The 105 Best Game of Thrones Dog Names

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: February 26, 2024
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It’s the show that captures your attention in the same way your dog pulls you into the moment. Sometimes, you just can’t look away. And there’s nothing wrong with binging episodes or cuddles! What makes it more fun to pick a name from this series is you have tons of available options. Yelling out, “Lommy Greenhands, get back here!” at the dog park to call your rescue to you may garner some chuckles from other Game of Thrones fans, or it may be an amusing moment you get to keep for yourself. To help you decide on just the right moniker for your sweet pooch, we compiled a list of the best Game of Thrones names below!

The 105 Best Game of Thrones Dog Names

Best Game of Thrones Dog Names for Female Dogs

A Yorkshire terrier with a red bow

No matter if your female dog is big or small, there’s a suitable Game of Thrones name for her.


Game of Thrones has a long list of unique and sometimes difficult-to-pronounce names. To keep it simple, we start with female names that are both short and beautiful for feminine pups. You might have a hunting dog with a big heart. She might be an emotional support pup who aids your healing process and deserves the treatment of a queen. Either way, there’s a name for her in this list.

  • Arya
  • Ellaria
  • Gilly
  • Lysa
  • Margaery
  • Meera
  • Missandei
  • Myrcella
  • Obara
  • Olenna
  • Osha
  • Septa Unella
  • Shae
  • Talisa
  • Tyene

Best Game of Thrones Dog Names for Male Dogs

Black german shepherd winter portrait

Some male dogs are fiercely protective while others befriend even the strangest of strangers.

©Sansargo/ via Getty Images

In keeping with gendered names, we selected several that perfectly suit male pups. Your doggo may be the cheerful, friendly type with a keen sense of danger. He may have a cunning personality, mastering escapes and treat grabs. He may exist somewhere between two extremes, displaying devotion and a task-oriented personality. Wherever your pup falls on the spectrum, there’s an array of names to choose from.

  • Benjen
  • Bran
  • Dickon
  • Euron
  • Gendry
  • Grey Worm
  • Hot Pie
  • Jaqen
  • Littlefinger
  • Mance
  • Ned
  • Oberyn
  • Petyr
  • Ramsey
  • Renly
  • Rickon
  • Robb
  • Robert
  • Roose
  • Samwell
  • Sparrow
  • Stannis
  • Theon
  • Tommen

Names for Dogs With Bold Personalities

dog in car

Some dogs have the kinds of personalities that leave you wondering if they were human in a past life.

©Christin Lola/

Some breeds are inherently aloof, seeming disinterested unless they’re engaged in play or snacking. Others have personalities so big, they take over the room. This list incorporates these types of personalities. Whether they’re the fierce warrior type, bold in their impressive thoughtfulness, or they’re irrevocably mischievous, a suitable name awaits below.

  • Beric
  • Cersei
  • Dongo
  • Ghost
  • Grey Wind
  • Hodor
  • Ilyn
  • Joffrey
  • Lady
  • Meryn
  • Nymeria
  • Polliver
  • Rorge
  • Shaggydog
  • Summer
  • The Hound
  • The Mountain
  • Thoros
  • Walder Frey
  • Wun Wun

Names That Celebrate Game of Thrones Actors

A long-haired chihuahua on a white background

Ready for a close-up? You can also name your dog after the real-life actors who embodied Game of Thrones characters.


If the performance of an actor in Game of Thrones captivated you, you probably went on to explore their body of work as a fan. To celebrate the actors who gave it their all for their portrayal of Game of Thrones characters, you can celebrate their talents by naming your beloved canine companion after them.

  • Sophie
  • Maisie
  • Emilia
  • Nikolaj
  • Iain
  • Jack
  • Peter
  • Gwendoline
  • Kit
  • Jason
  • Carice
  • Jerome
  • Conleth
  • Oona
  • Liam
  • Iwan
  • Michiel
  • Indira
  • Nathalie
  • Sibel
  • Isaac

Names for Dogs That Exude Magic

Some dogs have a magical, ineffable quality to them. These dogs deserve special recognition for the otherworldly energy they possess and emanate.

©Monique Oliveira/ iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

If your dog is the type that stops others in their tracks, it may just need a magical name. Like Direwolf, dogs can be devoted and protective. Like Drogon, they can be bold and assertive, undeterred in their role as protectors. And like a wight, they come alive when they watch you walk through your front door like a White Walker.

  • Bear
  • Direwolf
  • Dragon
  • Drogon
  • Giant
  • Manticore
  • Rhaegal
  • Viserion
  • Warg
  • Wight

Names for Watchful, Protective Dogs

young black rottweiler dog training for protection sport and police

Some dog breeds make wonderful protective companions due to their watchful nature.


When your dog is a protector, it needs a name that represents its strong, watchful energy. A name that encapsulates the spirit of a warrior like Barristan, who even in his old age, maintained his reputation. Your pup may be like Davos, a dependable personality who behaves honorably or like Bronn, who lets pragmatism take center stage, remaining task-oriented as part of their personality.

  • Barristan
  • Brienne
  • Bronn
  • Dagger
  • Davos
  • Dragonglass
  • Gregor
  • Heartsbane
  • Jamie
  • Kingslayer
  • Longclaw
  • Needle
  • Oathkeeper
  • Podrick
  • Widow

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