning.

Comparing an Inland Taipan and a Black-Headed Python

Inland taipans and black-headed pythons have differences in their size and method of attack.


Inland TaipanBlack-Headed Python
Size– Weight: 3-4.4lbs
– Length: 4-6ft, up to 9ft
Weight: 20-35lbs
Length: 4.9-6.6ft, up to 11ft
Attacking Methods– LD50 of 0.025mg/kg
44mg average venom load with 110mg maximum
– Capable of killing between 100 and 280 humans with a single bite
– Said to have the deadliest land snake venom
– Can cause catastrophic effects in humans in less than an hour
– Strikes enemies with its closed mouth to make them back away
– Kills by attacking and constricting prey, overburdening their circulatory systems.  
Aggression– Not aggressive and actively avoids fights.Docile snakes that are often kept as exotic pets
Defenses– A skittish snake
– Prefers to avoid confrontations with humans; thus, interactions are rare.
– Immune to local snake venom, including the taipan  
Predatory Behavior– Ambush predator that relies on its venom to overwhelm prey– Primarily preys on reptiles, including snakes
– Ambush predator and endurance predator

What Are Key Differences Between an Inland Taipan and a Black-Headed Python?

Black-Headed Python
The black-headed python specializes in killing snakes.

©Rob D the Baker/

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The key differences between an inland taipan and a black-headed python include their size and method of attack. The inland taipan is a snake that weighs up to 4.4lbs, grows up to 9ft long, and uses venom to subdue its enemies, but the black-headed python weighs up to 35lbs, grows up to 11ft, and uses constriction to kill its prey.

These snakes are known for being docile and desiring to be left alone by humans and other animals. We’re going to use the differences between them along with other factors to determine what would happen if one of these snakes had to fight the other one.

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between an Inland Taipan and a Black-Headed Python?

The most important factors in a fight between an inland taipan and a black-headed python are similar to those of any battle in the world of animals. We have to consider size, how the animals attack, and the ways they fend off other creatures. We’re going to examine all these elements and a few others. By assigning advantages in five categories to each animal, we’ll learn which one has the best chance to win the fight.

Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Size

The black-headed python is larger than the inland taipan. It can weigh up to 35lbs and grow between 4.4ft and 6.6ft. However, some of the snakes can measure up to 11ft long.

The inland taipan has a smaller average length. It can measure between 4ft and 6ft and max out at 9ft. However, inland taipans only weigh between 3lbs and 4lbs.

The black-headed python has a size advantage.

Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Attacking Methods

The inland taipan is known for having the deadliest venom of any land-swelling snake. The snake packs enough venom to kill 289 people with a single bite. Moreover, it bites its prey multiple times when attacking, giving them barely any chance of surviving that massive dose of venom. Humans that are bitten and not treated die in 90% of cases, and the worst symptoms take less than an hour to appear.

The black-headed python is far more straightforward in its attacks. This animal strikes at creatures and then wraps around them to constrict them to death. The powerful squeeze it inflicts on prey overwhelms the circulatory and respiratory systems, eventually killing them.

The inland taipan has a deadlier attacking method.

Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Aggression

fierce snake
The inland taipan only attacks when there is no choice left.

©Ken Griffiths/

The inland taipan is more aggressive than the black-headed python. However, the inland taipan only attacks when left with no other choice, such as when cornered. The black-headed python is known for being very docile. It’s a popular pet for that reason. Neither animal is especially aggressive, but the inland taipan is not a creature that humans should handle.

The inland taipan is more aggressive.  

Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Defenses

Black-headed pythons are somewhat immune to snake venom of the elapids that are common to Australia, including taipans. The inland taipan’s best defense is its powerful offense and skittish nature, which makes it flee rather than fight. The more fights they avoid, the less likely they are to die.

The black-headed python has a more effective defense.

Inland Taipan vs Black-Headed Python: Predation

Black-headed pythons are ambush predators and endurance predators. They attack their prey, wrap them up, and then exert their constricting force upon the animal until it dies. That takes time and energy to kill their prey. The inland taipan is an ambush predator that overwhelms its foes with powerful neurotoxic venom in minutes.

Although both snakes have effective predation methods, the inland taipan has a deadlier overall attack.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between an Inland Taipan and a Black-Headed Python?

Black-Headed Python
The black-headed python can use its constriction and defenses to overcome many snakes.

©Jay Ondreicka/

A black-headed python would win a fight against an inland taipan. The inland taipan is highly venomous, but the black-headed python has enough resistance to take its bites. Although the black-headed python may eventually succumb to the venom, it will have more than enough time to constrict and kill the taipan.

The black-headed python is a huge snake that can weigh over five times as much as the inland taipan and grow almost twice its length. All these factors combined make it more feasible that the python would constrict the taipan to death than anything else.

Even if the inland taipan overwhelmed the python with venom, it would probably still be in deep trouble. If the black-headed python is already constricting the taipan when it succumbs, both snakes would probably die.

The black-headed python either wins outright or obtains a pyrrhic victory.

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