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Welsh Corgi

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Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Welsh Corgis are generally recognized as two distinct breeds, the Cardigan and the Pembroke. Beginning in 1934, the American Kennel Club recognized them as separate breeds.

The Cardigan is the larger of the two, with larger rounded ears and a foxy, flowing tail. The Pembroke features pointed ears and is somewhat smaller in stature. Historically, the Pembroke was a breed with a natural bob tail (a very short tail). Due to the advent of docking, the trait was not aggressively pursued, with breeders focusing instead on other characteristics, and the tail artificially shortened if need be.

Given that some countries are now banning docking, breeders are again attempting to select for dogs with the genes for natural bob tails. The coats of both breeds come in a variety of colours, although there are some differences between the breeds.

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"this artical is amasing for the cutest kind of god "


"corgis are so cute and cuddly and kissable i have one clhoe the adorable corgi"

ella mae romig

"thier amazing "

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Welsh Corgi Facts

The name of the domestic breed...
Welsh Corgi
The area where the animal first came from...
Great Britain
How long (L) or tall (H) the animal is...
30cm (12in)
The measurement of how heavy the animal is...
14kg (30lbs)
Life Span:
How long the animal lives for...
13 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog...