Injuries Mount As Hundreds of Monkeys Band Together and Go On a Rampage Against the Local Town

Written by Rachael Monson
Published: October 5, 2023
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The first days of October 2023 bring terror to Bajali, a city in India. Residents in the area recently saw an increase in attacks on humans by monkeys. While it may seem a little silly, the reality is that monkeys are very dangerous creatures. This troop of 100–200 monkeys has been venturing into the city and invading homes in search of food. They attack humans getting in their way with sharp teeth and claws. Several people ended up in hospital after the attacks. Farmers have been unable to work in their coconut and betel nut crops due to the monkeys. They have even caused damage to buildings in the area. Let’s learn more about these monkeys and why they’re attacking!

What Kind of Monkeys Are Attacking in Bajali?

Rhesus Macaque monkey sitting on temple stupa.

Rhesus macaque monkeys make themselves at home in human settlements where food is easy to get.


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The monkey attacks in Bajali concern Rhesus macaque monkeys. They commonly inhabit places near and around human settlements from Afghanistan to India, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Due to the ever-expanding human settlements, human-monkey conflicts are common. Monkeys have learned they can steal easy meals from humans and won’t hesitate to attack over food!

Is This a Unique Event?

Monkey family with babies, hugging each other, Red faced macaque, emotional photo.

Rhesus macaques may look cute and cuddly, but they are dangerous.


Unfortunately, no. Indian news outlets are full of stories detailing horrible monkey attacks. Many stories attribute the attacks to the Rhesus macaque. Plenty of other stories litter the internet, as well. One involves another species of monkey (gray langurs) killing as many as 250 dogs in India.

Other Rhesus Macaque Monkey Attacks in India

In 2007, Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa was attacked by these monkeys on a terrace and they pushed him off the building. He was rushed to hospital, but he did not survive the tremendous head injuries caused by the fall.

In 2018 the these monkeys snatched a baby human boy, only 4 months old. Reports say the father tried to escape the monkeys and dropped the baby in the process. The monkeys grabbed him and tossed him to his death from the rooftop.

Monkey grabbing a tourist skirt, Bali, Indonesia

Monkeys attack humans wherever the two meet, not just in India.


Another monkey attack involved a 12-day-old baby ripped from its mother’s arms inside their home. A group of Rhesus monkeys entered the home, presumably looking for food. One of them grabbed the baby and bit it several times before leaving its remains on a rooftop nearby.

Final Thoughts

These are but a few of the most gruesome and horrifying monkey attacks in India. Researchers in Jammu, India, published an 11-page report about the subject. Entitled Controlling the Monkey Menace, it refers specifically to rhesus macaques and their effect on farming. It also contains information on how to remedy the problem and suggestions the government might consider for regaining control.

Despite India making more headlines than others, the country is not alone on this front. In fact, the Singapore government National Parks Board shared how to avoid monkey aggression and even monkey-proof their homes. Other countries have followed suit.

It All Comes Down to Human-Monkey Conflict

Because the monkeys continue to lose their natural habitats, they become comfortable in urban settings. They begin to see humans as competition. The instinct to eat, find shelter, and reproduce drives them to adapt and overcome the challenges of human invasion. If we don’t figure out how to live with them, many more monkey attacks will happen. We must work together to find intelligent and sustainable options. What would you do if monkeys invaded your hometown and attacked people?

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