Watch This Massive Buffalo Turn Into a Nimble Warrior and Battle a Pack of Hyenas

African Water Buffalo kick up dust in the early morning sunshine.

Written by Chris Madden

Updated: October 23, 2023

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As seen in the video in this article, this mother water buffalo is ready to put up a fight to deny a pack of hyenas her newborn calf! With surprising agility and determination, this mother proves herself a potent protector! 

Watch The Full Video Below To See The Drama Unfold!

Buffalo herd comes to the rescue

Mother Buffalo Tirelessly Defends Her Calf

In the gripping video linked below, we witness an extraordinary scene of maternal bravery and survival in the African savannah. It starts with a lone buffalo mother fiercely defending her vulnerable calf from the relentless advances of a single hyena. With unwavering determination, she confronts the predator, her massive frame serving as an impenetrable shield.

Water buffalo with calf gazing in the paddy field in Manipur, India

Water buffalo come back to rescue each other even when it risks their own lives due to their strong social bonds.

As tension mounts, more hyenas are drawn to the commotion, gradually forming a pack that encircles the mother and her calf. Undeterred by the increasing odds, the buffalo mother valiantly battles each hyena, her sharp horns and powerful charges keeping the predators at bay. Minutes pass, but it feels like an eternity as she fights tirelessly, never yielding to protect her precious offspring.

In a pivotal moment, as hope seems to dwindle, a distant rumble signals the arrival of a thunderous force. The rest of the buffalo herd, alerted to the peril, gallops back to the scene. Starting as a trickle that grows to a stream, the buffalo herd arrives just in time, creating a formidable wall of horns and hooves. As the herd surrounds the determined duo, their combined strength overwhelms the hyena pack. The mother and her calf find refuge in the heart of the protective herd, sheltered from further harm. In this remarkable display of unity, the buffalo exemplify the indomitable spirit of their species, showcasing the unwavering loyalty and resilience of collective defense.

The Unique Defensive Comradery of a Water Buffalo Herd

The Big Five

Cape buffalo, despite weighing as much as a ton, can race up to 40 mph, jump up to 6 feet vertically, and can quickly pivot to combat predators.

Water buffalo come back to rescue each other even when it risks their own lives due to their strong social bonds and sense of collective responsibility. Unlike some other herd animals, such as gazelles, which may scatter and abandon captured members, or wildebeests, which may prioritize their own survival, water buffalo exhibit a remarkable level of bravery, protective instinct, and loyalty to their herd. This behavior sets them apart from species that may not display the same defensive qualities and emphasizes the unique bond and selflessness observed within water buffalo herds.

Why Hyenas Never Fight Someone Their Own Size

Are Hyenas Dogs

Hyenas are opportunistic predators and often take advantage of vulnerable individuals.

Hyenas are opportunistic predators and have been observed hunting water buffalo calves in certain circumstances. When targeting water buffalo calves, hyenas often take advantage of vulnerable individuals that are separated from the protective presence of the herd. With their agility, speed, and powerful jaws, hyenas can overpower and subdue the young buffalo, exploiting their relative inexperience and smaller size. However, as we see in the video below, water buffalo mothers are fiercely protective, and their presence and defensive tactics can pose significant challenges for hyenas attempting to prey on their young.

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