Watch Men Swim With “Batman” — Monster Rattlesnake

Written by Maxwell Martinson
Updated: October 21, 2023
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Key Points:

  • “Batman,” a domesticated rattlesnake, is owned by snake handler Tyler Nolan of the show Chandler’s Wild Life.
  • The show, featuring snake handlers Tyler and Chandler, offers advanced knowledge on handling snakes and responding to snakes that demonstrate aggressive behavior.
  • There are more than 50 known species of rattlesnake distributed throughout North and Central America, even reaching down into areas of South America.

The idea of getting into the water with a massive snake is something that would make most people’s stomachs turn. Add “venomous” to that snake’s description, and the fear might be too much to bear.

Watch a Man Swimming with a Rattlesnake in the Video Below:

The rattlesnake is one of the most feared snakes in North America, and these two men are willingly hopping into the water with a particularly huge one. “Batman” is a 7-foot-long rattlesnake that’s about as round and thick as a human leg.

So, what would ever compel someone to do this?

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Who Are the Swimmers?

Rattlesnake Close Up

Don’t try this at home! The men in this video are experienced and certified to handle rattlesnakes like “Batman” (relatively) safely.

©Rodolfo Ayala Plata/

“Batman” is a domesticated snake, owned by snake handler Tyler Nolan. Tyler and Chandler of Chandler’s Wild Life are both experienced and certified snake handlers with advanced knowledge about how to handle snakes and respond if the animal shows any aggression.

So, unfortunately for the thrill seekers out there, it’s absolutely unsafe for you at home to jump in the water with a big rattlesnake. These professionals are knowledgeable about snakes, and they’re getting into the water with a snake that’s familiar with humans. That makes it a lot safer.

These aren’t the stern-faced, serious snake handlers you’d imagine them to be, though. Our snake-wrangling cowboys clearly love snakes and get a great deal of enjoyment by being around them. It’s clear to see how enthusiastic they are about observing how snakes interact with the environment.

You’ll hear a lot of things like “Duuuude, that’s frickin’ awesome! He’s such a beeeeaast!” in this video.

In the same breath, Chandler describes why rattlesnakes are so important to the ecosystem, give behavioral insights into what Batman is doing, and keeps a generally cool demeanor while he does something that few of us would have the guts to do.

Aren’t rattlesnakes typically found in deserts and other dry areas, though? Let’s take a look at why rattlesnakes are such good swimmers.

Why Are Rattlesnakes Good Swimmers?

Do Rattlesnakes Swim -Rattlesnake in Water

Rattlesnakes are actually excellent swimmers. They typically swim on top of the water.

©Tim Malek/

Rattlesnakes have a reputation for basking on desert rocks and terrifying hikers with the clear hisses and shakes of their rattles. While these snakes aren’t looking to attack humans, they will do so to protect themselves and their babies.

Wouldn’t you strike back if someone stepped on you during your afternoon sunbath?

In any case, there isn’t just one type of rattlesnake. There are more than 50 known species of rattlesnake, ranging in length from under two to over 8 feet. They’re distributed all throughout North and Central America, even reaching down into areas of South America.

That means “rattlesnakes,” in general, have many diverging traits and live in a number of different environments. As a result, they come in contact with a lot of bodies of water.

Rattlesnakes adapt by crossing water to evade predators or track down prey when necessary. As you’ll see in this video, they are excellent swimmers, although they stay on top of the water.

Unlike water moccasins or other water snakes, they don’t plunge underneath. That’s a good thing, too, because underwater rattlesnakes could play star roles in millions of nightmares.

The World of Snakes Is Fascinating, and There’s So Much to Learn. Here Are a Few Avenues for You to Take as You Learn More:

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