Here’s the Best Bird Toys: Updated for 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

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#1 Overall Best: BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy SetBWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy Set
Best Chew Toy: SunGrow Chewing ToySunGrow Chewing Toy
Best for Mental Stimulation: Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon DelightBonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight
Best for Climbing: Prevue Hendryx Rope LadderPrevue Hendryx Rope Ladder
Best Play Gym: Niteangel Natural Living PlaygroundNiteangel Natural Living Playground

If you’re the proud owner of Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, or other birds, keeping your feathered friends mentally stimulated and happy is important to you. The best bird toys can help you reach this goal and will provide the stimulation and entertainment your bird buddies need. Deciding which toys are safe for your birds and will actually keep them happy can be a challenge, however.

Good bird toys will also stand up to the feistiest bird’s attacks. I had a quaker parrot named Matilda that loved to destroy anything within her reach (even attacking my dad on occasion). Those cheap plastic mirrors and other gadgets just didn’t do the trick of withstanding her advances. So we have taken durability as a key factor in our choices.

We researched and tested some of the top toys on the market to help you make the best choices. Read through our reviews below, and you’ll be able to decide which toys you’d like to purchase to give your bird some safe and enjoyable playtime.

Different Types of Bird Toys

You’ll find that there are numerous types of toys. Choosing a mix of toy types and rotating a few in and out of your bird’s cage at a time can help keep them stimulated and prevent them from becoming bored. Some types of toys include:

  • Chewing toys and other destructible play items
  • Climbing toys
  • Perches and swings
  • Noisemakers
  • Puzzles
  • Foraging toys
  • Play gyms

How to Choose the Best Bird Toys

Many factors go into play when determining which toy is best for your bird. Each bird also has their own likes and dislikes, so the best toys will vary from one bird to the next. We’ve compiled a list of some important things to consider when shopping for bird toys to help you decide which toys to try for your bird.

Bird Species

Different bird species will require different types of toys. For example, macaws and parrots are very strong and muscular and will need more durable toys that won’t be easily destroyed. Parakeets, Cockatiels, and Conures, on the other hand, may be intimidated by toys that are too large. Toys for these species are generally smaller and more delicate in nature.

Generally speaking, larger birds may prefer chewing or attaching toys, while small birds may be happier with items such as swings, bells, and mirrors.


Safety is extremely important when choosing toys for your pet. Birds will almost always chew on theirs, so selecting items that can be safely ingested is important. Avoid ones with strings, dyes, or chains that could pose a threat to your bird. Many wooden ones are perfectly safe for birds, but you want to avoid woods that could be toxic or unsafe including oak yellow cedar, cherry, apricot, crepe myrtle, peach, plum, redwood, sequoias, yew, apricot, Chines snake tree, holly, hemlock, Chinese popcorn, pitch pine, prune Chinese tallow, nectarine, horse apple, Sitka cedar, and umbrella tree woods.

Toy Size

Choose toys that are appropriately sized to fit in the cage you have. You want to make sure the item is too large that it limits the bird’s ability to move about in its cage. However, you also don’t want to choose something too small that your bird will destroy too quickly or just ignore it. Keep in mind that some small birds, like Budgies and Cockatiels, can be shyer and may be intimated or distressed by a large toy.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Stimulation, both physical and mental, is important when shopping for a toy for your pet. Birds like testing their wits and solving problems. Look for colorful items with a variety of textures, sounds, and tastes that will keep your bird’s senses stimulated. Toys that will make birds use their muscles and improve their coordination can also help ensure they remain strong and able to fly with ease.

Our Criteria and Experience–How We Chose the Best

Being a past bird owner of parakeets, cockatiels, and a Quaker parrot, I understand the challenges that bird owners face in keeping them entertained, stimulated, and happy. Add to that the element of safety–no parent wants their bird’s beak or toe nail getting stuck in a metal loop, causing an injury. And birds are very sensitive to toxins. So we took these factors into account when making our choices.

  • We love our overall best pick for bird toys for the bright colors which are stimulating to birds of all varieties, the numerous activities they can enjoy on them, and the fact they hold up against the wear and tear of chewing and climbing. The swing is wide to easily accommodate multiple smaller birds at once–in my experience, my parakeets often fought over who got to enjoy the swing, as it was a favorite toy. There’s also a smaller swing for the solo bird with colorful beads to invite nibbling. And several of these toys feature bells for never-ending noisemaking!
  • Our #2 pick is a parrot’s dream! A cluster of fun for chewing, climbing, and swinging, this toy has the appearance of an intricate puzzle, which is great for a bird’s mental stimulation. Blocks of varied shapes and sizes invite the bird to figure out how to detach them from the cluster, and the soft cotton ropes actually engage a bird’s desire to forage. This toy is a winner in our book!
  • We value bird toys that meet animal safety standards, such as our #4 choice, made of all natural rubberwood. Bird owners know that their babies are very fragile creatures, and need toys that will be safe as well as fun. The #2 pick is also made of natural wood and cotton rope to ensure your bird’s chewing does not become the source of illness.

The Top Picks for the Best Bird Toys: Ranked

BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells Pet Parrot Cage Hammock Hanging Toy Perch for Budgie Love Birds Conures Small Parakeet Finches Cockatiels (5 Pack)
  • Package includes 5 packs of different types bird chewing hanging swing toys to meet your various needs for birds parrot having fun.
  • BEST QUALITY AND PRICE: Bird swing made by pet safe materials, durable, 100% safe.
  • MUlTI-FUNCTION TOY: Designed to soothe your bird's feet while affording chew and audio entertainment for your parrots.
  • All birds like to make noise and colorful toys,Give your pet birds a treat and have hours of fun watching them play, fits most cages, steel hook connects to cage easily.
  • Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, suitable for small parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, finches ect.

The BQOGUE 5-piece toy set is our top pick. With this set, you’ll receive a variety of toy types to help keep your pet parakeets, cockatiels, and other birds happy. This colorful, noise-making set includes perches, a play stand, chains, and bells to ensure your bird is physically and mentally stimulated. Each toy features a sturdy steel hook to attach it to the cage and is made using materials safe for birds.

Multiple physical activities can be enjoyed by your birds from swinging to chewing to hanging to climbing (and even the occasional battle)! And the toys are interchangeable, with the option to rotate out for a smaller cage, or use multiple items in a large one, keeping things new and exciting for your bird(s).

And most importantly, these toys are easy on your bird’s delicate feet, made of sturdy wood to resist breakage, and are non-toxic.

Click here to check out BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy Set

SunGrow Parrot Wooden and Rope Chewing Toy, Multi-Shaped and Multicolored Blocks and Cotton Rope with Hanging Loop
  • Challenges Your Parrot Mentally & Physically --- Toys are a necessity for parrots. They provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots in the cage which they undertake when living in their native habitat. There are several multi-colored blocks in this single toy to make your bird active. These blocks are arranged in multiple layers to climb and explore.
  • Entertaining Toy For Your Birds --- A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more disruptive during certain times of the year, usually during their breeding period. SunGrow’s bird chewing and preening toy is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less disruptive and have more fun hours which keep them active mentally.
  • Edible Chew Toy --- It is important for the avian species that we keep something for them to chew on. In their native habitat, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. The wooden blocks chew toy by SunGrow is made from wood and cotton rope. So when they nudge on to their toy, it would keep them content. So if you don’t spot your green cheek outside playing, just hover a little inside. They might be hiding amongst the blocks and savoring them.
  • Right Size For Your Bird --- The Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow comes with a standard size of 40cm (15.7”) x 10cm (3.9”) and fits well in your beloved feathered pet’s cage. The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium-sized, conure-sized birds. It is suggested for macaws, African greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Budgies, Lovebirds, pigeons, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.

This chew toy from SunGrow is designed to provide physical and mental stimulation for birds to keep them happy and prevent boredom and disruptive behaviors. The toy features several color blocks in an intricate, layered design. Birds can climb on the blocks or chew on them to stay entertained.

This chew toy is made using safe materials for birds, including wooden blocks and cotton rope. The toy is nicely sized at 15.7 inches tall by 3.9 inches wide. It includes a durable metal buckle to connect it to a bird’s cage. It is designed for small Parrots, Conures, Cockatiels, Budgies, Cockatoos, Pigeons, Lovebirds, as well as other feathered friends.

Click here to check out SunGrow Chewing Toy

Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight African Grey Parrot, Amazon, Conure, Quaker, Caique, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, and Similar Birds.
  • The 1969 Spoon Delight from Bonka Bird Toys is a shiny and durable medium bird toy that pets love!
  • This reflective bird toy has lots of durable materials that are super pleasing to beaks and feet.
  • The 1969 Spoon Delight is a perfect toy for Macaws, Parrots, Cockatoos, Cockatiels and many more!
  • The spoons on this medium sized bird toy are made of sturdy stainless steel that last a long time.
  • The 1969 Spoon Delight is made with 100% bird safe materials and is sure to excite your pet bird!

It’s no secret a bird by itself can get lonely. Many prominent bird toys have a reflective feature so that the bird can be entertained by seeing itself. Give your bird plenty of mental stimulation with the Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight. This hanging toy features five shiny spoons of various sizes. The shiny stainless-steel material of each spoon is reflective and sure to engage a bird’s senses.

The toy is made using bird-safe materials, including stainless-steel spoons and acrylic embellishments. Each end of the chain features a hook and allows for different hanging options for this toy.

Click here to check out Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight

Prevue Pet Products Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy, Wood Stairs Climbing Activity Attachment for Birdcage, Earth Tone Brown
  • Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials
  • Your bird will benefit from hours of mental stimulation and rugged physical play
  • A variety of natural textures encourages foot exercise
  • Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment
  • Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials

If you’re looking for a great climbing toy for your bird, this rope ladder from Peruve Hendryx fits the bill. The ladder is made using natural texture to facilitate foot exercises. It is also handmade of natural rubberwood for sustainability and safety.

Each end of the rope ladder features a durable link that can be attached to the cage. This allows you to place it hanging down straight for vertical climbing, or attach both hooks to make a curved climbing ramp for your bird. The adventure will keep your feathered friend engaged for hours.

Click here to check out Prevue Hendryx Rope Ladder

Niteangel Natural Living Playground for Birds, Bird Activity Center
  • Made of natural wood material.
  • Features rope perches, ladders, swings, rings.
  • Great fun and exercise for your birds.
  • Place it on top of the cage to give birds a change of scenery.
  • Dimensions: 13-3/4-inch in length, 9-7/8-inch in width, 10-1/2-inch in height.

How do pet birds spell adventure? Play gym! This product offers hours of fun for a solo or multiple birds, and provides a great opportunity for human interaction when you place the gym on a table within reach. This gym is made of thick natural wood to endure chewing, and features multiple built-in rungs for climbing, two detachable ladders, and two uniquely-shaped rope swings.

Your birds can swing, climb, chew, and play chicken on this great interactive toy. It also ranks high for value for the money, ease of assembly, versatility, and sturdiness. These are just a few of the reasons why we added this item to our list of must-have bird toys.

Click here to check out Niteangel Natural Living Playground

Summary of Best Bird Toys

RankedBest ForProduct
1OverallBWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy Set
2Chewing SunGrow Chewing Toy
3Mental Stimulation Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight
4Climbing Prevue Hendryx Rope Ladder
5Play GymNiteangel Natural Living Playground

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Best Overall

BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy Set
  • Package includes 5 packs of different types bird chewing hanging swing toys to meet your various needs for birds parrot having fun.
  • BEST QUALITY AND PRICE: Bird swing made by pet safe materials, durable, 100% safe.
  • MUlTI-FUNCTION TOY: Designed to soothe your bird's feet while affording chew and audio entertainment for your parrots.
  • All birds like to make noise and colorful toys,Give your pet birds a treat and have hours of fun watching them play, fits most cages, steel hook connects to cage easily.
  • Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, suitable for small parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, finches ect.
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Here’s the Best Bird Toys: Updated for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What kinds of toys do birds like?

Birds like a variety of toy types. Toys that they can chew or destroy can be particularly popular with Parakeets, Cockatiels, and other birds. Finding toys that will offer mental and physical stimulation are most likely to keep a bird entertained and prevent them from getting bored. Birds are very intelligent, and likely exploring new things.

What are the best parrot toys?

Wood toys are one of the most popular options for parrots. Some favorites include chew toys, swings, puzzles, and perches.

What can I get my bird to play with?

Every bird is different, and if your bird doesn’t seem to want to play with the toys you have purchased, they may be interested in other types. Try picking up a variety of toys and seeing what gets your bird the most interested. You can also try ‘playing’ with your bird to show them how to play. Sit down with your bird and show them how to break off pieces of a food toy or how to make other toys move, etc. This may encourage them to play some on their own.

Are Bonka bird toys safe?

Bonka has been making bird toys for over 13 years and is a trusted name for those looking to purchase toys for a bird. They take measures to make sure each toy they make is safe for birds, and even sell their toys to many aviaries, avian vets, bird stores, and pet shops.

How many bird toys should a bird have?

Birds don’t need a ton of toys, and their cages should be kept generally clear to allow them sufficient space to fly. Keeping about two or three toys in their cage at a time is a good idea. However, you may find that your Budgies, Cockatiels, or other birds get bored with the same toys after a while. So, have some extra toys and rotate what is in their cage.

How do I attach a toy to my birdcage safely?

C-hook attachments are the safest to use when attaching a toy to a birdcage. This screw-type attachment can protect Parakeets, Conures, and other bird species from the accidental harm that may occur with handing cords or chains.

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