See ‘Blondie’ – The Massive 195-Pound Rottweiler

Written by August Croft
Updated: April 17, 2023
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Key Points:
  • Most male rottweilers weigh between 100 – 125 pounds – making Blondie’s weight of 195 very impressive.
  • Saint Bernards are the largest dog breed and regularly weigh close to 200 pounds.
  • A famous mastiff named Zorba weighed 230 pounds – earning the massive dog a turn on the late-night TV circuit.

Known for their loyalty and imposing physique, rottweilers can get pretty big. And by pretty big, we mean an average of 95-125 pounds. However, as with all animals, there are going to be outliers to these statistics. Blondie the rottweiler is one of those outliers. Located in Washington, DC, Blondie is an incredibly beloved and large friend to all he meets.

Whether you love rotties or simply have a fascination with big dogs, it’s time for you to get to know Blondie. This rottweiler is 195 pounds of pure love and affection, making him a dog that you must pet should you happen upon him in the greater DC area. Let’s talk about Blondie the rottweiler and just how large average-sized rottweilers get!

Meet Blondie, the Gentle Giant

Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Rottweiler
Most Rottweilers are about half the size of Blondie.

©Miroslav Cik/

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Before we go any further, take a look at our big, dear friend here. Blondie often visits a flooring store with his owner, who happens to work there. In fact, he’s often the life of the office when it’s safe for him to visit. Plus, any customers that happen to visit the flooring store while Blondie is in will be able to test the durability of just about any type of flooring against his huge paws!

With a powerful stance and impressive bulk, Blondie doesn’t appear to get in anyone’s way.

As you can no doubt see, Blondie is the star among his friends. His owner has no trouble handling a dog of this size, but Blondie also appears to be a very well-behaved boy. The person taking the video asks Blondie’s owner just how much he weighs, and the answer is an astonishing 195 pounds. You can tell just how big he is as he navigates the office.

With a powerful stance and impressive bulk, Blondie doesn’t appear to get in anyone’s way. Nor does he appear to have any agenda outside of snuggles and tail wagging. However, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Blondie is a strong and impressive dog, just like all rottweilers, no matter how large or small!

How Big Do Rottweilers Get?

blondie the rottweiler
A 195-pound rottweiler? That’s completely unheard of amongst rotties and most dogs in general.


There’s no way that most rottweilers get as large as Blondie. In fact, the average female rottweiler weighs anywhere from 80-100 pounds. Male rottweilers are larger, which is why it makes sense that Blondie the rottweiler is so big. However, even average male rotties only reach 100-125 pounds, 150 pounds being a hefty point to reach. A 195-pound rottweiler? That’s completely unheard of amongst rotties and most dogs in general.

But are rottweilers typically among some of the largest dog breeds out there? Are there any dogs that consistently reach nearly 200 pounds?

What is the Largest Dog Breed in the World?

blondie the rottweiler
Rotties besides Blondie rarely make the list of largest dog breeds, given their average size.


In general, the largest dog breed found around the world is Saint Bernard, as well as Newfoundland. However, honorable mention also goes to the Great Dane, Mastiff, and Irish Wolfhound, all fantastic dogs capable of reaching the same immense sizes as Saint Bernard. In fact, the Irish Wolfhound (alongside the Scottish Deerhound) is the tallest dog in the world, with long legs and keen speed.

All of these dogs are capable of weighing over 150 pounds, depending on the gender and age of the specific dog. Some Saint Bernards and Great Danes reach over 180 pounds– but what about 195? That’s still a huge number to reach, and it’s even more impressive that this record is held by a rottweiler! Rotties besides Blondie rarely make the list of largest dog breeds, given their average size.

There have been many records of huge dogs throughout history. One particular mastiff named Zorba reached roughly 230 pounds and even earned himself an appearance on some late-night talk shows given his impressive size! No matter the size, all of these gentle giants make fantastic family pets when properly trained, and Blondie clearly demonstrates that during his time at the office!

Blondie Compared to Other Animals

blondie the rottweiler
There have been many records of huge dogs throughout history.

© Culák

Besides huge dogs, what other animals weigh nearly the same amount as our friend Blondie? There are countless huge animals in the animal kingdom, but only some weigh an average of 200 pounds. Besides Blondie the rottie, here are some animals that can match or even beat Blondie’s 195-pound weight!

  • Wolves
  • Sea turtles
  • Dolphins
  • Black bears
  • Warthogs
  • Some deer species
  • Many humans!

While this list is only just a snippet of the number of animals that weigh as much or more than Blondie, it’s important to note that Blondie is an impressive dog for both his species and dogs in general. Kind and muscular, Blondie the rottweiler is truly special!

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