Discover the Largest House in Alaska and Just How Big 17,000 Square Feet Really Is

Written by Christina Eck
Updated: September 17, 2023
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Often, Alaska is thought of as having small houses and igloos. However, that’s far from the truth these days. In fact, the largest home in Alaska is nearly over 17,000 square feet!

With Alaska becoming more urban, many houses are over 3,000 square feet. The average home in Alaska is 1,789 square feet. Knowing this, the mansions and large houses are well over the average size. So, let’s take a closer look at the largest house in Alaska and just how big it really is.

The Largest House in Alaska

Aerial View of Homer, Alaska during Summer

The largest house in Alaska is located in Homer.

©Jacob Boomsma/

The most prominent house in Alaska is called the Second Star and is located in Homer, AK, in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. It’s a mansion named after the second star in the childhood book Peter Pan. The house was built and named because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests who come to visit. And yes, visitors can book a stay in Alaska’s largest home!

However, this chance won’t last long. The Second Star is set to go on the market for nearly $8,500,000. Visitors can still book for the 2023 year, but after that, the house will be put up for sale.

Inside the Second Star Home

The Second Star features 30 rooms and 14 bathrooms. In addition to that, there are also two queen suites and four king suites. Other rooms are four laundry rooms, three fireplaces, and a six-car garage. 

The home also boasts more than 75 chandeliers, three large kitchens, and a private home theater. Those looking for quiet activities can visit the library game room or lounge in the 3,000-square-foot deck. 

The house also has a dedicated spa wing with a Turkish bath, a Swimex pool, and an infrared Sauna. There is also a steam room and a 2,000-square-foot Neverland Playroom for kids.

The Second Star Property

Viewpoint at Kachemak Bay in Alaska,United States,North America

Kachemak Bay is next to the Second Star Mansion and features plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

©Karel Stipek/

The mansion sits on top of 2.5 acres of privately owned land. When looking outside, visitors are greeted by oceanside views with trails leading to Kachemak Bay. On the other side are views of Alaska’s mountains and glaciers. 

The closest glacier that can be seen from the house is The Grewingk Glacier. It’s located right alongside the Kenai Mountains, which can also be seen from Kachemak Bay. Nearby is the Kachemak Bay State Park, which is perfect to visit during summer.

Second Star History

In 2007, the house was a never-finished property with little value. The family purchased and renovated the house to envision the Second Star in Peter Pan. After a few years, the house became a mansion and the luxurious Second Star home. 

Initially, the house was much smaller but underwent renovations from 2011 to 2013. The renovations added a few new areas and rooms, making it the largest home in Alaska. The family wanted to share their enjoyment of the house with others and soon opened it up to become a place to stay. Previously, other homes were bigger, but the Second Star became Alaska’s largest and most expensive home. 

What Animals Live Near Alaska’s Largest House?

incredible sea otter facts

Sea Otters can be seen on Kachemak Bay from the Second Star home.

©Laura Hedien/

Homer, AK, is one of the best places in the state to see wildlife. In fact, there are tours, cruises, and even animal refugees where you can see the surrounding wildlife. The Second Star is on the beachside, where cute sea otters, harbor seals, and steller sea lions can be seen. From the house, you can see humpback whales cruising Kachemak Bay.

Despite its popularity for aquatic animals, Homer is mainly known for its birdwatching scene due to having more than 236 bird species. Birdwatchers worldwide come here to spot rare birds only found in Alaska’s southcentral region. Frequently sighted birds include the harlequin and golden eye ducks, horned puffins, and bald eagles.

Other animals that can be found in and around Homer are moose, brown bears, and black bears. Smaller animals, such as coyotes, muskrats, and squirrels, can also be seen running around.

Other Large Homes in Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

One of the other largest houses in Alaska is located in Anchorage.

© Boomsma

While the largest home in Alaska is the Second Star, a few other homes come close in size. The second largest home is a house that was previously built and owned by Carl Brady Jr., which measures 9,748 square feet. The home includes six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, costing around one million dollars. It’s located in Anchorage, AK, and is the biggest city in the state.

Carl Brady Jr., who passed away in 2020, owned the house. Since then, the house has been passed down to his family. The home may be returned to the market, but only time will tell.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jacob Boomsma/

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