65 Husky Dog Names

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Updated: September 13, 2023
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Siberian huskies are beautiful, hard-working dogs famous for their role in sled racing. The husky breed originated with the Chukchi tribe in Siberia, who bred them to have high energy and endurance to pull heavy loads in the bitter cold. Huskies are loyal companions and intelligent, playful pups.

These wolf-like dogs make fun pets, but they are also mischievous escape artists that can be quite the handful for inexperienced owners. Finding the perfect name for your husky can be difficult—but we’ve collected a bunch of awesome names to help you along the way! Keep reading to find the perfect husky name for your amazing dog!

Wolf Names

why do dogs howl at sirens

Huskies are some of the dogs that love to howl.


Huskies are unique because they are one of the few dog breeds that still look like wolves. Here are 12 wolf-like names that can help to honor your husky’s wild ancestry:

  • Beowulf: Beowulf is an Old English epic hero who even slays a dragon!
  • Fang: This name sounds fearsome! You could also use it to reference Jack London’s famous novel, White Fang, a story about a wild wolfdog.
  • Lobo: In Spanish, Lobo means wolf.
  • Luna: This name comes from Latin and refers to the Roman spirit of the moon, Luna. It’s a great name that recalls images of wolves howling at the moon.
  • Lupo: In Latin, Lupo means wolf.
  • Timber: A nod to timber wolves, Timber could be an excellent choice for your wolfish hound.
  • Sky: A mystical and beautiful name, this name brings to mind images of wolves sleeping under the sparkling arctic sky.
  • Garm: This name may sound a bit funny, but Garm is as tough as they come. He is the wolf that stands guard at Hel’s gate in Norse mythology.
  • Fenrir: A rather unique character from Norse mythology, Fenrir is the wolf child of Loki who will kill Odin (ruler of the gods) during Ragnarök.
  • Akela: This name comes from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Akela is the leader of the wolf pack that raises Mowgli and is a very regal and noble individual.
  • Raksha: Another name from The Jungle Book. Raksha is the mother wolf who adopts Mowgli and raises him with her own wolf cubs.
  • Moro: Do you treat your husky like a canine goddess? Then Moro would be a great choice. This name comes from the film Princess Monooke (1997). Moro is the goddess of wolves.

Dog Sled Names

Huskies have very little, if any, of the unpleasant odor associated with many dogs.

©Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock.com

Huskies are famous for their role as sled dogs throughout history, and many are still used as sled dogs today. Here are 10 sled dog names that honor your husky’s impressive family history:

  • Togo: Togo was the canine leader of the famous 1925 sled-dog run across Alaska that helped deliver diphtheria serum. Although many dogs were involved in transporting the life-saving serum, Togo ran the longest and covered the most distance—which is even more impressive knowing that he was 12 years old at the time!
  • Balto: Another famous dog from the 1925 serum run, Balto, ran the last leg of the trip into Nome.
  • Maya: The lead dog of the film Eight Below, Maya directs the sled dog team.
  • Max: Another sled dog from Eight Below, Max leads the team’s human handler to an injured Maya. The other huskies in the film are Dewey, Truman, Shorty, and Old Jack.
  • Diesel: If your dog is big, strong, and powerful, Diesel will make an excellent husky name.
  • Atlas: Every sled dog needs a sure direction for adventure!
  • Aurora: The aurora borealis, or northern lights, is a mesmerizing phenomenon of beautiful lights and color in the Antarctic and Arctic. Aurora might just be the perfect name for your beautiful pooch as well!
  • Moose: A fun name for an adventurous husky pup, Moose, are also found in the snowy regions where sled dogs run.
  • Bear: A strong name for your husky, recalling the power and strength of a mighty bear.
  • Polar: Polar would be a great name for a big and/or mostly white husky, like a polar bear.

Names from Alaska

Gray Dog Breeds


Huskies were originally bred to help the Chukchi people of Siberia hunt more efficiently.


Huskies have been running sleds in Alaska for over 100 years! In fact, the Iditarod, one of the world’s most famous sled dog races, takes place in Alaska. So why not choose a name from Alaska for your husky? Here are 6 great husky names from Alaska:

  • Juneau: The capital of Alaska, Juneau is a beautiful name for a husky. Juneau (or Juno) could also refer to the queen of the gods in Roman mythology. Juneau comes from Latin and means “young.”
  • Kodiak: This name comes from Kodiak Island and the Alaskan city, Kodiak. Of course, you could also name your husky Kodiak in honor of the strong and impressive Kodiak brown bear.
  • Nome: The Alaska city where Togo and Balto helped to bring the life-saving serum in 1925.
  • Yukon: The ice-capped mountains and majestic landscape in the Yukon are both beautiful and wild, much like a husky dog. This wild Canadian territory borders the state of Alaska.
  • Kenai: This beautiful Alaskan city has all the natural wonders you could ever want, like rivers, mountains, active volcanoes, and sandy beaches.
  • Sitka: Another city in Alaska, Sitka would make a beautiful name for any husky.

Brave and Powerful Names

Siberian husky in bushes in the snow with tongue out

Contrary to belief, Siberian huskies are not part wolf.


Huskies are a noble dog breed that are known for their endurance and strength. Why not choose a name that showcases your fur baby’s boldness and bravery? Here are seven brave and powerful husky names:

  • Arthur: The legendary king who pulled a sword from a stone, King Arthur, led the Celtic Britons to victory over Saxon invaders.
  • Hannibal: Hannibal was a famous general who led his Carthaginian forces across the Alps, the most extensive and highest Mountain Range in Europe.
  • Mossimo (or Mo): You could name your pup Mossimo and call him Mo for short. Mossimo is an Italian name that means the “largest and greatest of them all.”
  • Maximo (or Max): Another great name for the greatest dog in the world is Maximo (or Max for short), a Spanish variation that also means “the greatest.”
  • Thunder: If your husky is dark and gray, or if he is loud and bowls you over, Thunder could be a great name.
  • Fritz: The original German meaning of Fritz is “peaceful ruler.” This would be a great name for a husky with a more laid-back and peaceful personality. We also use the term “fritz” to describe something that isn’t going according to plan. So, Fritz could also be a great name for a hyper husky that causes chaos wherever she goes.
  • Electra: The Greek name Electra means “bright” and “shining” and would be a great choice for a husky with sparkling electric-blue eyes!
  • Blaze: Blaze is an English name that means “hot,”—but it would be the perfect name for an energetic husky that blazes through the snow, even on a cold winter’s day!
  • Ember: A great name for a husky with her own special “spark” of personality.

Winter-Themed Names

Siberian Husky running in the snow

The Siberian husky is well known for its sled pulling.

©iStock.com/Nicholas Chase

Since the Siberian husky hails from the harsh, cold climates of Siberia, why not choose a name that reflects the beauty of snow and ice? Here are 18 winter-themed names for your winter furball!

  • Winter: This one is a bit on the nose as far as “winter-themed” names go, but it still makes for a beautiful name.
  • Slush: If your husky is a bit of a goofball, Slush could be the perfect name.
  • Blizzard: Huskies are notorious for their high-energy. A husky may feel like a blizzard of fur at times.
  • Flurry: Much like Blizzard, flurry could refer to your dog’s energy—or the insane “flurries” that your husky sheds!
  • Nova: A Latin name that means “new,” Nova reminds us that while everything sleeps under the frozen winter snow, the world is reborn once again in the spring.
  • Frost: Whether your husky is white or silvery-gray, Frost is a lovely winter-themed name.
  • Icy: This would be a great name for a husky with white fur, like an icy-snow queen!
  • Khione: In Greek mythology, Khione (or Chione) was the goddess or spirit of snow.  
  • Fannar: An Icelandic boy’s name, Fanner, means “snow drift.”
  • Jaki: An Old Norse word, Jaki is a male name that means “iceberg.”
  • Lumi: A Finnish girl’s name, Lumi, means “Snow.”
  • Yuki: In Japanese, the name Yuki means “lucky” or snow.”
  • Flykra: A beautiful name for a beautiful snow-princess pup, Flykra is a Faroese word that means “snowflake.”
  • Snæbjörn: Here’s a super cool and unique name for your big fluffy husky. Snæbjörn is an Icelandic name that means “snow-bear.”
  • Skadi: In Norse mythology, Skadi was a giantess goddess connected with winter, mountains, and bowhunting.
  • Bylur: Another unique Old Norse name, Bylur means “snowstorm.”

Husky Names from Inuit Words

Why do Siberian Huskies have blue eyes

Blue eyes in Siberian husky puppies are decided by genetics.


Another fun option to honor your husky’s cold-weather roots is to choose a name from one of the many Inuit languages of the Arctic region. Here are 12 beautiful Inuit-inspired husky names:

  • Siku: The word, siku, means “ice.”
  • Nilak: Nilak is used to refer to “freshwater ice for drinking.”
  • Miska: This is a cute word that means “little bear.”
  • Nanook: This is a perfect name for your white furry friend, and it means “polar bear.”
  • Suka: A great name for a husky, most especially one that loves running or scurrying about. It means “fast.”
  • Kavik: This means Wolverine.
  • Shila: A bold name, for a bold pup. It means “flame.”
  • Pukak: This word refers to the thin, crystalline layer of snow on the ground.
  • Qinu: Slushy ice by the sea
  • Qanik: Snow falling
  • Aputi: Snow on the ground
  • Amarok: The name of a giant wolf from some of the religious stories of the Inuit people. At night Amaroks gobble up any reckless humans who are out hunting alone.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/KM Photography

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