Wolverine Casually Carries Entire Goat Head Past Biker and Pauses for Photo Op

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 11, 2022
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The largest member of the weasel family that inhabits the earth is the wolverine. They resemble a dog, a bear, and a skunk in appearance. They have small legs, long hair, and long snouts. In addition, they have a distinctive blond fur stripe extending from their shoulders to the tip of their tail, as well as a darkened mask over their eyes and forehead. To be honest, these animals don’t sound as intimidating as they look. 

A scavenger of the arctic woodlands, the wolverine hunts small and medium-sized prey, such as reindeer and goats. Its diet also includes berries, hares, foxes, birds, and frogs in addition to smaller mammals. The wolverine’s nutrition varies depending on the location. Female wolves living in Eastern Finland primarily eat moose, which they discover in wolf areas as carrion. 

Wolverines almost always kill reindeer in Finland during the winter. Normally they eat their kill for sustenance and call it a day. While enjoying a bike ride on a public trail, one person spotted a wolverine in the wild. As the creature got closer, the biker noticed something strange in its mouth. 

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Thankfully, the cyclist filmed the entire encounter. Several times the wolverine pauses, almost to tell the human, “Hey, if anyone asks, I wasn’t here.” With each step, the animal gets closer and we’re able to see what’s hanging from its sharp teeth – a severed goat head! 

While you’re going on a bike ride through the woods, you may expect to see beautiful birds, someone walking their dog, or maybe even a deer. The last thing this person expected was to see a wolverine caring a goat’s head! What a sight to be seen! 

Not So Friendly

Despite the fact that wolverines prefer to be alone, the “bad-tempered loner” stereotype gives the idea that they are blatantly antisocial. As long as there’s plenty of food to go around, they can be quite social animals! Although they are territorial in the broadest sense, they are not nearly as frightening as society portrays them to be.

They are nocturnal animals that are occasionally active during the day. Wolverines may spend three to four hours actively followed by three to four hours of sleep in areas with extended periods of darkness or light. So, do wolverines pose a threat to humans like the cyclist in this video?

Although wolverines have been spotted close to human populations, no one has ever been attacked by one. Wolverines attempt to hide away at a distance and avoid people even when they are close by. It is suggested to stay as far away from these critters as you can. Just like other wild animals, giving it plenty of space prevents territorial instincts to trigger and a possible attempt at an attack. Stay safe out there, fellow bikers! 

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