What Do Donkeys Eat?

Donkeys, known for their ‘helping hooves,’ are domesticated members of the equine family. Originating from Africa and the Middle East, donkeys were tamed more than 5,000 years ago.

While they might look like miniature horses, you’ll be surprised to find that they don’t always eat the same. So let’s explore what these donkeys eat.

What Do Donkeys Eat?

Donkeys eat barley straw, hay, and grass primarily for their diet. They are classified as herbivores as their large teeth and appetites.

A Complete List of Foods Donkeys Eat

– Straw – Meadow Hay – Seed Hay – Grass – Shrubs – Desert plants

How Much Does A Donkey Eat?

A donkey will eat approximately 1.5-1.8% of its body weight in dry matter per day. A healthy adult donkey can weigh anywhere between 220lbs and 1000lbs.

How Does Their Diet Impact Other Species?

Donkeys have been known to trample on native vegetation, destroy creek beds, spread weeds, and outcompete native animals for food sources.