The 300+ Best Cartoon Dog Names (From Unique to Cute to Funny)

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: December 13, 2023
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Cartoon canines bring joy and laughter to people everywhere, serving as iconic symbols of loyalty, bravery, friendship, and humor. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your furry friend or simply want to take a stroll down memory lane, we’ve got you covered. From classic cartoons to modern animations, the best cartoon dog names offer a treasure trove of inspiration!

Classic Cartoon Dog Names

Scooby-Doo lunchbox

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo are both Great Danes.


  • Augie Doggie: A mischievous pup in The Quick Draw McGraw Show.
  • Doggie Daddy: Augie Doggie’s father in The Quick Draw McGraw Show.
  • Bruno: Bosko’s dog in several Warner Bros animated shorts.
  • Droopy: A cartoon basset hound.
  • Huckleberry Hound: A coonhound with a Southern drawl. 
  • Odie: The happy-go-lucky pup in Garfield
  • Mr. Peabody: Hector J. Peabody comes from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.
  • Spike: A cartoon bulldog in Tom and Jerry. 
  • Tyke: This cute pup is Spike’s son in Tom and Jerry.
  • Jerry: Jerry the Troublesome Tyke is a vintage cartoon from 1925
  • Snoopy: Charlie Brown’s beloved beagle in The Peanuts. 
  • Pudgy: Pudgy the Puppy appeared in the Betty Boop cartoons. 
  • Snooty: Snooty is Pudgy’s rich girlfriend in the Betty Boop cartoons. 
  • Sam: Sam Sheepdog stars opposite Ralph Wolf in Looney Tunes. 
  • Marc Anthony: A tough bulldog who is very protective of his tiny kitten friend, Pussyfoot, in Looney Tunes. 
  • Hector: Granny’s pet bulldog in Looney Tunes. 
  • K-9: Marvin the Martian’s pet dog, K-9 is a green alien canine with four feet. 
  • Chester: A Jack Russel terrier from Looney Tunes. 
  • Digeri Dingo: The bully-like buddy of Taz in Taz-Mania.
  • Goopy: Goopy Geer is an anthropomorphic dog in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. 
  • Ham or Ex: Ham and Ex are twin Saint Bernard puppies in Looney Tunes. 
  • Charlie: Charlie Dog, or Charles the Dog, is an animated pup from Looney Tunes. 
  • Astro: The galactic Great Dane in The Jetsons. 
  • Dino: Fred Flinstone’s dog-like pet dinosaur. 
  • Scooby: The crime-solving dog from Scooby-Doo. 
  • Scrappy: Scooby-Doo’s cheeky nephew from Scooby-Doo. 
  • Muttley: A racing dog in Wacky Races with a wheezy snicker. 

Female Cartoon Dog Names 

A Yorkshire terrier with a red bow

If your pooch is a pampered princess, then a female cartoon dog name would be perfect.


  • Jenna: The red and white Siberian husky in Balto.
  • Gidget: A white Pomeranian in The Secret Life of Pets.
  • Winona or Jackaroo: Applejack’s cute pet pup in My Little Pony.
  • Zoe: Zoe Trent is a stylish Cavalier King Charles spaniel in Littlest Pet Shop.
  • Gail: Zoe’s sister in Littlest Pet Shop. 
  • Blue: The canine star of Blue’s Clues.
  • Magenta: Blue’s best friend in Blue’s Clues. 
  • Annabelle: The head angel in All Dogs Go to Heaven. 
  • Belladonna: The demonic cousin of Annabelle in All Dogs Go to Heaven. 
  • Roxie: Roxie McTerrier is a Boston terrier in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. 
  • Colette: Lady’s and Tramp’s daughter in Lady and the Tramp II. 
  • Annette: Lady’s and Tramp’s daughter in Lady and the Tramp II. 
  • Danielle: Lady’s and Tramp’s daughter in Lady and the Tramp II. 
  • Peg: A Pekingese diva dog in Lady and the Tramp. 

Male Cartoon Dog Names 

dog camera

Male and female dogs may exhibit different personalities, which can help you find the perfect name.

©Jaromir Chalabala/

  • Max: A Jack Russell terrier in The Secret Life of Pets. Max is also the name of the Grinch’s dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Prince Eric’s dog in The Little Mermaid. 
  • Duke: Max’s friend in The Secret Life of Pets. 
  • Genghis: A poodle in Littlest Pet Shop. 
  • Eugene the Jeep: The magical dog in Popeye. 
  • Snowy: The white wire fox terrier in The Adventures of Tintin. 
  • Billy: Billy Dog is a gruff pup with a heart of gold in The Busy World of Richard Scarry.
  • Dogbert: The “smartest dog on earth” from Dilbert. 
  • Jake: A magical yellow dog in Adventure Time. 
  • Mr. Morris: The school janitor in Arthur. 
  • Krypto: Superman’s superpowered dog. 
  • Balto: The Siberian Husky-Arctic wolf hybrid star of Balto. Balto was also a real-life sled dog who helped carry medicine during the 1925 Serum Run!
  • Clifford: The iconic “big red dog”. 
  • Marmaduke: The loveable oversized Great Dane in the Marmaduke comics. 
  • Spike: Tommy Pickles’ dog in Rugrats. 
  • Zero: The ghostly canine companion of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
  • Pedro: A Chihuahua seen singing at the pound in Lady and the Tramp. 

Cute Cartoon Dog Names

Two poodles posing

You can never go wrong with a cute dog name for your pup.


  • Peppermint: A dog with pink markings on her face, Peppermint gives birth to a litter of puppies in Isle of Dogs
  • Olive: An adorable puppy who helps Santa Claus in Olive, The Other Reindeer
  • Nutmeg: A former show dog in Isle of Dogs, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. 
  • Belle: The canine star of the Japanese anime adaptation of Belle et Sébastien. 
  • Strudel: A creative German Dachshund in Pound Puppies. 
  • Cookie: A boxer and the second-in-command in Pound Puppies. 
  • Niblet: An Old English sheepdog in Pound Puppies. 
  • Tutu: Granny’s dog in Little Bear
  • Ootsie, Bootsie, or Snootie: These three fun names come from the poodles in the animated children’s series, PB&J Otter. 
  • Cleo: The purple poodle in Clifford. 
  • Loyal Heart Dog: A canine cousin in Care Bears. 
  • Pupcake: The cute pup in Strawberry Shortcake. 
  • Roobarb: The green canine star of the British animated children’s series, Roobarb. 
  • Pinky: Isabella’s pet Chihuahua in Phineas and Ferb. 
  • Dashi: The canine photographer in The Octonauts.
  • Genevieve: Madeline’s dog in Madeline. 
  • T-Bone: The yellow bulldog in Clifford. 
  • Mimi: T-Bone’s poodle love interest in Clifford. 
  • Charlie: Steve’s Cocker spaniel in Curious George. 
  • Martha: Helen’s talking dog who eats alphabet soup in Martha Speaks. 
  • Skits: Helen’s other dog. 
  • Pal: Arthur’s pet pup in Arthur. 
  • Kipper: The canine star of the British animated children’s series, Kipper
  • Cinnamoroll: An adorable puppy and Sanrio character.
  • Poron: Cinnamoroll’s cute sister. 
  • Pompompurin: A golden retriever dog character by Sanrio. 
  • Pochacco: A Sanrio white dog with black ears. 
  • Chiffon: One of the canine members of Cinnamoangels. 
  • Azuki: A ladylike pup and member of Cinnamoangels. 
  • Mocha: The leader of the Cinnamoangels idol group. 

Unique Cartoon Dog Names

Boxer english bulldog mix

Every dog is unique and deserves a fitting name that shows how special they are!

©Mary Swift/

  • Prince Puppycorn: A puppy/unicorn hybrid in Unikitty!
  • Byron: Byron Basset is a basset hound in Tiny Toon Adventures. 
  • Willoughby: A cartoon hound in Merrie Melodies. 
  • Pooka: Anastasia’s adopted stray dog in Anastasia. 
  • Pazuzu: This unique name comes from the family dog in Neighbors from Hell. 
  • Poochini: The canine star in Poochini’s Yard. 
  • Akamaru: A ninja dog in Naruto.
  • Wellington: A less prominent cartoon dog from Looney Tunes. 
  • Gondo: This unique name comes from a dog in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Goddard: Jimmy’s robot dog in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. 
  • Scruffty: Bob’s dog in Bob the Builder. 
  • Binky: Binky Barnes is a bulldog in Arthur. 
  • Bitzer: A sheepdog in Shaun the Sheep. 
  • Foofur: The bloodhound star of Foorfur who lives in a mansion.
  • Ma-Mutt: Mumm-Ra’s loyal bulldog in ThunderCats. 

Cartoon Dog Names from Paw Patrol

Beautiful young Havanese dog is sitting on a gravel forest road in soft light in late summer

You could choose a name from a cartoon dog that shares your dog’s breed or appearance.

©Dorottya Mathe/

  • Chase: A serious pup and the team’s police dog. 
  • Everest: A Siberian husky and snow rescue pup.
  • Skye: A cute Cockapoo and aerial rescue pup. 
  • Marshall: A happy Dalmatian puppy and fire rescue dog. 
  • Rocky: A quick-thinking and creative recycling pup.
  • Rubble: An English bulldog and construction pup.
  • Zuma: The team’s water rescue pup who loves to surf.
  • Tracker: The team’s jungle rescue dog. 
  • Tuck: One of the Mighty Twins with super-shrinking powers. 
  • Ella: One of the Mighty Twins with super-growing powers. 
  • Al: A basset hound with lots of trucker experience. 
  • Rex: An energetic pup with a turbo-charged wheelchair. 
  • Liberty: A long-haired Dachshund and city protector. 
  • Coral: Skye’s long-lost cousin and mer-pup. 
  • Apollo: The Paw Patrol team loves watching their favorite TV show, Apollo the Super-Pup. 

Cartoon Dog Names from Bluey 

 blue heeler

Bluey and her family are Australian cattle dogs, or heelers.


  • Bluey: A blue heeler puppy and the star of the Australian children’s series, Bluey. 
  • Chilli: Bluey’s mother, a red heeler. 
  • Bingo: Bluey’s younger sister, a red heeler puppy like their mom. 
  • Bandit: Bluey’s father, a blue heeler. 
  • Muffin: A white heeler pup and the cousin of Bingo and Bluey.
  • Socks: Muffin’s baby sister. 
  • Lucky: Bluey’s next door neighbor.
  • Pat: Lucky’s dad.  
  • Mackenzie: Bluey’s school friend from New Zealand
  • Coco: Bluey’s pink poodle friend. 
  • Snickers: Bluey’s dachshund friend. 
  • Rusty: A red kelpie in Bluey who’s from the bush. 
  • Honey: Bluey’s beagle friend.
  • Choe: A Dalmatian and Bluey’s best friend. 
  • Lila: A Maltese puppy and Bingo’s best friend in kindergarten. 
  • Pom Pom: A Pomeranian who is a friend of both Bluey and Bingo. 

Anime Cartoon Dog Names 

Akita standing on a hill with tongue out

You could choose a name based on your dog’s breed or heritage.

©Tatyana Kuznetsova/

  • Ein: The incredibly intelligent Welsh Corgi in Cowboy Bebop. 
  • Black Hayate: A dog in Fullmetal Alchemist. 
  • Sapphie: A yellow and blue-eared Cavalier King Charles spaniel with a friendship sapphire in Jewelpets. 
  • Kohaku: A Shiba Inu with an amber charm of leadership in Jewelpets.
  • Chite: A Jack Russell terrier in Jewelpets with a malachite charm of sports. 
  • Bow: A bull terrier in the Japanese manga series, Bow Wow. 
  • Belka: A small black Schipperke owned by Kudryavka in Little Busters. 
  • Strelka: A white and black Siberian husky owned by Kudryavka in Little Busters. 
  • Charo: The cute Japanese dog who gets lost in New York in Little Charo. 
  • Buddy: A mysterious dog in Nichijou. 
  • Chikuwa: Ena Saitou’s dog in the Yuru CampΔ anime series. 
  • Oda or Cinnamon: A former lord of Owari who is reborn as a Shina Inu in Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga. 
  • Boo: Date “Boo” Masamune was a lord of Oshu who was reborn as a French bulldog in Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga. 
  • Growlithe: Growlithe is a canine Pokémon. 

Classic Disney Cartoon Dog Names

Puppy german shepherd dog sitting in sofa

There are many awesome Disney names that are perfect for dogs.

©BigDuckSix/iStock via Getty Images

  • Dinah: Pluto’s girlfriend. 
  • Doxie: The pet dachshund of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. 
  • Elmer: The pet Great Dane of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. 
  • Fifi: Fifi the Peke is Minnie Mouse’s pet dog. 
  • Spot: A cute yellow pup who stars in The Adventures of Spot. 
  • Pluto: Mickey Mouse’s dog. 
  • Goofy: One of Mickey Mouse’s friends. 

Cartoon Dog Names from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians

white and black spotted dalmador

It’s best to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and understand.

©LightField Studios/

  • Towser: The bloodhound in 101 Dalmatians. 
  • Colonel: An Old English sheepdog in 101 Dalmatians.
  • Lucky: An iconic Dalmatian puppy in 101 Dalmatians.
  • Rolly: Lucky’s round and plump brother.
  • Patch: Lucky’s very noisy brother.
  • Pepper: Lucky’s sister, a Dalmatian puppy with tiny spots. 
  • Penny: One of Lucky’s sisters.
  • Freckles: A Dalmatian puppy with lots of spots on his head.  
  • Perdita: The Dalmatian mother in 101 Dalmatians.
  • Pongo: The Dalmatian father in 101 Dalmatians.

Disney Cartoon Dog Names

Saluki puppy tilting its head

Test out your dog’s name and see how they respond and how it feels to you.

©Natalia Fedosova/

  • Lady: The sophisticated cocker spaniel in Lady and the Tramp. 
  • Tramp: Lady’s mixed-breed co-star. 
  • Scamp: Lady and Tramp’s only son in Lady and the Tramp II. 
  • Jock: The Scottish terrier in Lady and the Tramp
  • Dodger: The leader of the gang in Oliver and Company
  • Stella: The bloodhound in The Princess and the Frog. 
  • Boris: A borzoi in Lady and the Tramp
  • Georgette: The prissy poodle in Oliver and Company. 
  • Einstein: A Great Dane in Oliver and Company
  • Napoleon: A bloodhound in The Aristocats. 
  • Francis: A sweet bulldog in Oliver and Company
  • Tito: The Chihuahua in Oliver and Company. 
  • Dante: The Xoloitzcuintle in Coco
  • Lafayette: A basset hound in The Aristocats. 
  • Bruno: Cinderella’s loyal bloodhound. 
  • Nana: The nurturing Saint Bernard in Peter Pan. 
  • Roscoe: A Doberman in Oliver and Company.
  • DeSoto: Another Doberman in Oliver and Company.
  • Chief: The Irish wolfhound in The Fox and the Hound. 
  • Rita: A saluki in Oliver and Company
  • Percy: The spoiled pug in Pocahontas. 
  • Alpha: The Doberman pinscher in Up!
  • Beta: The Rottweiler in Up!
  • Gamma: The English bulldog in Up!
  • Dug: A talking golden retriever in Up!
  • Scud: Sid’s bull terrier in Toy Story.
  • Cerberus: Hades’ three-headed dog in Hercules
  • Bolt: The canine superhero star in Bolt. 
  • Copper: The canine star in The Fox and the Hound.
  • Stitch: The dog-like alien in Lilo and Stitch. 
  • Angel: Stitch’s girlfriend.
  • Buster: Andy’s family dog in Toy Story. 
  • Slinky: A slinky-dog toy in Toy Story. 
  • Einstein: A Great Dane in Oliver & Company. 
  • Little Brother: Mulan’s family dog in Mulan. 
  • Thunderbolt: The heroic German shepherd of the puppies’ favorite TV in 101 Dalmatians. 

Cartoon Dog Names from TV Shows

Happy beagle dog with flying ears running outdoors with stick in mouth.

Be sure to take your time when choosing the perfect name for your pup.


  • Beethoven: A Saint Bernard and the main character of a Saturday morning cartoon series. 
  • Naga: Korra’s polar bear dog in The Legend of Korra. 
  • Brain: Penny’s pet dog in Inspector Gadget. 
  • Buttons: A German shepherd in Animaniacs.
  • Choppy: A bulldog who guards a duckling in The Yogi Bear Show. 
  • Beegle Beagle: The canine buddy of a 40-foot-tall purple gorilla in The Great Grape Ape Show. 
  • Courage: From Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Deputy Dawg: A deputy sheriff in Terrytoons. 
  • The Big Dog: An Old English Sheepdog in 2 Stupid Dogs. 
  • The Little Dog: A dachshund in 2 Stupid Dogs. 
  • Dynomutt: The star of Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. 
  • Snuggles: A bloodhound in The Quick Draw McGraw Show. 
  • Porkchop: The Funnie’s family dog in Doug. 
  • Brandy: The canine star of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. 
  • Ruff: The family dog in Dennis the Menace. 
  • Spunky: Rocko’s dog in Rocko’s Modern Life. 
  • Snuffles or Snowball: Morty’s pet dog in Rick and Morty. 
  • Zed: Kevin Levin’s dog in Ben 10, a strange cross between a feline, reptile, and dog. 
  • Gromit: Wallace’s best friend and pet beagle in Wallace and Gromit. 
  • Brian: Brian Griffin is the talking dog in Family Guy. 
  • Jasper: Brian’s cousin in Family Guy. 
  • Vinny: Vinny is the Griffin’s family dog briefly in an episode of Family Guy. 
  • Santa’s Little Helper: The greyhound in The Simpsons. 
  • Ren: Ren Höek is a Chihuahua in The Ren & Stimpy Show.
  • Ladybird: The bloodhound in King of the Hill. 
  • Mr. Peanutbutter: An anthropomorphic dog in BoJack Horseman. 
  • Sparky: Stan Marsh’s canine companion in South Park. 
  • Seymour: Fry’s dog in Futurama. 

Cartoon Dog Names from Animated Movies

Young girl with huge dog breed Newfoundland

You could choose a name for your dog based on their character and personality.

©kozorog/iStock via Getty Images

  • Kyle: The canine companion of the Gru family in Despicable Me. 
  • Wylie Burp: A Great Dane law enforcer in An American Tail, Fievel Goes West.
  • Charlie B. Barkin: The canine star of All Dogs Go to Heaven. 
  • Carface V. Malone: The canine villain in All Dogs Go to Heaven. 
  • Itchiford (Itchy): Charlie’s friend in All Dogs Go to Heaven. 
  • Patou: The basset hound narrator of Rock-A-Doodle. 
  • Scraps: Victor’s dead dog in Corpse Bride. 
  • Sparky: Victor’s bull terrier in Frankenweenie. 
  • Steele: The Alaskan Malamute and antagonist in Balto. 
  • Stubby: Inspired by a real-life dog, Stubby is a stray who becomes a war hero in Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. 
  • Luiz: The party-loving bulldog in Rio. 
  • Winston: This adorable Boston terrier quickly won over the hearts of millions in Feast. 
  • Chief: Voiced by Bryan Cranston, Chief is one of the main canine characters in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Rex: One of the most optimistic dogs in Isle of Dogs
  • Duke: Voiced by Jeff Goldblum, Duke is a dog who loves to talk in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Boss: Voiced by Bill Murray, Boss was once a baseball mascot in Isle of Dogs. 
  • King: A former canine actor in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Jupiter: A Newfoundland dog in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Spots: An Oceanic speckle-eared-sport hound mix in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Oracle: Voiced by Tila Swinton, Oracle is a pug in Isle of Dogs. 
  • Igor: A large white dog who loses his ear in a fight with Chief in Isle of Dogs.

Feline Cartoon Cat Names for an Ironic Twist

dog in a lion costume

Name your dog a moniker from an iconic cartoon cat!

© Blanco

  • Garfield: An orange cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. 
  • Tom: A tomcat who never seems to catch the mouse in Tom and Jerry.
  • Sylvester: A tuxedo cat in Looney Tunes.
  • Felix: An iconic black and white cartoon cat who first debuted back in 1919. 
  • Top Cat: The clever leader of a gang of alley cats in Top Cat”. 
  • Heathcliff: A trouble-making orange tabby cat in Garfield. 
  • Puss in Boots: The beloved swashbuckling cat in Shrek.
  • Nermal: A cute gray tabby kitten in Garfield.
  • Duchess: The beautiful Turkish Angora mother cat in The Aristocats.
  • Marie: Duchess’ fluffy white daughter. 
  • Toulouse: Duchess’ cute orange kitten who loves to paint. 
  • Berlioz: The mischievous brother of Marie and Toulouse.  
  • Mochi: A cute cat in Big Hero 6. 
  • O’Malley: Thomas O’Malley is an alley cat in The Aristocats. 
  • Figaro: The tiny cute kitty in Pinocchio. 
  • Lucifer: Lady Tremaine’s sneaky cat in Cinderella. 
  • Bagheera: A black panther in The Jungle Book.
  • Meowth: A mouthy feline Pokémon. 
  • Luna: Sailor Moon’s talking cat.  
  • Azrael: The feline companion of Gargamel in The Smurfs.
  • Simba: The main character of The Lion King. 
  • Mufasa: Simba’s father, voiced by James Earl Jones. 
  • Sarabi: Simba’s mother. 
  • Nala: Simba’s best friend.
  • Sarafina: Nala’s mother. 
  • Pepita: Imelda’s spirit guide in Coco. 
  • Dinah: Alice’s cut kitten in Alice in Wonderland. 
  • Yzma: The antagonist of The Emperor’s New Groove who is transformed into a fluffy white kitty. 

Cartoon Dog Names Inspired by Non-Canine Cartoon Characters

Yorkie camping looks like yoda from starwars

You could always choose a name from your favorite cartoon!

©Kelly Willits/

  • Agnes: An adorable little girl with a fluffy unicorn obsession in Despicable Me. 
  • Pua: The playful pig in Moana. 
  • Toothless: The expressive night fury in How to Train Your Dragon. 
  • Kubo: The main character with only one eye in Kubo and the Two Strings. 
  • Astrid: A female Viking in How to Train Your Dragon. 
  • SpongeBob: The iconic yellow sponge and star of SpongeBob SquarePants. 
  • Patrick: SpongeBob’s best friend, a pink starfish
  • Gary: SpongeBob’s pet sea snail who meows. 
  • Squidward: Squidward J. Q. Tentacles is SpongeBob’s neighbor. 
  • Elsa: The ice queen in Disney’s Frozen. 
  • Pikachu: One of the most beloved Pokémon of all time. 
  • Mickey: Disney’s iconic mouse. 
  • Minnie: Disney’s iconic female mouse.
  • Korra: The main character in The Legend of Korra. 
  • Olaf: A talking snowman in Frozen. 
  • Aang: Star of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang is the only one left who can master the elements. 
  • Velma: A smart character from Scooby-Doo. 
  • Daphne: A stylish character from Scooby-Doo. 
  • Blossom: The leader of the Powerpuff Girls. 
  • Bubbles: The youngest Powerpuff Girl. 
  • Buttercup: A Powerpuff Girl with a short temper. 
  • Marceline: ​​Marceline the Vampire Queen is one of the main characters in Adventure Time. 
  • Kuzco: The arrogant emperor-turned-llama in The Emperor’s New Groove. 
  • Jack: The main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington. 
  • Sally: A rag doll and love interest of Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © smrm1977/iStock via Getty Images

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