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Abby Parks has authored a fiction novel, theatrical plays, short stories, poems, and song lyrics. She's recorded two albums of her original songs, and is a multi-instrumentalist. She has managed a website for folk music and written articles on singer-songwriters, folk bands, and other things music-oriented. She's also a radio DJ for a folk music show.

As well as having been a pet parent to rabbits, birds, dogs, and cats, Abby loves seeking sightings of animals in the wild and has witnessed some more exotic ones such as Puffins in the Farne Islands, Southern Pudu on the island of Chiloe (Chile), Penguins in the wild, and countless wild animals in the Rocky Mountains (Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Moose, Elk, Marmots, Beavers).

Top 10 World’s Smallest Animals Picture

Key Points Measuring just 0.4 inches, Cuba's Monte Iberia eleuth is one of the world's smallest frogs.The 0.7-inch Virgin Islands dwarf gecko is the world's smallest reptile.The smallest mammal by… Read More

By Abby Parks 9 months ago

The 10 Ugliest Animals On Earth Picture

Key Points: In the depths of the ocean around the Antipodes lives a fish only a mother could love--the grimacing blobfish. This misshapen oddity has "googly" eyes, a large, flat… Read More

By Abby Parks 9 months ago

Top 10 World’s Smartest Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points: Border Collies have very high canine IQs, are highly trainable, possess the special ability to herd other animals, and are able to quickly learn from past experiences.Rottweilers served… Read More

By Abby Parks 9 months ago

Types of Jaguar Cats Picture

Key Points: There is only one species of jaguar, though scientists originally classified them into 9 subspecies. There are four specific regional types of jaguars with geographic differences only. Jaguars… Read More

By Abby Parks 1 year ago